Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software. Products that can be used as separate components or integrated into a complete and seamless control system are available for all industries.

high tech bedrijven beckhoff BP8

The Beckhoff “New Automation Technology” philosophy represents universal and open control and automation solutions that are used worldwide in a wide variety of different applications, ranging from CNC-controlled machine tools to intelligent building automation.

Beckhoff | The IPC Company

high tech bedrijven beckhoff IPC BP1

Beckhoff supplies the right Industrial PC for every application. High-quality components based on open standards and the rugged construction of the device housings mean that the Industrial PCs are ideally equipped for all control requirements. Embedded PCs make modular IPC technology available in miniature format for DIN rail mounting. In addition to their application in automation, Beckhoff Industrial PCs are also ideally suited to other kinds of tasks – wherever reliable and robust PC technology is required.

Beckhoff | The I/O Company

high tech bedrijven beckhoff IO BP2

Beckhoff has the right technology for every signal and every fieldbus. Beckhoff supplies a complete range of Fieldbus Components for all common I/Os and fieldbus systems. With the Bus Terminals in protection class IP 20, and the Fieldbus Box modules in IP 67, a complete range is available for all important signal types and fieldbus systems. In addition to conventional bus systems, Beckhoff offers a complete EtherCAT I/O range for the high-speed Ethernet fieldbus based on EtherCAT Terminals and the EtherCAT Box.

Beckhoff | The Motion Company

high tech bedrijven beckhoff Motion BP3

In combination with the Motion Control solutions offered by the TwinCAT automation software, Beckhoff Drive Technology represents an advanced and complete drive system. PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is ideally suited for single and multiple axis positioning tasks with highly dynamic requirements. The AX5000 Servo Drive series with high-performance EtherCAT system communication offers maximum performance and dynamics. Servomotors with One Cable Technology, which combines power and feedback system in a standard motor cable, reduce material and commissioning costs. The drive system XTS (eXtended Transport System) replaces classic mechanical systems by innovative mechatronics. It enables individual product transport applications with a continuous flow of material.

Beckhoff | The Automation Company

high tech bedrijven beckhoff Automation BP4

Beckhoff offers comprehensive system solutions in different performance classes for all areas of automation. Beckhoff control technology is scalable – from high-performance Industrial PCs to mini PLCs – and can be adapted precisely to the respective application. TwinCAT automation software integrates real-time control with PLC, NC and CNC functions in a single package. All Beckhoff controllers are programmed using TwinCAT in accordance with the globally-recognised IEC 61131-3 programming standard. With TwinCAT 3, C/C++ and Matlab®/Simulink® are available as programming languages in addition to IEC 61131-3.


MX-System: a short explanation

April 27, 2024

Beckhoff has developed an efficient control cabinet alternative in the form of the MX-System. Marius Winkler explains the details in this video.

PC-based control and compact drive technology

March 15, 2024

Our flexibly configurable PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology offers the ideal solution for automating autonomous vehicles and mobile robots. Watch the video

Powerful, precise, and dynamic: XTS as an extended gantry system

March 9, 2024

Beckhoff’s XTS is a highly flexible and efficient transport system that is used in a variety of applications, specifically automation technology. The XTS consists of a modular track system and magnetically driven movers that enable precise positioning and fast transportation of objects.As the movers can be positioned as desired and can be controlled independently of each other, the XTS is perfect for complex assembly and handling tasks. If heavy loads need to be moved, then two XTS systems can be linked together, creating a compact parallel system that allows the weight to be distributed evenly across several movers. Watch the video

Eliminate standstills in packaging processes with XTS Track Management

March 2, 2024

XTS makes production fault-free and completely eliminates standstills via two essential functions: firstly, all products are constantly tracked in a system with an XTS, and secondly, XTS Track Management runs through to the next stage of production without any standstills thanks to moving track sections, which are used to eject faulty parts. Track Management sections can be placed at any point in the production process, and the customer can add as many as they wish. Koch PAC’s sealing machine, as shown in this video, contains five Track Management stations. Watch the video

