As the pace of innovation accelerates, Altair is driving the future of convergence toward a smart, connected everything with comprehensive, open-architecture solutions for data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), computer-aided engineering (CAE), and high-performance computing (HPC).

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturers who make use of their data will streamline operations and find new ways to effectively compete. But harnessing data is full of friction points with enterprise teams working in silos, the increasing volume of data, and a shortage of talents to make sense of it.

Offering a blueprint for manufacturers to make smarter and more efficient decisions with use cases like predictive maintenance, quality assurance, supply chain, risk analysis, and more, Altair RapidMiner delivers Frictionless AI by accelerating projects through the full data science lifecycle, from concept to production.

Material Data Availability

The development of sustainable, efficient, minimum weight designs requires accurate multi-domain material properties. Altair Material Data Center enables designers and engineers to browse, search, and compare materials in a standalone application or through the interface of their simulation tools.

Design for Sustainability Process

Altair offers a unique set of simulation tools to evaluate product feasibility, optimize the manufacturing process, and run virtual try-outs for many traditional manufacturing processes. Users can validate designs early in the manufacturing process and use optimization to design more efficient products.

End-to-End Electronic System Design

Smart connected devices are everywhere. Hence, electronic system design (ESD) is becoming increasingly important to achieve electronic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, and connectivity goals. Altair’s simulation-driven design tools enable teams to collaborate across all aspects of printed circuit board development from concept to manufacturing.

Digital Twin

Altair’s one total twin solution empowers organizations to transform their products, systems, and processes. With features that combine simulation, HPC, AI, data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, teams can design, build, test, optimize, evaluate what-if scenarios, perform predictive maintenance, and extend the remaining useful life (RUL) of their products—without the need of physical prototypes.

Altair Simulation

The increasing complexity of machines requires active management of technical risks in product line development to achieve a perfectly running production of high-quality products. Using multiphysics simulation and model-based development Altair’s simulation tools allow a holistic view of the system ensuring seamless production earlier in the development process.

HPC & Cloud enablement

Altair’s industry-leading HPC tools let you orchestrate, visualize, optimize, and analyze your most demanding workloads, easily migrating to the cloud and eliminating I/O bottlenecks. Top500 systems and small to mid-sized computing environments alike rely on Altair to keep infrastructure running smoothly.

5G Connectivity

Ensuring reliable and efficient communication brings new challenges to the design of 5G products, as 5G connectivity requires high throughput, low latency, and exceptional coverage. Altair 5G simulation solutions enable the of wireless connectivity technology improving communication, assuring compatibility, and reducing energy consumption and emission.


Enhanced e-Motor Cooling Solutions – Altair Tools Optimized for NVIDIA® GPUs Achieve More Accurate Results 20x Faster

June 21, 2024

Schaeffler Group, a leader in motion technology, sought to enhance the cooling efficiency of their e-motors to prevent overheating and maintain reliability. Using Altair® nanoFluidX® running on NVIDIA GPUs, Schaeffler achieved highly accurate simulation results that matched physical tests while significantly reducing solve times from five days to under six hours. This solution not only cut costs and improved accuracy, but also accelerated their product development process, enabling faster market delivery of optimized, reliable e-motors. Download the pdf

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing: How to Innovate with Speed

June 8, 2024

One of the challenges manufacturers face today is accelerating design and engineering processes while maintaining accuracy and efficiency throughout the product life cycle. From aerospace and defense to food and beverage production and beyond, it’s common for manufacturers to face high production goals and tight timelines. However, solutions to these problems often require too much money; and navigating budgetary matters while focusing on other needs, such as upskilling, can be difficult. So how can companies optimize output and reach their challenging goals? By improving processes early in the product life cycle by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing. Read more

Extend Your Range with Digital Twins for Thermal Battery Management

June 1, 2024

Laptops, smartphones, electric vehicles, power tools, or your toothbrush: mobile applications like this need stored mobile energy to fulfill their tasks. For larger systems, like battery electric vehicles, the mobile energy requirements grow profoundly, and energy storage capacity plays the starring role in broad acceptance of e-mobility. But what is so special about batteries in mobile applications and what makes a good battery design? Read more

International Paper Implements Altair AI

May 25, 2024

Using Altair AI Studio, International Paper built and deployed numerous prescriptive models that provide guidance on equipment settings for machine operators and predictive models to optimize consumption of raw materials, improve paper quality, and enhance the effectiveness of wastewater treatment processes. Read more

Altair Acquires Research in Flight, Forging a New Path for Aerodynamic Analysis

May 11, 2024

Altair announced it has acquired Research in Flight, maker of FlightStream®, which provides computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software with a large footprint in the aerospace and defense sector and a growing presence in marine, energy, turbomachinery, and automotive applications. Read more

Acquisition expands Altair’s data analytics and AI offerings

April 20, 2024

Bringing together Cambridge Semantics’ transformational knowledge graph technology with Altair’s leading tools for data analytics and data science offers organizations a solid foundation for building advanced analytics ecosystems that inject artificial intelligence (AI) into day-to-day business operations. Read more

