ABN Cleanroom Technology

ABN Cleanroom Technology was founded in 1996 and is now a leading supplier of modular and pre-engineered cleanroom solutions with Industry 4.0 integration. Ever since our establishment, we are specialized in designing, constructing, commissioning and maintaining cleanrooms for the (bio)-pharmaceutical market as well as for life science, healthcare, automotive and micro-electronics facilities. As leading innovator in providing Industry 4.0 connected cleanrooms, we make cleanroom technology affordable. Our key focus here is not the investment cost, but much more the Total Cost of Ownership of your cleanroom.

Disruptive innovation

Disruptive Innovation is in our DNA and is the core of everything we do at ABN Cleanroom Technology. Our modular and pre-engineered cleanroom design based on our VIX concept leads to higher flexibility, reduces cleanroom complexity and increases uptime. We thrive on breaking through obstacles to develop innovative solutions and we foster a culture where our people push the limits in innovation. Our innovation strategy leads to patented cleanroom concepts that bring enormous customer value.  

Investment in R&D is therefore an important driver for our innovation strategy. We continue to make a balanced investment in the life cycle management and market development of existing concepts that bring short to mid-term commercial benefits.

Cleanroom-as-a-Service (CAAS)

Our cleanroom developers have a lot of social responsibility during their projects. In addition to designing reliable cleanrooms, they are also constantly thinking up new solutions with a focus on circularity. This makes us a pioneer in introducing the Cleanroom-as-a-Service concept to the European market. Only in a “not-for-sale approach” does circularity find its true value. By using this approach, we make existing CAPEX models a thing of the past.

We believe that changing the business model is the only way to achieve the transition to circularity. Providing access to cleanroom solutions in combination with cleanroom process equipment and performance contracts is the new way of working towards a blue economy model.

VIX: let’s save energy in cleanrooms 

Our patented VIX concept gives a wide range of opportunities when it comes to future driven cleanroom design. Our ballroom, bespoke and mobile cleanrooms are equipped with the VIX concept. This scalable and flexible platform holds on to a pre-engineered approach concerning the energy and technical installations of each cleanroom in order to optimize the usable space, minimize energy and reduce the duration of the construction work. Redundancy is embedded in the pre-engineered design process where we take Design for Reliability and Maintainability into account to the highest degree. VIX delivers modular building blocks that contain all the intelligence needed for optimal cleanroom design.


Say hi to MATRIX, the latest development within our family of productized cleanroom solutions 

November 17, 2023

MATRIX is a patented cross-flow cleanroom concept where minimal airflow and maximum performance are key. Moreover,
• it is designed for ISO 8 up to ISO4 cleanroom applications;
• it has delivery possibilities of <4 weeks within Europe;
• it guarantees a required cleanliness throughout the entire cleanroom, taking into account the furniture and assets;
• it reduces energy consumption as a result of AI-based algorithms for airflow efficiency
• it comes at an estimated cost of € 4.500/m²

ABN Cleanroom Technology configures and constructs VIX-cleanroom facility for Wilting Components BV

November 3, 2023

VIX-cleanroom facility for Wilting Components BV ABN Cleanroom Technology, leader in providing productized cleanroom solutions, is excited to announce a new 650m² cleanroom project in the Netherlands for Wilting Components BV. Wilting is located in Eindhoven and specialises in the production of high-value precision industry components and serves several European OEM companies that are active in high-tech industries such as the semiconductor, aviation & aerospace, medical systems and automotive sectors. Also, Wilting is known for it’s 3D Metal printing facility, where parts for (clean) high-tech systems, aerospace, and the food processing industries are made. Read more

ABN Cleanroom Technology invests in antibody production

October 21, 2023

Limburg-based companies ABN Cleanroom Technology and simAbs are joining forces to make great strides together within the Life Sciences sector. ABN Cleanroom Technology will provide simAbs, which is currently housed at Bioville Health Campus, with a cGMP-certified cleanroom that meets all requirements to run their operations and increase their production capacity. Read more

Cleanroom validation services

October 7, 2023

We are specialized in cleanroom validation services for cGMP and ISO14644 compliant facilities. Through the years, we have obtained all the experience and knowledge to support you in testing and validation of all sorts of critical areas, ranging from cleanrooms, to LAF cabinets and ATMP environments. Read more

Filter testing

July 28, 2023

In this video, our team of trained validation engineers is performing tests on H14 HEPA filters in order to qualify our pre-engineered cleanrooms. Filter testing involves a meticulous process encompassing various parameters. These tests are conducted to validate the performance of the filters and to ensure compliance with the strict regulatory ISO / cGMP requirements. Read more and watch the video

