Download Hauzer for You 26 – Autumn 2015

The following articles can be read in the magazine:

• Jeroen Landsbergen, CEO
• Trends in Tool Coating Technology
• Robust and Popular Workhorse
• CARC+: Surpassing Benchmark Coatings
• Proven Technology for Oxide Coatings
• Forming Tools in the Spotlight
• Cross-over Markets, Teams Develop Together
• HIPIMS; The Power of the Pulse
• Trends in Tribological Coating Technology
• Machines for Tribological Coatings
• Metalliner®: Integrated in Mass Production Line
• Trends in Decorative Coating Technology
• The Theory of Colour Measurements
• Alternatives for Plating on Plastics
• Meet us…

The magazine will be sent in hard copy to a selected group of contacts. If you are interested to receive a copy, please contact us. Of course you can also download the magazine here.

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