Additive Industries

Additive Industries is accelerating industrial additive manufacturing by offering a modular 3D printing system and seamlessly integrated information platform to high-end and demanding industrial markets. With substantially improved reproducibility, productivity, and flexibility, Additive Industries redefines the business case for additive manufacturing applications in aerospace, automotive, medical technology and high-tech equipment.

In an open innovation environment Additive Industries unites world class equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, designers, engineers, knowledge institutes, industrial suppliers and end-users to design, experiment, build and connect the next generation additive manufacturing systems and solutions.

The proposition of Additive Industries consists of 4 building blocks:

• 3D Design & Engineering: Design for additive manufacturing, engineering services, consulting and training.
• Equipment & Materials: OEM development, delivery and servicing of automated integrated additive manufacturing solutions & materials.
• Platform & Virtual Factory: Creation and operation of the Additive World platform for designers and additive manufacturers to meet, work together, exchange knowledge and share capacity.



Additive Industries – Your partner in metal additive manufacturing

June 8, 2024

Additive Industries is an industry leader in metal 3D printing technologies, dedicated to innovation, quality and service. Our mission is to make AM accessible to businesses of all sizes. Watch the video

Additive Industries to install MetalFABG2 at AMRF in Western Sydney

April 20, 2024

Additive Industries, a pioneer in industrial metal 3D printers, announces the MetalFABG2 will be installed later this year at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF) located in Bradfield City Centre, Western Sydney, Australia. Read more

Enhancing Safety: Automated Powder Loading and De-Powdering in Metal AM

December 16, 2023

In a 3D printing environment, potential risks, such as exposed powder, elevated temperatures, and laser emissions, are inherent. Our metal 3D printer, the MetalFABG2, mitigates these risks by maintaining metal powder under inert conditions throughout the entire process. From loading using the Powder Load Tool to automated de-powdering and sieving, the MetalFABG2 prioritizes operator safety through integrated powder handling. Watch the video

The Power of Automation in Additive Manufacturing | Sauber Technologies Case Study

December 9, 2023

Discover how Sauber Technologies leverages the MetalFAB metal 3D printer to not just cut lead times and lower labor costs, but to redefine the very essence of quality control in Additive Manufacturing. Watch the video

Spotlight on our MetalFABG2!

November 10, 2023

Proven to offer continuous production through automation, driving down costs in aerospace, high tech, energy, automotive, and more. The MetalFABG2 is redefining precision and efficiency in metal additive manufacturing. 
What makes it so unique?
• Modular design for easy scalability
• Automated laser calibration for precise results
• Continuous production to meet your demands
• Design flexibility for creative possibilities
• Minimize downtime with efficient operation
• Ensure safe operation for your team

Additive Industries empowers VDL with MetalFABG2 metal 3D printer

October 21, 2023

VDL ETG, a leader in the design, production, and realization of sophisticated mechatronic systems, has taken an ambitious step forward. The Eindhoven-based firm announces its latest acquisition: the MetalFABG2 3D metal printer from Additive Industries. This new collaboration symbolizes VDL ETG’s relentless pursuit of innovation, especially in an age where precision and efficiency are paramount. Read more

Interview with Kartik Rao, Strategic Marketing Director at Additive Industries

October 7, 2023

Additive Industries is a manufacturer of metal 3D printers. Their flagship printer, the MetalFABG2, is the most automated metal printer on the market. The company also generates software and material parameter sets to complement its printer sales and supports its customers with a range of consultancy and training offering for workforce development. Additive Industries has three locations, its headquarters in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and two service and development locations at Bristol (UK) and Camarillo (USA). Read more [Source: easyengineering.eu]

Case study: Design & Manufacture of AM F1 Chassis Inserts

August 26, 2023

This case study demonstrates how the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN F1 team is utilizing the capabilities of additive manufacturing to produce essential titanium Ti6Al4V chassis inserts for their F1 race car. The entire process, from design to assembly and testing, is presented, showcasing the immense value that AM has brought to this crucial F1 component. In an industry where quick turnaround times and top-notch parts are of utmost importance, this innovative approach has revolutionized the game. Read more

ADDDAM selects Additive Industries’ 3d metal printer MetalFABG2 for expansion in the automotive and machine engineering industry

July 28, 2023

3D metal printer manufacturer Additive Industries installed its MetalFABG2 3D metal printer at ADDDAM, a volume flexible metal processing and production solutions supplier. The printer has been installed at ADDDAM’s facility in Brixen, making it Additive Industries’ first customer in Italy. Read more [Source: adddam.com]

Still using traditional manufacturing methods?

