ASMPT Receives ORCAS EP Order from a Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer

Hhigh-tech-bedrijven-asmpt-161011ong Kong and Singapore, 11th October 2016: ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT”), a world leader in the supply of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment and materials, as well as surface mount technology applications, continues to expand its presence in the advanced packaging market with its unparalleled product portfolio and strategic customer engagement.

In the last few years, the Group has invested ahead of the curve, addressing new and emerging advanced packaging applications such as Printed Circuit Board Embedding Technology, System-in-Package (SiP), Wafer & Panel Level Fan Out Packaging (FOWLP & FOPLP), Redistribution Layers (RDL), Flip Chip Bonding, Thermo-Compression Bonding (TCB) and advanced CMOS Imaging Sensors (CIS).

ASMPT has recently received multiple orders from the leading semiconductor manufacturers in ASIA for their latest generation of encapsulation solution for large format packaging, ORCAS EP Dual Press. ORCAS EP is a compression molding system which is capable of molding wafer of up to 300mm diameter and quad panel of 340mm x 340 mm, respectively. It can be configured to single or dual press to perform face up or face down encapsulation, and can dispense both liquid encapsulant and granular epoxy molding compound. ORCAS EP works very well for all forms of package like fan-out wafer level packages and panel level packages, MUF and Discrete. The ORCAS EP Dual Press delivers a high co-planarity accuracy of TTV 20μm with its robotic handler (or SCARA) providing the required stability. The SCARA is capable of handling warpage up to 3,000μm. The system is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

Mr Nelson Fan, ASMPT’s Vice President of Advanced Packaging of the Group’s Back-end Equipment Segment, commented: “We are excited about the new opportunities this system brings to the Group. Over the past few years, ASMPT has been building up and strengthening our capabilities in advanced packaging applications. We believe that wafer level packaging will move from wafer to large-panel format for higher productivity as well as cost advantages and economy of scale benefits. The ORCAS which caters to larger-size panel format will help customers to achieve lower cost per package. Such order also confirms the potential our technology holds for this market segment. ASMPT will continue to leverage our capabilities and know-how to offer customers cost-optimised value-added packaging solutions that will significantly contribute to enabling advanced packaging on panels.”

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