Bronkhorst®, Performance for Life

Bronkhorst®, Performance for Life

Bronkhorst® develops and manufactures Thermal and Coriolis instruments for measuring and dosing the flow of gases and liquids. Based on our experience, innovation and sense of responsibility, a relationship with Bronkhorst® assures Performance for Life.


By making precision our profession, we have been viewed as experts within laboratories, machine-building and many other industries for more than 30 years. We are the market leader in Europe and one of the top 5 companies in our field globally.


At Bronkhorst® we continually take a market-driven approach in developing and improving products. This results in both standard products and customer specific solutions which find their way into a wide variety of high-performance applications in numerous sectors.


We consider ourselves responsible for the level of quality we deliver, the people we work with and the world in which we operate. Because that sense of responsibility is deeply rooted in our DNA, our customers, suppliers, employees and the whole of society can always rely on Bronkhorst®. Today, tomorrow, for life!

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