TwinCAT projects with AI-assisted engineering

February 17, 2024

Beckhoff has developed TwinCAT Chat for the TwinCAT XAE engineering environment. With TwinCAT Chat, large language models such as ChatGPT from OpenAI can easily be used to develop a TwinCAT project. This increases productivity in control programming. Read more

A compact stepper motor drive for control cabinet-free machinery

January 27, 2024

Our ASI8100 series combines a stepper motor, stepper motor output stage and EtherCAT fieldbus connection in one space-saving unit that can be installed directly on the machine: suitable for meeting motion requirements in a power range extending up to 250 watts. Watch the video

FoodJet: PC-based control optimizes food production

December 16, 2023

FoodJet relies on PC-based control technology from Beckhoff to open and close the nozzles in its MDL food printers at lightning speed. The machine builder’s customers can use it to portion and deposit toppings with maximum precision, whether they’re coating pizza dough with a perfect layer of tomato sauce on a moving conveyor belt or applying garlic paste to a pita. Watch the video

Linear actuator with integrated feedback system

December 2, 2023

The linear servomotors in the AL8000 series can optionally be equipped with One Cable Technology (OCT). As with the established OCT solution for rotary motors, the OCT solution for linear motors means that the feedback cable can be dispensed with. Watch the video

Syntegon: Product handling platform with Vision and XPlanar

November 18, 2023

Syntegon, a global supplier of process and packaging technology for the food and pharmaceutical industries, presented a product handling platform at Interpack 2023 for secondary packaging. XPlanar for product transport and Vision hardware optical quality control form the core of this platform. Watch the video

Beckhoff opent nieuw kantoor in Noord Nederland

October 7, 2023

Automatiseringsbedrijf Beckhoff Automation BV opende in juli een kantoor aan de Leonard Springerlaan 35 in Groningen. Het centrale hoofdkantoor van Beckhoff Automation Duitsland bevindt zich in Verl en Beckhoff is vertegenwoordigd met vestigingen in meer dan zeventig landen wereldwijd. In Nederland heeft Beckhoff een hoofdvestiging in Haarlem en sales en support kantoren in Eindhoven en Enschede. Vanwege de wens voor lokale ondersteuning en de aanhoudende groei van Beckhoff en haar klanten in het noorden van het land, vestigt het bedrijf zich nu ook in Groningen.

Beckhoff Automation expands in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

August 19, 2023

The Verl-based company is planning to move into a new central warehouse in the Aurea industrial park in Rheda-Wiedenbrück near its headquarters to expand its logistics capacity. The strong sales growth in recent years and the positive outlook for the future mean that Beckhoff needs to expand its warehouse capacity extensively and sustainably. Read more

Tech United Wereldkampioen met EtherCAT voetbalrobots

August 5, 2023

Tech United prolongeerde op zondag 9 juli in Bordeaux, de wereldtitel robotvoetbal in de Midsize league, door in de finale met 6-2 van de Falcons te winnen.De EtherCAT voetbalrobots kunnen snelheden tot wel 7 meter per seconde behalen door een nieuwe en directe aandrijving van de wielen. Volgend jaar komt de RoboCup naar Eindhoven. Het toernooi wordt tussen 17 en 21 juli 2024 gehouden in het indoor-sportcentrum Eindhoven. Save the date!
Bekijk de korte compilatievideo van de gewonnen finale! [Bron video: Tech United Eindhoven op YouTube.com]

Highly dynamic pick-and-place applications with ATRO and XPlanar

July 22, 2023

By expanding the Beckhoff portfolio with the ATRO modular plug-and-play robotics system, machine builders and users have the opportunity to implement fully integrated automation solutions for the first time. The seamless integration of the robot solution into the Beckhoff architecture facilitates a direct combination with intelligent transport solutions such as XPlanar. This not only facilitates the configuration of an extremely powerful and comprehensive package with maximized output, but it also gives rise to previously inconceivable and extremely compact machine designs featuring a significantly reduced footprint. All components are fully synchronized thanks to EtherCAT. Watch the video

