Tecnotion QTL-A torque motor housing installation [ In 10 steps ]

This video shows a housing installation method, in 10 steps.
It describes one way to mount a Tecnotion QTL motor with cooling ring.

1. Mount the O-rings on the stator, and do not twist them.
2. Remove the two fixation brackets on the side of the assembly that enters the housing first.
3. The rotor is now connected to a rotor back plate by bolting.
4. Insert the motor assembly. The cable exit must be aligned with the water cooling inlet and outlet.
5. Fasten the rotor to the shaft.
6. Remove the other two fixation brackets. The stator is held in place by the magnetic attraction.
7. The stator assembly is now bolted to the stator back plate.
8. The spacers can now be removed.
9. Check that the motor can make a full revolution without interference.
10. Mount the water cooling channels, and if desirable other accessories.

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