July 22, 2023

Upgrade to the MetalFABG2 and tap into the potential of automated metal additive manufacturing for your large production needs. 
– Modular design for easy scalability
– Automated laser calibration for precise results
– Continuous production to meet your demands
– Design flexibility for creative possibilities
– Minimize downtime with efficient operation
– Ensure safe operation for your team
Unlock the future of manufacturing with the MetalFABG2. Read more

Volkswagen Group Expands Additive Manufacturing Capabilities with Additive Industries’ MetalFAB System

June 30, 2023

In 2018, Volkswagen established a 3D printing center to produce intricate automotive components using various 3D metal printing technologies. Additive Industries’ MetalFAB system has been instrumental in Volkswagen’s additive manufacturing success, enabling the production of metal components and earning recognition with a prestigious award. Read more

Mark Massey named new CEO of Additive Industries

October 7, 2022

Massey joined Additive Industries in 2021 as its Chief Commercial Officer, having held various management roles with Philips Industrial Electronics, Ametek and Thermo Fisher’s Electron Microscopy business unit. He holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and in Business Administration. Read more [Source: metal-am.com]

Additive Industries on RTL “Ondernemers Lounge”

September 24, 2022

Interview of Mark Massey, CCO of Additive Industries, on RTL “Ondernemers Lounge”  explaining more about Additive Industries, MetalFAB, customers and several success cases. Watch the video

Industrial 3D printing: from prototyping to serious production technology

August 19, 2022

“Take for example Sauber’s Formula 1 car. There are 130 3D-printed parts in there. Among other things, pieces that are important for the safety of the driver himself.” For this, the Formula 1 team works together with Eindhoven-based Additive Industries, which specializes in printing with metal. Read more: Read more [Source: brainporteindhoven.com]

Additive Industries en Sauber Technologies verlengen samenwerking

July 1, 2022

Sauber Technologies en Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen verlengen de samenwerking met Additive Industries, die dit jaar al vijf jaar bestaat. Opnieuw gaan ze de komende drie jaar samenwerken op het vlak van 3D metaalprinten. Sauber beschikt over vier MetalFab 1 systemen van de Nederlandse fabrikant. Lees verder [Bron: 3dprintmagazine.eu]

Additive Industries wins TCT Transport Application Award at prestigious 3D printing and additive manufacturing event TCT 3Sixty

June 9, 2022

Additive Industries has been awarded the TCT Transport Application Award at the annual TCT 3Sixty, UK’s most influential 3D printing and additive manufacturing event. Additive Industries received the award for its collaboration with Volkswagen on a tooling nozzle for the Volkswagen Tiguan. Read more

NASA en ESA officials openen Additive Industries vestiging in VK

April 27, 2022

Corky Clinton, Associate Director of the Science and Technology Office van NASA en Thomas Rohr, Head of Materials and Processes Section bij ESA, hebben de nieuwe vestiging van Additive Industries in Filton, vlakbij Bristol geopend. De Nederlandse fabrikant van AM-systemen heeft hier een eigen centrum ingericht voor proces- en applicatie-ontwikkeling. Lees verder [Bron:  3dprintmagazine.eu]

Case study: Turbocharger Spare parts on demand

March 31, 2022

Combining the process speed with automation and ensuring repeatable results makes the MetalFABG2 an important asset for operations that are looking to move from ‘make to stock’ to ‘make to order’. Read more

NTS Group neemt MetalFab G2 metaalprinter in gebruik

February 24, 2022

NTS Group heeft in Hengelo de MetalFab G2 van Additive Industries in gebruik genomen. Hierop gaat de toeleverancier onderdelen produceren voor de halfgeleider-, analytische en medische markten. Lees verder [Bron:  made-in-europe.nu]

ABB selects Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 platform for on demand digital spare parts production

