Embrace the Future: Out with the Old, In with the New!

A side-by-side comparison of our maxon benelux motors reveals a game-changing transformation. Our new motors are not only smaller but also remarkably more powerful. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in efficiency and innovation! Read more [Picture source: RoboTeam Twente on LinkedIn.com]

After 20 years still going strong!

If you are delivering a tool for over more than 20 years, it almost becomes “business as usual”. Sometimes you have to stop, stand back and look at the result. Read more [Picture source: Kerbos – Precision Parts & Assembly on linkedin.com]

A brand new website for our company!

We just launched our new website.This brand new identity was long overdue. We now have a similar look and feel as the rest of the Van Doorne Machining Group. [Picture source: VDM – Machining & Assembly on linkedin.com]

Improving Motorcycle Aerodynamics: Find a Fairing with Low Aerodynamic Drag

Fairings are an essential component of many motorcycles and designed to improve aerodynamics and stability of a bike. For a student diploma project on the aerodynamics of a motorcycle fairing, the project team, consisting of KTM employees Martin Herzog, Alexander Hladik, and Christian Fernsebner, worked closely with Altair, specifically Altair’s Student Ambassador at the TU Munich,…

Uiterste precisie voor ’s werelds grootste containertankers

Net zoals autonoom rijdende voertuigen op de weg deel gaan uitmaken van ons dagelijks leven, wordt er ook op zee op grote schaal gewerkt aan de ontwikkeling van maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS). Samsung Heavy Industries, een van de top 3 scheepsbouwers in de wereld, demonstreerde onlangs offshore een technologie waarmee twee verschillende schepen die…

Are you looking for a coil that you can’t find in any standard range?

KUK will manufacture your inductive components exactly as requested. To do so, we need to know these specifications from you, among others:– Installation space– Electrical values– Material wire, coil former, tape, magnetic core etc.Once the initial situation has been clarified, we will work together with you to determine what is feasible. [Picture source: KUK Group…

Torque motors vs Conventional servo motors

Different motor types are used to provide rotary motion within industrial applications. Each application has different requirements for speed, torque and accuracy, as well as its constraints in build-in volume and budget. This page briefly introduces different types of motors and their performance in positioning/indexing applications. Please watch our webinar recording to find out more in-depth information.

Whitepaper over de nieuwe EU-Machineverordening

De nieuwe EU-Machineverordening brengt voor veel bedrijven in de nabije toekomst mogelijke veranderingen die doorgevoerd moeten worden. Pilz heeft een whitepaper geschreven waarin het een en ander uitgelegd wordt en de wijzigingen ten opzichte van de oude Machinerichtlijn in kaart worden gebracht. Download [Bron foto: Pilz NL op linkedin.com]