PhotonFirst International

The ability to detect, measure and monitor has always been a critical part of advanced technology. Having a clear view on the performance of materials, structures and systems is key to making critical decisions in everything from aircraft to spacecraft, from power stations to data storage, from automotive batteries to cardiovascular procedures. When the application is critical, the accuracy of sensing and reporting is paramount. That’s why PhotonFirst have become the leading expert in integrated photonics sensing systems.

What makes us different?

A unique combination of factors that not only help us lead in innovation, but help us to think together in solutions. It’s a pioneering attitude that has been instilled in the company from its inception. The ability to think out of the box, step out of mainstream ideas and be truly creative with technology has been in our genes from day one. We aim high and set ourselves challenges that require perseverance and collaboration. We aim to succeed in every challenge and have an entrepreneurial approach to every task. We look for the best solution not easy answers.

We believe that success is more valuable when it is shared and we have a thoughtful, honest and open approach to our innovations. We have built a strong reputation of trust and integrity Worldwide. Keeping the most complex and critical structures protected with a layer of sensing accuracy that is unsurpassed.

We believe that precision and accuracy of data is a key factor of success for our partners.We are here to push the boundaries of innovation, we are here to help you succeed through sensing by unlocking the power of the photon.


Design and fabricate indium phosphide optical chips

November 11, 2022

PhotonFirst, the global innovation leader in integrated photonics sensing, collaborated with partners of the JePPIX Pilot Line to design and fabricate indium phosphide optical chips for their Modular Photonics Platform. With standardized building blocks, this platform allows the configuration of a dedicated sensing solution for each customer without developing the system completely from scratch. Read more

How Chip-Based Photonic Sensing Improves The Structural Design Of Ships

October 7, 2022

As a naval architect or engineer the validation of a ship’s design can be challenging. How do you validate and improve it when each ship is unique? Together with a well-recognized naval engineering company in the Netherlands, PhotonFirst accomplished breakthrough steps in optimizing the structural design of ships and yachts. Watch the video

The Future Of Asset Monitoring: Integrated Photonics Inside Wind Turbines

September 29, 2022

What if there was a way to improve asset monitoring and data collection for wind turbines using integrated photonics? Watch the video

Energie-technologie wereldleider GE en PhotonFirst starten strategische samenwerking voor ontwikkeling van transformator meetsystemen

September 14, 2022

Met een officiële tekenceremonie op locatie bij GE’s Grid Solutions fabriek in Lisburn, Noord-Ierland, hebben GE en PhotonFirst een strategische technische samenwerking aangekondigd. Door versnelling van de #energietransitie wordt de betrouwbaarheid en optimalisatie van de belangrijkste onderdelen van het elektriciteitsnetwerk zoals hoogspannings- en netwerktransformatoren nog belangrijker. Real-time meten van het functioneren is hierbij essentieel om netwerken slimmer en veiliger te maken. Optische systemen op basis van geïntegreerde fotonische chips bieden interessante nieuwe mogelijkheden om transformator-prestaties te meten op een schaalbare, robuuste en intelligente manier tegen tegelijkertijd lage kosten. Lees verder

Create Intelligent Infrastructure For A Safe And Sustainable Future

September 10, 2022

In a world where traffic and the demand of our assets is increasing, ageing infrastructure is a topic with growing awareness. It impacts our communities and governments. Real-time monitoring of accurate and reliable data is becoming critical to ensure the right decisions are made in time, to optimise utilisation and lifetime while continuing safe operations. Watch the video

Chip-based Sensing for Wind Turbines

August 19, 2022

Monitoring of wind turbines requires robust and precise measurement systems on scale. Visit our website or download one of the latest brochures for the wind industry, explaining how chip-based photonics sensing can help. Download the Wind brochure

We Measure The World

June 25, 2022

Safety and lifetime are critical to ensure mass adoption of batteries. We help leading OEM’s monitor their system performance, to get insight in diagnostics and performance, improve safety and security, and extend lifetime and sustainability. At PhotonFirst we deliver complete solutions, a modular architecture, open data with API & cost-effective at scale. We measure the world. Watch the video

Photonics helps accelerate the energy transition

May 20, 2022

During Pioneers in Energy, we let three pioneers in the energy transition have their say. In this instalment, Mark Cremer and Paul van Wijk talk about how they are using photonics technology at PhotonFirst to accelerate the energy transition. Read more [Bron: brainporteindhoven]

Introduction to the Fiber Sensing Store

March 10, 2022

Last week we launched our brand new online Fiber Sensing Store. This new initiative allows the world to measure temperature, strain and many more measurands with light easier than ever before. Watch the video

Online Fiber Sensing Store

March 5, 2022

We launched our brand new online Fiber Sensing Store. This new initiative allows the world to measure temperature, strain and many more measurands with light easier than ever before. You can now register and order our photonic systems/interrogators, sensors, accessories through a dedicated webshop as well as training and complete fiber sensing systems. 

Please have a look at www.fibersensingstore.com 
and browse around. If you are eager to learn more about this brand new platform or if you want a private online tour by our store manager Marco Fourie, please reach out to him via sales@photonfirst.com. We hope to see you there!