ATRO in a multi-arm robot format

July 13, 2023

The modular industrial robot system ATRO (Automation Technology for Robotics) from Beckhoff was first presented to the public in 2022. Fast-forward to today, and more link modules are now being added to increase the flexibility of the ATRO system even further, including in the form of multi-arm robots. Watch the video

The XPlanar greatly increases testing capacity and throughput

June 23, 2023

In the fall of 2021, Beckhoff began to completely rethink the way it carried outfinal inspections of I/O components. Its aim was to significantly increase testingcapacity and throughput, even though many different types of terminals are produced.The system, which was created entirely by the company’s own equipmentmanufacturing department, can program, adjust, and test around 10,000 terminalsper shift fully automatically. The high speed and flexibility are the result of not onlythe sophisticated system concept, but also the intelligent XPlanar transport system, PC-based control, and the wide range of EtherCAT Terminals. Read more and watch the video

20 years of EtherCAT: Looking back and into the future

May 6, 2023

The ultra-fast EtherCAT developed by Beckhoff and presented at Hannover Messe 2003 has already been used successfully for 20 years and has long since established itself as an open, global standard for real-time Ethernet communication. In this video we talk to Hans and Johannes Beckhoff about the beginnings and milestones of the technology. Also learn why EtherCAT offers enough performance and innovation potential to handle at least the next 20 years of high-performance automation. Watch the video

XPlanar track management

April 7, 2023

The setpoint generation for the movers is handled by the track management: Users can define free 2D tracks. The movers follow these tracks intelligently and automatically avoid collisions. Complex and superposed 6D movements based on CNC with GCode or CAM and free 2D movements are possible. Watch the video

New Automation Technology for smart fulfillment operations

March 31, 2023

Discover how Beckhoff’s innovations in mechatronics and robotics technologies, like XPlanar and ATRO, are helping to meet new challenges in the material handling and intralogistics industry by completely rethinking product handling and transport. Watch the video

XTS Hygienic for the transport of pharmaceutical products

February 10, 2023

The XTS Hygienic is the central element of a new system design for the transport of pharmaceutical products at HOF Sonderanlagenbau. The stainless steel version of the intelligent XTS transport system meets all industry standards. It is designed for use in an isolator and can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. In addition, XTS enables particularly gentle product transport, which has reduced glass-to-glass contact. Watch the video

TwinCAT Vision – integrates image processing into automation

January 14, 2023

With TwinCAT Vision, Beckhoff adds integrated image processing functionality to the automation software suite TwinCAT. In line with the underlying principle of PC-based control technology, image processing has been integrated into the central control platform, which already incorporates PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoT and HMI capabilities. The resulting benefit is state-of-the-art machine concepts enabling users to meet current and future market requirements and to increase the competitiveness and investment security of their products. In this 30-minute webinar, Michael Busch, Product Manager TwinCAT Vision, and Josef Papenfort, Product Manager TwinCAT, will introduce you to the possibilities of integrated image processing with TwinCAT 3 Vision. Watch the video

ATRO: The perfect robot for every application

January 6, 2023

The ATRO system from Beckhoff is a modular industrial robot system that can be used to assemble the optimal robot structures for different applications in an instant on an individual and flexible basis. This video shows just how quickly and easily the system can be assembled. Watch the video

EtherCAT plug-in modules of the EJ series

November 26, 2022

With the EJ series of EtherCAT plug-in modules, Beckhoff introduced a completely new design in its broad I/O portfolio in 2014 that offers numerous advantages, particularly for series machine manufacturing. Watch the video

Pluggable system solution for control cabinet-free automation

November 4, 2022

Complete control cabinet replacement, significantly lower installation space requirement, significantly fewer components, increased flexibility, lower maintenance requirements. This is the MX_System from Beckhoff. Watch the video

Vision hardware from Beckhoff

October 21, 2022

The area of industrial image processing is now complete thanks to the introduction of the comprehensive hardware range from Beckhoff. Watch the video

