CSi Packaging, Inc. gains foothold in USA

High Tech bedrijven CSi 170506With a 40% growth year over year since its start in 2010, CSi Packaging has become the true leader in post-press automation technology. Across the world, customers are choosing to upgrade their plants with CSi equipment. The opening of a new facility in Richmond, VA starts the next chapter of this success story. The Richmond facility, which includes a demonstration floor / workshop, will be the home base for sales and service in the US. In the coming years, other production capabilities will be added.

As printing press speeds increase and labor costs continue to rise, CSi Packaging believes the US market offers many opportunities. Market leaders in the folding carton industry are heavily investing in new technologies that allow them to further improve efficiencies. Utilization of new CSi automation technology results in very quick returns on investment. Moreover, damaged products and mistakes due to product count are eliminated, and employee safety and hygienic issues are eradicated.

Richmond, VA was chosen as the location for the new CSi Packaging facility because of its proximity to several key customers and the availability of both qualified people and commercial real estate. During its early days, five to ten people will be working from the Richmond facility. Most of these employees will be associated with CSi Packaging, but a few will be representing CSi Palletizing. The US company is expected to grow to a level of thirty to fifty employees in the coming years. Standard equipment will be imported from CSi’s own assembly center in Mexico, while more sophisticated equipment will be imported from Europe as a short-term solution. CSi plans to produce, assemble, and test equipment in Richmond in the near future.

Everything is in place to take the next step at CSi Packaging, Inc.

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CSi Packaging, Inc. (www.CSipackagingindustry.com) is the global technology leader in post-press automation for the paperboard and flexibles packaging materials industry. With sophisticated solutions for stacking blanks, feeders /loaders, case packing, palletizing, and all other functions, CSi Packaging enables customers to automate their full material handling process. CSi Packaging is part of the CSi Group and has a strong global presence and supply chain.


Imke Saes – CSi Packaging, Inc. –5360 Laburnum Avenue, Richmond Virginia 23231 – Imkesaes@CSiportal.com – Tel +1 804-918-7145 –– www.CSipackagingindustry.com

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