February 17, 2022


After an extensive market survey and process evaluation, ABB Turbocharging, a technology and market leader in the manufacture and maintenance of high-end turbochargers, has decided to invest in Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 platform. With this state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing system, designed for industrial production, ABB produces spare parts for its 500 kW to 80+ MW turbochargers for diesel and gas engines on-demand. ABB and Additive Industries are jointly optimizing the integrated process to replace casting and move part fabrication to the digital space. Read more

Makino en Additive Industries demonstreren AM voor Die & Mould industrie

February 15, 2022

Makino en Additive Industries hebben de eerste resultaten van hun samenwerking getoond. Dat deden de Japanse en Nederlandse machinebouwer tijdens het Die & Mould Forum. Daarin toonden de twee bedrijven een geautomatiseerde workflow voor de productie van een matrijs voor golfballen. De op de MetalFabG2 geprinte matrijs wordt op de Makino machines automatisch nabewerkt tot zeer hoge nauwkeurigheden. Lees verder [Bron: made-in-europe.nu]

Additive Industries presenteert tweede generatie MetalFabG2

November 27, 2021

Het nieuwe AM systeem uit Eindhoven is  op zo’n 150 punten verbeterd en verdubbelt de productiviteit. Tegelijkertijd kondigt de Nederlandse machinebouwer aan dat Safran Group met succes de MetalFab 1 heeft gekozen voor de productie van onderdelen voor lucht- en ruimtevaart en defensie. Lees verder [Bron: 3dprintmagazine.eu]

Additive Industries ceo Ian Howe on how to drive operational efficiency and productivity with metal 3D printing

November 5, 2021

According to the firm’s CEO Ian Howe, “driving down the cost per kilo” of printed parts, is the “biggest challenge facing the industry.” To get around this, Howe says that the company aims to increase the machines’ productivity by at least 30% every year, and speaking exclusively with 3D Printing Industry, he has now revealed its plans to launch the high-throughput ‘MetalFAB G2’ at Formnext next month. Read more  [Source: 3dprintingindustry.com]

Serial production of massive rocket parts

July 22, 2021

The Rocket Turbine-Pump Housing is a great example of how additive manufacturing can really add benefit to component design through part integration and complexity. Weighing 150kg, with a diameter of 420mm & 350mm tall, the part fully utilizes the large bed size and full field laser capability of the MetalFAB1. Read more

The 1950s Ferrari 340 America Barchetta’s gearbox housing 3D printed on MetalFAB1

June 19, 2021

Our Technology Partner, Sauber, was recently challenged to build a replacement gearbox housing for a 1950s Ferrari 340 America Barchetta. The gearbox housing was built in-house using our #MetalFAB1 system. Read this article to find out how Sauber Engineering achieved the final part – the Ferrari gearbox. [Source: metal-am.com]

Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 system to benefit the UK Space Sector

May 7, 2021

We are glad to announce thatThe Satellite Applications Catapult, the UK’s technology and innovation company, adds the MetalFAB1 system to benefit the UK Space Sector. Over the coming months, the Satellite Applications Catapult and Additive Industries will be demonstrating its capabilities to interested UK organisations and will showcase the potential for additive manufacturing for the space sector, with a specific emphasis on rocket engines. Read more

Additive Industries appoints Mark Massey as new CCO

April 24, 2021

Mark Massey joins world’s first dedicated equipment manufacturer for industrial metal additive manufacturing systems effective May 1st. Read more

Additive Industries expands leadership team to accelerate company’s growth

March 19, 2021

Additive Industries, the world’s first dedicated equipment manufacturer for industrial metal additive manufacturing systems for series production, has appointed Ian C. Howe as its new CEO and Carlien Siebelt as its new CFO. Both new leaders have extensive experience in their respective fields. They are joining Additive Industries to further drive a clear growth strategy to continue industrialisation of metal additive manufacturing (AM) in a.o. the aerospace, energy, oil & gas, high-tech equipment and automotive market verticals. Read more

F1 Team Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN confirms the greatest benefits of inhouse MetalFAB1

