The Senior Project Manager is involved in all stages from initiation and quotation until the very moment the new product is verified and released for volume.


GHYSELS brings organizations and Project Managers together. From Scale-up to Multinational and from R&D to Industrialization. In what way! We ensure a perfect fit between the actual needs of the organization and the optimal challenge for the Project Manager.

Location: Eindhoven

What we do together is what makes us stronger. Project management is key in the delivery to our customers. The Senior Project Manager is involved in all stages from initiation and quotation until the very moment the new product is verified and released for volume.

Job Description

  • Project Management is involved from the very first phase of initiation. The triangle account management, system architect and project management is key in this phase. Where account management takes lead in the commercial interests and system architect takes care of the technical solution, your role as senior project manager is to develop a realistic plan and estimation to realize the solution. Do the requirements and expectations of the customers match our architects solution? Is our commitment realistic? What implications will our promises and commitments have for the remainder of the project and budget? You create the base for a successful execution of the project in this phase;
  • You start a new project team after this quotation phase has been finalized. This team combines knowledge from the entire organization, D&E and factories, to gain the most optimal service to the customer. A typical project  have a duration of about 6 months for a small project to more than 2 years for bigger, more complex product development projects. The project teams you work with consists of about 5-15 FTE multidisciplinary professionals. The company has all aspects of delivery in the own organization, ranging from architecture to engineering and (small serial) production. Your lead reaches from initiation to hand over to Operations for volume production;
  • The project team sets up a project plan and defines reachable targets under your lead. You manage the process to meet the agreed targets (quality, budget, planning). It goes without saying that you strive for continuous improvement in project management and customer satisfaction;
  • Your projects end with a successful proto phase and passed 0-series, resulting in small volume production or a successful verification of a one off product. You hand-over the project to the factories, guaranteeing a long relationship with the customer.

Job Requirements

  • You combine a strong personality with a thorough technical background;
  • More than 10 years of experience as a Project Manager; preferably working for High Tech companies
  • Your personality, the most important aspect at the end of the day. You are a true senior project manager: you get things done. By setting goals, securing progress, keeping an eye on budget, managing (and mitigating) risks and regular quality checks, you guarantee the progress of your projects;
  • The art of managing stakeholders fits like a glove, because of your strong communicative skillset. These stakeholders are not only located at customers, the project team you manage benefits from your skillset too. Your calmness and overview allows you to manage several (complex) projects in parallel. Result is important, but the quality of the result is even more important. Being pragmatic and venturous brings you and your team the results you want.
  • Preferably you have experiences working for or closely together with factories. You know how to organize manufacturing input into your project. Furthermore you have supported factory optimizations by either managing breakthrough developments or developing industrial and automized production tooling.

Your Impact

Ready to be challenged and really make an impact?  You contribute to a more sustainable, healthier and future-proof world. Our shared passion and drive to devise the best innovative solutions for our clients energizes us and unites us as a company.

Creating, connecting and innovating together. It’s very important for us to do this together. We have confidence in your knowledge and expertise. However, your team spirit is just as important to us. Being there for your colleagues and learning from each other and helping each other. This enables us to bring out the best in each other and to guarantee the best results for our clients.

Your passion-driven expertise, affinity with the technical sector and team spirit will really make an impact.

Your Team

Development & Engineering

No two days are the same when you work on unique, complex projects. On designing and improving groundbreaking products for our clients. You’re the one who works on technical developments and solutions on a daily basis. Together with your multidisciplinary team. You see opportunities in what appear to be impossibilities. Whether in the field of mechatronics, cleanliness, optics, mechanics or software. You’re expert in developing highly complex products for and with our clients. Your work has a real and concrete impact for your colleagues in production and assembly and, in particular, for our clients.

success is more than just a good salary. It’s also about being appreciated, about being given responsibility and the ability to develop.


This is a job that requires professionalism, expertise and communication. At GHYSELS we therefore work from the following core values:

  • responsible
  • proactive
  • communicative
  • improvement-oriented

To make the best possible match, GHYSELS makes an extensive inventory of both project (organization) and candidate in advance. We match candidate with projects based on context experience, competences and ambitions. We also guide you during your first six months with pragmatic coaching by a seasoned Project Manager.


We will guide you during the first six months with coaching by a highly experienced project manager. This projectmanager already has experience with the transaction you encounter in your work and often gives you tools to deal with it based on knowledge and often experience. Business cases can be discussed and the approach can be considered.


For more info and application feel fee to contact Bart Ghysels via: bart@ghysels.nl