DRYCELL | The first ready-to-use low dew point cleanroom

May 25, 2023

Meet DryCell: our mobile, container-based Plug&Play dryroom solution for battery development in R&D phase.
* ISO8/ISO7 cleanliness classification
* -40°C/-60°C dew point
Watch the video

How modular cleanroom design boosts adaptability and reliability

May 13, 2023

Modularization is a design approach that fosters agility and adaptability while providing a foundation for future scalability that is both fast and cost-effective. This approach is increasingly being embraced by manufacturing companies in many different cleanroom industries. As companies strive to accelerate their business plans across a global manufacturing landscape, modular design is becoming a key strategy, with a growing number of cleanroom users recognizing its potential. Read more

DryCell – The first ready to use low dewpoint cleanroom solution in EU

April 22, 2023

With the increasing demand for electronic devices and electric vehicles throughout the world, more and more manufacturers are running into the same problem: the supply of components, especially batteries, is not keeping up with the massive demand. To meet overall demand in time, additional facilities for production of lithium-ion batteries should be built in the short-term. Battery cell production is a mission critical challenge because the materials used in lithium-ion batteries react heavily with humidity. For that reason, we introduced DryCell: a mobile, container-based Plug&Play dryroom solution for R&D environments, in which the proof-of-concept of battery development can be determined before they go into final production. Read more

The rise of prefabricated cleanroom solutions for the world to come

January 14, 2023

With more and more stringent regulatory standards, developing regions that offer growth opportunities and a higher demand for mechatronics & pharmaceuticals, the number of requested cleanrooms in the field keeps increasing. Read more

Predictive maintenance: The holy grail in a pre-engineered cleanroom environment

December 9, 2022

Cleanroom sensor technology, the Internet of Things and big data: these developments are the enablers for modern-day predictive maintenance in pre-engineered cleanroom design. Industries have been exposed to digital disruption during the whole industry 4.0 decade, even though they have different levels of innovation. Maintenance has not changed, and the function of maintenance has been under the spotlight to be reinvented and increase performance by using all the enabling technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, machine learning etc. Read more

Enkel door AI in te zetten, kunnen we onze straffe serviceclaim hard maken

November 19, 2022

Hoeveel bedrijven maken hard dat hun product of dienst 99,9% van de tijd werkt? ABN Cleanroom Technology garandeert zijn klanten sinds kort dat zijn cleanrooms maximaal 52 minuten per jaar zouden kunnen uitvallen. Van bij het uitdenken van deze straffe serviceclaim beseften ze dat ze dit enkel met AI konden realiseren. Lees verder [Bron: digitaletoekomst.be]

Cleanroom-as-a-Service concept

October 26, 2022

Throughout the years, our cleanroom design has evolved from pure design and installation to deploying a cleanroom as a whole, enabling circular business models through data extraction, resulting in ultimate lifecycle extension. This makes us a pioneer in introducing the Cleanroom-as-a-Service concept to the European market. Read more

Timelapse | Construction of a pre-engineered ICONIC

October 13, 2022

Continuous particle monitoring in cleanrooms: a no-brainer when it comes to energy saving

September 24, 2022

As a result of rising energy prices, we notice that many cGMP and non-cGMP companies are considering installing a continuous particle counter in their cleanroom. Since continuous particle counting within cGMP is only a requirement in Grade B and Grade A environments, it didn’t happen often in other cleanroom environments until today. Companies are finding that the investment cost of an online particle counting system pays for itself very quickly and opt for this interesting investment. A shift in the cleanroom world that is fully in line with our patented VIX concept and which we therefore completely approve. Read more

autonomous mobile robot (amr)

September 16, 2022

Mooi artikel van onze collega César López in Mechatronica&Machinebouw over het ontwikkelen van een ‘autonomous mobile robot (amr)’, die geschikt is voor logistieke operaties in ziekenhuizen. Lees verder

Cleanroom decarbonization: How electric heat pumps in a cleanroom becomes the obvious

August 13, 2022

Cleanrooms are a significant contributor of carbon emissions. As the broader economy transitions to net zero, various stakeholders are pushing for cleanroom decarbonization. The electrification of heating systems could play a significant role in this transition. Electrifying space and water heating systems is one way to reduce cleanroom emissions, and electric heat-pump technology, which has improved and become cost-competitive in certain markets, has emerged as an increasingly viable solution. Read more

