Additive Industries makes 3D metal printing easier and cheaper

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Climate control is not necessary anymore, says co-founder and CEO Daan Kersten, neither as the operators. “The MetalFAB1 is fully automated. As a result, labor costs are reduced from one-fifth to only 2% of the costs. “Because of the storage module the machine can be working 24/7, without any shift-work. Because nobody wants to work at night.” Additive Industries is one of the eight finalists of The New Champions (De Nieuwe Kampioenen 2017). The New Champions are innovative companies with a clear focus across the border. FD (the Dutch Financial Daily Newspaper) together with BNR radio highlights this month the innovative companies for who the Netherlands has become too small. In the FD article and the BNR interview Daan Kersten talks about Additive Industries’ achievements and what makes it such an innovative company.

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