Breaking the Billion-Particle Simulation Barrier with Altair EDEM

April 13, 2024

Simulating how bulk and granular materials interact with equipment, containers, and one another is a critical capability for industrial, manufacturing, and life science organizations. The larger these simulations, the more accurate they become, decreasing the time and expense companies must spend iterating designs and prototypes. Altair and Google Cloud recently collaborated to see how large a simulation they could produce using Altair® EDEM™ on a single Google Cloud virtual machine. Read more [Picture source: Altair on linkedin.com]

Altair SimSolid Transforms Simulation for Electronics Industry

April 6, 2024

“As the electronics industry pushes the boundaries of complexity and miniaturization, engineers have struggled with simulations that often compromise on detail for expediency. Altair SimSolid will empower engineers to capture the intricate complexities of PCBs and ICs without simplification,” said James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, Altair. “Traditional simulation methods often require approximations when analyzing PCB structures due to their complexity. Altair SimSolid eliminates these approximations to run more accurate simulations for complex problems with vast dimensional disparities.” Read more

Accelerating Custom Semiconductor Design with Best-in-Class Debugging Tools

March 2, 2024

Until recently, manufacturing semiconductors was the domain of dedicated chip companies. However, over the past fifteen years or so, technology giants – led by the likes of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Meta – have established in-house silicon design teams and taken advantage of contract fabrication facilities to produce chips tailored to their requirements. What’s more, the appeal of the so-called “fabless” semiconductor business model is growing fast. Adoption is spreading not just in the tech domain, but to verticals such as the automotive industry. OEMs like Tesla, GM, and Ford have all embarked on designing and manufacturing their own system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. Several factors are powering this trend. Read more

Improving Motorcycle Aerodynamics: Find a Fairing with Low Aerodynamic Drag

January 29, 2024

Fairings are an essential component of many motorcycles and designed to improve aerodynamics and stability of a bike. For a student diploma project on the aerodynamics of a motorcycle fairing, the project team, consisting of KTM employees Martin Herzog, Alexander Hladik, and Christian Fernsebner, worked closely with Altair, specifically Altair’s Student Ambassador at the TU Munich, Matthias Leister. The task was to compare motorcycle fairing concepts to improve drag and aerodynamic balance. Read more

Reimagine Product Design With Altair

October 27, 2023

HyperWorks 2023’s user-centric interface, every tool is easily accessible. Featuring a brand-new modular interface that emphasizes unparalleled interoperability, Altair HyperWorks 2023 gives engineers the agility to explore more design options and make faster, more informed decisions in a seamless, integrated environment. Its intelligent management of modeling entities boosts graphics performance, enabling seamless multitasking on assemblies while focusing on intricate sub-assembly details. Leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) environments supports complex large-scale simulations, fostering deeper analysis and global collaboration. Read more

Ultra Librarian gives Altair users access to more than 16 million symbols, footprints, and 3D models

September 28, 2023

“Integrating Ultra Librarian into Altair tools is a massive step for our ECAD verification and multiphysics solutions, which will give users more power than ever before,” said Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer, Altair. “Now, users have access to verified Ultra Librarian CAD models directly from within Altair desktop applications and cloud-based systems. This makes workflows far more accurate and efficient – saving time, effort, and costs.” Read more

Unlocking Superior Designs with AI-Powered Simulation

June 2, 2023

Capture expert decision-making for improved Design-of-Experiments (DOE) outcomes. Altair® DesignAI™ enhancement provides new flexibility enabling component or element properties to vary within a design exploration and optimization. Expanded integration allows users to create general links between variables of any type and generate responses from external file types. Further enhancements improve efficiency by automatically updating the model with design variables from any exploration run. Read more

Simulate anywhere, anytime: The Future is Cloud Simulation

May 11, 2023

Altair releases Altair SimSolid Cloud – a cloud-native structural simulation software, allowing users to access next-generation simulation technology from any web browser anywhere, anytime. SimSolid Cloud eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, it delivers results in seconds to minutes and effortlessly handles complex assemblies. “Anyone using conventional finite element tools will be left behind if they do not embrace this technology soon.” Test SimSolid Cloud and see why cloud-native simulation is the future!

Altair Announces Altair RapidMiner: One Converged Platform for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

April 7, 2023

Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), announced the rebrand of its entire data analytics and AI suite as Altair RapidMiner, uniting all data analytics technology into one platform. Following the acquisitions of RapidMiner and World Programming, the Altair RapidMiner platform offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and visualization. Additionally, the platform is now available via Altair Units, delivering a new generation of Frictionless AI capabilities to customers. Read more

Altair Data to Value Symposium

April 3, 2023

At this symposium, we will discuss how to establish self-service machine learning in every organization, the importance of enabling domain experts for AI, and why the cloud is a good place to start. Read more

Altair Units

October 1, 2020

More than 20 years ago, we revolutionized how engineers and organizations accessed our leading simulation software with HyperWorks Units – a groundbreaking value-based licensing system. To further evolve our unique business model, we are introducing Altair Units, our new, unified licensing system that gives access to every Altair product and the power to solve on any scale. This new model delivers enhanced inclusivity at various price points and will allow customers to maximize their software dollars through the flexibility to run software anywhere, freedom to choose from a variety of software tools with unparalleled value from our unique business model. Learn more