Beckhoff Vision: complete and system-integrated

October 7, 2022

In this video, recorded at VISION 2022, our product experts present the new vision hardware from Beckhoff. Watch the video

Tech United wint EK en WK met EtherCAT voetbalrobots

August 4, 2022

Het Team Tech United van de TUe is erin geslaagd om met de EtherCAT voetbalrobots, niet alleen het EK, maar ook het WK te winnen. Door de aderen van de robots stroomt het EtherCAT protocol, richting diverse slaves, waaronder EtherCAT I/O van Beckhoff. Met een boeiende finale in Portugal heeft Tech United de Europese titel in het robotvoetbal weer naar Eindhoven gehaald.
In de finale van het WK in Bangkok waren de ASML Falcons de tegenstander. Tech United wist de wereldtitel voor de tweede keer op rij binnen te halen, met een ruime overwinning!
Wilt u meer lezen over de overwinningen van Tech United, klikt u dan hier

ATRO: Automation Technology for Robotics – the modular industrial robot system

June 29, 2022

The new ATRO system from Beckhoff is a modular industrial robot system that can be used to assemble the optimal robot structures for different applications on an individual and flexible basis. Standardized motor modules with integrated drive functionality, together with link modules in various designs and lengths, enable almost limitless combinations of mechanics. The complete integration of the control into the holistic control platform TwinCAT offers direct access to a wide range of proven automation functions. Read more

Intelligent transport system improves the packaging of confectioneries

June 9, 2022

Syntegon Technology, formerly Bosch Packaging Technology, is a global leader in process and packaging technology for the food and pharma industries. As part of the company’s Food Division, the company’s location in Beringen, Switzerland, specializes in fully automated packaging systems for the confectionery industry. It is also home to Syntegon’s innovation center for horizontal packaging systems, sealing technologies and top-load cartoners. The linear transport system XTS from Beckhoff has already been proven as a major innovation factor in approximately 100 packaging installations. Read more and watch the video

Beckhoff Automation increases sales to 1.182 billion euros

May 14, 2022

Despite facing real challenges along the way, the 2021 financial year was a success for Beckhoff Automation. For the first time in its almost 42-year history, the Verl, Germany-based automation technology specialist exceeded the one billion euro mark in sales. Read more

Syntegon Technology: XTS in use for high-performance packaging systems

April 27, 2022

Syntegon Technology in Beringen is a leading supplier of fully automated packaging systems for confectionery manufacturers around the world. The global confectionery industry is subject to many, sometimes rapidly changing trends. Watch the video

XTS with NCT enables product handover between two movers

March 18, 2022

NCT enables contactless energy and data transfer to the XTS movers. Mechatronic handovers between two movers allow product flows to be divided and brought together again. Particularly advantageous here is the synchronous real-time data transmission with the TwinCAT Control. In combination with EtherCAT, system-wide processes can be triggered with µs precision. Watch the video

New automation construction kit replaces the control cabinet

March 10, 2022

For a long time, control cabinets have been an integral part of machines and systems and it is almost impossible to imagine machines and systems without them. However, the planning, development and wiring of control cabinets costs a lot of time and is also prone to errors. Read more and watch the video

XTS with No Cable Technology

March 5, 2022

XTS with NCT enables a moving handling system: By attaching electric motor-driven grippers, a mover can pick up, deposit, transfer, align and stack products. Read more

Voorbereid op de toekomst met naadloze gegevenstransparantie

In de wereldwijd concurrerende productie-industrie telt elke minuut, elke gram grondstof en elk kilowattuur aan energie. De Wienerberger Group staat al tientallen jaren voor deze uitdaging. Lees verder [Bron: industrievandaag.nl]

XTS combines three packaging processes in one machine

February 24, 2022

The Integrated Topload Cartoner (ITC) from Kliklok takes complete control of the carton – from forming to finished packaging. The XTS connects the various process steps and thus enables a particularly compact footprint with maximum flexibility at the same time. Watch the video

