Expansion of the Tecnotion motor family: New iron core linear motor TM18

high tech bedrijven tecnotion 151128The rare earths present in the permanent magnets of linear motors are a cost-intensive factor. Against this background, the linear motor specialist Tecnotion expands its product portfolio with a new iron core motor: the TM18 is the fourth in the TM series, producing the same force as motors containing larger, more expensive magnets.

With the addition of the TM18 even applications which require the force from larger motor series, are now covered by this new motor.These applications no longer need wider and therefore more expensive magnetplates.

With the 336mm long coil unit of the TM18, a continuous force of 360N and an ultimate force of 720N can be achieved. In addition, there is the possibility to couple two motors on the magnet track, which increases the available continuous power to 720N.

The dimensions of the motor are compact: the total installation height including magnet plate is only 40mm, the width of the magnet plate is only 50mm. Speeds of 10-m/s are possible. Especially in applications with long strokes that require long magnet tracks the TM18 represents a cost-effective alternative. The potential applications are endless: due to the low cogging one can think of use in industrial printers. But machinetooling or cutting systems are also perfect examples where the TM18 can be used.

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