Cleanroom remodeling

August 4, 2022

Rapidly changing guidelines within the cleanroom industry create completely different requirements than a few years ago. Not only the fact that certain compliancy guidelines change rather quickly, but also the technological acceleration in the cleanroom sector results in an increasing amount of requests for remodeling existing cleanrooms with the aim to upgrade them. Read more

Calculate your cleanroom investment

June 25, 2022

The cost of a modular & pre-engineered cleanroom can range significantly depending on your requirements and it is extremely tricky to give you a fixed cleanroom cost price per square meter. Why is that? There are many variables to take into consideration when looking for purchasing or renting a cleanroom. What is the location of installation? Will it be a box-in-box solution? What is your required cleanliness classification? What utilities do you need? Our off-the-shelf indoor cleanroom facilities and mobile outdoor cleanroom units are developed to meet customers’s needs across all sectors and for all ISO & cGMP classifications. Read more

ICONIC – Plug & Play cleanroom

May 18, 2022

Our ICONIC plug & play cleanroom facilities are a perfect addition to our modular & pre-engineered cleanroom family. ICONIC is particularly designed to meet the most urgent demands in industries with fast changing cleanroom needs. This ultimate plug & play cleanroom comes with an ISO8 or ISO7 cleanliness area, a PAL, MAL and optional industry 4.0 connected cleanroom control. Our pre-engineered cleanroom approach allows a fast delivery time while meeting the highest quality requirements. What’s more, ICONIC generates significant productivity gains due to its design, construction and validation capabilities of less than 5 weeks. Read more

ABN Cleanroom Technology finalises partnership with MyCellHub

May 14, 2022

MyCellHub has agreed to a sustainable partnership with ABN Cleanroom Technology. MyCellHub is a Belgium-based company that provides a GMP and 21CFRpart11 validated toolkit for the digitalisation, data integration and data analytics of regulated laboratory and cleanroom workflows. The 2019 start-up raised €1.1m ($1.2) in its first year to accelerate the launch of the platform. Working with the Belgian cleanroom design firm, the combination of MyCellHub and ABN aims to significantly increase customer operational agility. Read more [Source: cleanroomtechnology.com]

ULTIMO – World’s first off-the-shelf ISO5 cleanroom

December 29, 2021

With ULTIMO, our patented Plug & Play indoor cleanroom facility, we present the world’s first off-the-shelf ISO5 cleanroom including a digital twin approach and Industry 4.0 connectivity. Our off-the-shelf cleanroom solutions such as ULTIMO connect strongly with the changing requirements and the diversity of today’s products that require ISO5 cleanliness classification. It’s time to get you introduced to this revolutionary product in the world of cleanroom technology. Read more

Plug & Play modular cleanroom concept

December 17, 2021

The ICONIC is one of the most popular Plug & Play modular concepts within our range of indoor cleanroom facilities. This timelapse shows how the construction of our ICONIC is executed on-site. Thanks to our pre-engineering approach, this cleanroom product can be finished within 48 hours on both architectural and HVAC levels. On top of that, the ICONIC is currently available off-the-shelf within 4 weeks. Watch the video

ICONIC – Plug & Play cleanroom

October 1, 2021

Our plug & play cleanroom facilities ICONIC is a perfect addition to our modular & pre-engineered cleanroom family. It is particularly designed to meet the most urgent demands in industries with fast changing cleanroom needs. Thisultimate plug & play cleanroom comes with an ISO7 cleanliness area, a PAL, MAL and optional industry 4.0 connected cleanroom control. Read more

HOSPIX – Your PIC/s compliant mobile pharmacy

September 25, 2021

In order to comply with the rapidly changing regulations concerning the preparation of medicines in hospital pharmacies, we have developed HOSPIX. This mobile pharmacy ensures that hospitals can develop their cytostatic and sterile preparations in cleanrooms in accordance with the strict GMP-guidelines. Read more

Refurbishing existing cleanroom facilities

July 15, 2021

Rapidly changing guidelines within the cleanroom industry create completely different requirements than a few years ago. Not only the fact that certain compliancy guidelines change rather quickly, but also the technological acceleration in the cleanroom sector results in an increasing amount of requests for remodeling existing cleanrooms with the aim to upgrade them. Within ABN, we notice that more and more production facilities demand a remodeling of their existing cleanroom. This means that the existing facility will be retained, but adapted to comply with new or more stringent regulations instead of building a complete new building from scratch. Read more