D’Crypt to include Barco Silex IP for public key cryptography in cutting-edge communication chip

Barco Silex, leading provider of security IP cores, has entered into an agreement with D’Crypt Pte Ltd, Singapore’s premier design house for hardware cryptography solutions. Barco Silex will provide D’Crypt with its BA414EP core for public key cryptography for inclusion in their FPGA solutions that will secure automotive car-to-infrastructure communication. D’Crypt selected the IP because of its state-of-the-art capabilities, unrivaled size/performance ratio and ease of integration.     

In wireless communication between e.g. IoT sensor infrastructure or vehicles where security or billable information are involved, the integrity of the communication channel is of utmost importance. But before the applications on both sides can set up such secure communication channel, they first have to exchange and authenticate cryptographic keys over an unsafe channel. This is widely done with public key cryptography, a secure protocol that is, however, compute intensive.

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