February 24, 2021

We are proud to announce, that the new C41 will accelerate this year with 304 metal parts printed on MetalFAB1! This amount has more than doubled compared to the amount of parts produced last year for C39 (143 parts). Read more

Nederlandse higtech industrie ontwikkelt 3D metaalprinten wafer stages

December 24, 2020

Metalfab 600 maakt 3D printen volgende generatie wafer stages mogelijk

De volgende generatie wafer stages voor de machines van ASML zouden wel eens 3D geprint kunnen worden. Deze toepassing is een van de toepassingen waarvoor Additive Industries besloten heeft de MetalFab 600 te ontwikkelen, de groot formaat metaalprinter die eind 2021 klaar moet zijn. Lees verder [Bron: 3dprintmagazine.eu]

Additive Industries announces new flagship 3D metal printer MetalFAB-600

November 21, 2020

The MetalFAB-600 will offer a build size of 600x600mm and 1000mm Z-height, one of the largest volumes in the industry, and 5X larger in volume than Additive Industries’ current MetalFAB1, that already offers 420x420x400. The MetalFAB-600 will be highly productive with a deposition rate up to 1000cc/hour, using 10x1kW lasers. Read more

Samenwerking Makino en Additive Industries in ontwikkeling hybride AM proces

November 13, 2020

Makino en Additive Industries willen samen een hybride AM proces ontwikkelen, waarbij de 3D metaalprinttechnologie van het Nederlandse bedrijf naadloos aansluit op de CNC-technologie van de Japanse machinebouwer. Lees verder [Bron: made-in-europe.nu]

Fusor Tech Selects Additive Industries MetalFAB1 System

November 7, 2020

Fusor Tech and Additive Industries have joined forces to develop the market of Digital Spares in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sectors, initially focusing the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With the purchase of this first MetalFAB1 System, Fusor Tech will benefit from its build size, modularity, speed, automation and flexibility to manufacture the many different types of metallic components that are fundamental to operations in these sectors. Read more

Lowering costs through application development

October 31, 2020

Application development is crucial in achieving the maximum potential for your part in the LPBF process. Find out more via this video

Leadership Challenge – Episode 7 – Let’s talk about productivity

October 17, 2020

One of the things that is often talked about in our industry is productivity. Many times it is communicated as a deposition rate but this doesn’t include time lost where operators remove the parts, or where builds finish in the middle to the night and the machine is left idle. The fully automated MetalFAB1 allows us to talk about metrics such as OEE and uptime that are commonly used in manufacturing other industries. Find out more about via this video how Additive Industries monitor this metrics and why we consider ourselves productivity leaders.

How designing the flow configuration in large frame systems is vital when pushing the boundaries of productivity in Additive Manufacturing

September 25, 2020

Find out more about the Additive Industries’ design approach of the gas flow configuration of the MetalFAB1 with the aid of computational fluid dynamics. Download the whitepaper

Leadership Challenge – Episode 4 – Quality in, quality out

September 24, 2020

The parts you build in AM are only ever going to be as good as the material you use to make them. With the MetalFAB1s integrated powder handling, where parts are automatically depowered after being built, not only do we make a much safer environment for the operator but the powder is stored in an inert environment from the moment its is produced by our powder suppliers through its entire life cycle in the MetalFAB1. In order to do this we had to become experts in powder. Watch the video

Leadership Challenge – Episode 3 – Gone with the flow

September 19, 2020

Building parts quicker and lower cost mustn’t be at the expense of quality. The large platform of the MetalFAB1 allows you to build not only large parts but also a greater number of small parts, helping to lower costs further. With multiple lasers, all able to at every point on the large platform, controlling such things as the gas flow become critical in achieving the desired quality. Watch the video

Sigma Labs and Additive Industries announce MetalFAB1 certified as PrintRite3D® Ready

September 12, 2020

In a joint partnership of the engineering teams of Sigma Labs, a leading developer of in-process quality assurance software for the additive manufacturing industry, and Additive Industries, the MetalFAB1 is now qualified as PrintRite3D Ready. This will allow the MetalFAB1 to be equipped with a melt pool monitoring solution. Read more