XTS with NCT for highly dynamic product sorting

January 12, 2022

NCT enables contactless power and data transmission to the XTS mover. Products can be picked up dynamically from an unsorted and irregular product inflow and then stored in an orderly fashion. A wide variety of movers turns XTS into a flexible multi-robot system that increases sorting performance while reducing the required installation space to a minimum. Watch the video

Beckhoff groeit met dubbele cijfers en breidt uit naar Noord-Nederland

December 24, 2021

Beckhoff Automation heeft in november 2021 de historische mijlpaal van 1 miljard euro omzet bereikt. De komende 10 jaar staan in het teken van verdere ontwikkelingen en verdere groei van de organisatie. Jurjen Verhoeff: “Met onze continue onderzoeks- en ontwikkelwerkzaamheden, waarbij nieuwe ideeën ontstaan en nieuwe technologieën worden gecreëerd, geven we onze klanten een substantiële voorsprong. En dat zien wij weer terug in onze stabiele en continu groeiende klantenkring.” Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Festival theater modernized with advanced stage and acoustic technology

November 13, 2021

Müpa Budapest provides space for three expressive arts: music, fine art and theater. The festival hall boasts a multifunctional theater with what the operator claims to be one of the world’s leading acoustic designs. Hungarian company Színpad Automatika Kft. was commissioned with modernizing and further developing the stage and acoustic technology in the festival theater in 2019 and relied on PC-based control technology from Beckhoff in the process. Read more

PC-based control and EtherCAT enable flexible and sustainable packaging machines

October 9, 2021

E-commerce has recently experienced an enormous rise in acceptance and success. At the same time, consumers increasingly value sustainability and avoiding the use of unnecessary packaging material. To address these trends Quadient, in Drachten, the Netherlands, developed a new packaging machine for the flexible, sustainable and cost-effective production of customized corrugated cardboard packaging. This system utilizes PC-based control, EtherCAT communication and drive technology from Beckhoff. Read more

Beckhoff and Modra Technology

September 18, 2021

Upgrade motion control met behulp van PC-based control en EtherCAT

September 10, 2021

Wuhan DR Laser Technology maakt laser systemen voor de productie van zonnepanelen. Voorheen werden er dedicated motion control modules toegepast, maar tegenwoordig wordt er PC-based control gebruikt in combinatie met EtherCAT. Hierdoor is de productierate verdubbeld. Een CX5120 stuurt het geheel aan met EtherCAT drives. Reden voor omschakeling was de beperkte scalability van de toentertijd gebruikte motion control modules en de complexe layout in het control cabinet. Met behulp van onze IO, kunnen verschillende subsystemen worden geïntegreerd. Daarnaast zorgt de snelheid van EtherCAT voor een hogere productiecapaciteit, is er veel minder bedrading nodig in het control cabinet en is het veel makkelijker om met EtherCAT diagnose te stellen. Wil je meer weten over de overstap van Wuhan DR Laser Technology naar PC-based control, lees dan verder

Automation Without Cabinets

September 4, 2021

If one of the aims of automation is to improve efficiencies and increase productivity, then it’s important we find a way to reduce control cabinet requirements. This is where Automation Without Cabinets comes in. Red more

Modular coil concept opens up new degrees of freedom in machine design

June 26, 2021

Linear motors such as the AL8000 allow direct transmission of the motor power to the load to be moved and are therefore also called direct drives. No additional mechanical transmission elements are required, which would otherwise have to be taken into account in the design. This represents a decisive advantage over conventional mechanisms such as rack and pinion, spindle and toothed belt drives. Read more

Frequency analysis without programming requirements

June 8, 2021

The TwinCAT Analytics software from Beckhoff offers a complete workflow from acquisition of data through to its storage and analysis to dashboards for continuous machine monitoring. Traditional condition monitoring algorithms are now also available in TwinCAT Analytics using simple configuration with no programming requirements. This addition optimizes both the standard workflow and spontaneous measurements, such as during machine commissioning or service. Read more