PhotonFirst appoints Nick Singh CTO

February 18, 2022

Dutch photonics scale-up PhotonFirst has appointed Fiji born, Toulouse educated, and Bristol based Nick Singh (1970) its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to succeed Founder and CTO Pim Kat who retired in December. Nick brings over 25 years of experience and track record of consistently delivering innovative and commercially successful new technology products and services to customers in the UK, Europe, China, South Korea and the USA. Read more

Bedrijf ontwikkelt platform voor precieze metingen met licht: ‘legoën met fotonen’

January 28, 2022

EINDHOVEN / SAN FRANCISCO – Je eigen hoogtechnologische meetsysteem op basis van fotonen (lichtdeeltjes) in elkaar zetten als ware het een bouwdoos van Lego. Dat is de belofte van het nieuwe modulaire fotonicaplatform van PhotonFirst. Lees verder [Bron: ed.nl]

PhotonFirst founder Pim Kat receives royal decoration

December 17, 2021

Dutch pioneer honoured for integrated photonics sensing achievements upon retirement. Read more

PhotonFirst successfully closes 11M Series A funding

December 3, 2021

Dutch photonics scale-up to execute roadmap to IPO in 2025

PhotonFirst International, a leading pioneer in integrated photonics sensing solutions for advanced applications, announced to have successfully closed its Series A funding. Jointly, their largest shareholder, Amsterdam based private equity firm Active Capital Company, and new investor PhotonDelta have jointly committed 11 million Euro to fund the 5-year business plan of the company. Simultaneously, Board members Ilko Bosman (CFO) and Daan Kersten (CEO) have co-invested and the entire PhotonFirst team will participate through a phantom stock program. Read more

PhotonFirst Wind Applications

November 23, 2021

Regiodeal enables growth PhotonFirst as part of PhotonDelta Ecosystem

November 13, 2021

PhotonFirst is a proud partner within the mission-driven ecosystem of PhotonDelta. Jointly, we aim to innovate in Integrated photonics to solve social and technical challenges. Therefore, we are grateful for the RegioDeal contribution of 35 million to maintain the world’s leading position and take photonics technology to the next level, acting as a flywheel for growth. Watch the video

Photonfirst ready to claim world leadership in integrated photonic sensing

August 19, 2021

Photonfirst is looking to become the world’s innovation leader in integrated photonic sensing. It’s just a matter of reaching the stepping stones that will take its technology to high-volume sales. With a few dozen of potential applications in six different markets, the Alkmaar-based company is quickly closing in on a pivot point. Read more  [Source: brainporteindhoven.com]

Applications for Structural Health Monitoring

July 1, 2021

Fotonicapionier Pim Kat vindt in diagnosticeren hartfalen toepassing voor revolutionaire meettechniek

June 16, 2021

Na de verkoop van zijn bedrijf Technobis in 2019 wilde Pim Kat alleen nog maar leuke technische dingen doen op het gebied van de fotonica, waarmee hij al vijftien jaar pioniert. Maar het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan. Met fotonica-voorvechter Ton Backx en twee medici is hij met Amazec Photonics alweer een nieuwe onderneming gestart. Daarmee wil hij een revolutionaire fotonica-toepassing voor het diagnosticeren van hartfalen ontwikkelen. Kats ‘oude’ bedrijf Technobis en het recent daarvan afgesplitste PhotonFirst zijn de technologiepartners van dienst. Lees verder  [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Future Photonica

June 5, 2021

Fotonica is een veelbelovende technologie. Veel wetenschappers en bedrijven onderzoeken de toepassingsmogelijkheden ervan. Maar hoe ver zijn de fotonica-bedrijven eigenlijk? Wat is de tijdshorizon? Wat hebben bedrijven in verschillende industrieën eraan? Bekijk de video  [Bron: Dutch Technology Week 2021 op YouTube.com]

PhotonFirst ready to claim world leadership in integrated photonic sensing

April 14, 2021

‘PhotonFirst is looking to become the world’s innovation leader in integrated photonic sensing. It’s just a matter of reaching the stepping stones that will take its technology to high-volume sales. With a few dozen of potential applications in six different markets, the Alkmaar-based company is quickly closing in on a pivot point.’ …. Read more

Novel sensor enables objective assessment of aircraft landing impact

April 10, 2021

Great to see yet another inspiring application of our integrated photonics sensing technology in aerospace. Together with our partners Meggitt and NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre we have developed a novel sensing solution to assess the impact of aircraft landing gear during landing. Read more [Source: cordis.europa.eu]

PhotonFirst opens a new office at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven

March 19, 2021

We recently opened our satellite office at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the hotspot of the photonics industry in The Netherlands. We are happy to be surrounded by high tech talent and expand our footprint to the Brainport region around Eindhoven, home of so many pioneers like us. Read more

Logo reveal headquarters Alkmaar | PhotonFirst

January 6, 2021

Technobis’ integrated photonics activities become PhotonFirst

January 1, 2021

To enable fast and focused growth, the integrated photonics sensing activities of Technobis will change their name to PhotonFirst and 
operate independently from its ‘mothership’ Technobis Group as of January 1st. Daan Kersten will be heading PhotonFirst as its first CEO. As he announced when he joined the team three months ago, the photonics activities will be expanded aggressively, both in scope and size, as well as geographically. Read more