Leadership Challenge – Episode 2: Power-up & stay in control

September 10, 2020

One of the things people first associate with increasing productivity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion is increasing the number of lasers working at any one time. The full field lasers on the MetalFAB1 have many advantages as all lasers effectively work as one, meaning no visual stitching lines on parts, or overlap regions where the part is scanned twice leaving undesirable material properties. In this episode find out how Additive Industries provide the user the ability to control all these lasers exactly how you want whilst still ensuring quality. Watch the video

Leadership Challenge: 10 steps to remain Productivity Leader

September 5, 2020

As productivity leaders we often get challenged to push the boundaries of parts built in additive manufacturing. Through our Process & Application Development Centres around the word we are able to assist our customers in achieving their aspirations. During 10 coming weeks, in the run up to Formnext, we will show how to achieve the promise of AM through all the aspects of manufacturing end-use parts, what productivity means, how to achieve both quality and  low part price, and even show you what this means to our customers. Watch the first episode

Additive Industries has joined the Dyndrite Developer Council

August 14, 2020

We are excited to announce that Additive Industries has joined the Dyndrite Developer Council to be active in creating a new set of standards that deliver the productivity, efficiency and automated workflows. Read more

Reevaluating the cost of metal additive manufacturing

August 1, 2020

Would you like to explore how the use of metal AM has changed in the last 15 years, and why now is a good time to re-evaluate the business case for using metal AM for many applications? Find out more in the article “Re-evaluating the cost of metal additive manufacturing.

BMW opens Additive Manufacturing Campus

July 11, 2020

We are excited to announce that our customer, BMW, has officially opened its new Additive Manufacturing Campus. The new centre brings together production of prototype and series parts under one roof, along with research into new 3D printing technologies, and associate training for the global rollout of toolless production. We are proud to have one of our MetalFAB1 systems located in the campus producing parts in a range of metals. Read more

3D printed titanium impeller just as good as casting, but available ten times faster

June 24, 2020

The oil and gas industry spends billions of euros on keeping the spare parts in the stock worldwide, it can drastically change the business model by replacing it with printing on demand. That is one of the conclusions of the Joint Innovation Project Oil and Gas. Additive Industries has printed one of these impellers for the pump of a fire extinguishing system on an oil rig. Read more

Additive Industries secures 14M Euro funding to fuel further growth

May 19, 2020

3D metal printing equipment manufacturer Additive Industries announces a 14M investment from its shareholder Highlands Beheer, the parent company of the Wintermans family. Additive Industries plans to use the capital contribution for expansion of their product portfolio, the acceleration of its technological roadmap and strengthening of working capital. Additionally, Highlands acquired the shares owned by co-founder and CEO Daan Kersten, who will officially leave the company per June 30th 2020. Until a suitable successor is found, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mark Vaes assumes the position of CEO. Read more

MetalFAB1: Start Small and Grow

May 8, 2020

See how you can “Start Small and Grow” with our configurable MetalFAB1 system.

ArcelorMittal and Additive Industries take the lead in large spare part printing for the steel industry

April 4, 2020

Through metal 3D printing, ArcelorMittal has been able to print on-demand readyto-use spare parts. Collaboration with Additive Industries in recent years has resulted in an improvement in process performance and quality. This outcome has enabled ArcelorMittal to print large and challenging components for its facilities. Read more

Benchmark MetalFAB1: Automatisering AM-systeem zorgt voor lagere TCO

April 1, 2020

Automatisering van industriële AM systemen voor metaal heeft wel degelijk zin. Hierdoor dalen de Total Cost of Ownership per geprint onderdeel. Dat toont een benchmark van Ampower aan. De MetalFAB1 van Additive Industries levert in deze studie in bijna alle gevallen de laagste TCO per onderdeel. Ampower presenteert de uitkomsten deze week tijdens de online Additive World Conference. Lees verder [Bron: 3dprintmagazine]

F1 team Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen saved 2% of the car weight in C39 by printing 143 metal parts on MetalFAB1

February 19, 2020

Additive Industries is proud to announce that the total count of the 143 metal 3D printed parts (58 Ti, 19 high performance aluminium alloy and 66 AlSi10Mg parts), printed on Sauber Engineering’s 4 MetalFAB1 systems,  saved at least 2% of the car weight, what will be very beneficial for the car performance. Read more