Industrial PC and Embedded PC news

May 28, 2021

XPlanar Trackmangement 

May 26, 2021

XPlanar Trackmangement simplifies transport tasks significantly. Connecting process stations with huge flexibility has never been easier. Learn more about XPlanar and watch the video

XPlanar | Planar motor system

May 15, 2021

Universal uninterruptible power supply with flexible communication connection

May 8, 2021

The new CU81xx UPS series are designed for universal use. Due above all to the flexible connection options extending up to One Cable Technology for uninterruptible power supply (UPS-OCT), it is suitable for an extremely broad range of applications. This includes the entire range of Beckhoff components – in particular the Industrial, Panel and Embedded PCs – as well as third-party products. In combination with the Beckhoff Industrial PCs, particularly efficient cabling is possible with just one cable for 24 V DC supply and communication through UPS-OCT. Read more

Starter kit for planar motor technology

April 3, 2021

The XPlanar starter kits are complete XPlanar systems for a quick entry into the non-contact product handling of tomorrow. In order to conserve valuable development resources, the starter kits are delivered fully assembled and tested. They include the tiles, the machine bed, the movers, and the Industrial PC as well as a software example. After opening the transport box, the user can immediately commence with the first tests. Read more

CX7000 | The small controller with integrated multi-function I/Os

March 20, 2021

Cost-effective and stand-alone compact controller with 480MHz processor and integrated multi-functional I/Os. Bekijk de video [Bron: Beckhoff Automation on Youtube.com]

Beckhoff’s XPlanar: flexibel, zwevend, contactloos, intelligent en hygiënisch

March 12, 2021

Beckhoff, fabrikant van automatiseringssystemen, lanceert de XPlanar. Dit systeem combineert vrije 2D-productbeweging met tot 6 vrijheidsgraden, voor de machine van de toekomst. Zwevende XPlanar-movers vliegen over individueel gerangschikte XPlanar-tegels en volgen vrij programmeerbare tracks. 6D-productverwerking en 2D-transport worden dynamisch gecombineerd in één systeem. Dankzij volledige integratie in TwinCAT en de centrale aansturing via een PC, zijn alle beschikbare voordelen van de PC gebaseerde Beckhoff besturing beschikbaar, aldus informatie van de Duitse leverancier. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine]

XPlanar: levitating, contactless, intelligent

January 30, 2021

XPlanar enables new degrees of freedom in product handling: Levitating XPlanar movers float over individually arranged XPlanar tiles on freely programmable tracks. Dynamic 6D product movement, multi-mover control, 360° rotation and many more features enable innovative machine designs. Watch the video

Beckhoff Automation bestaat 40 jaar

January 9, 2021

1980 was het jaar waarin Hans Beckhoff vanuit de garage van zijn ouders begon aan zijn eerste projecten met de bouw van besturingskasten en motionbesturingen middels microprocessoren voor klanten van het elektronicabedrijf van zijn ouders. Daarna kwamen voor Hans de logische vervolgstappen, bestaande uit de pc-based control, de introductie van de Beckhoff modulaire remote I/O modules, de ontwikkeling van de soft-PLC TwinCAT en de uitvindig van EtherCAT. Lees verder

PC-based control monitors 2-kilometer road tunnel

January 8, 2021

ECOexperts Automation GmbH, based in Tieschen, Austria, specializes in infrastructure solutions. One of its main focal points is the combination of automation and IT with a special focus on safety aspects such as cybersecurity and widely distributed decentralized applications. With more than 200 Industrial PCs in operation, the example of the 2,150-meter-long Kaisermühlen Tunnel in Vienna shows that modular and finely scalable PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is the optimum automation platform in this environment. Read more

ELM72xx series servo terminals

December 19, 2020

The new ELM72xx series servo terminals make compact drive technology from Beckhoff available in a robust metal housing. Read more

Interactive Automation Days

December 4, 2020

Gecombineerd met de SPS Connect beurs heeft Beckhoff ook de Interactive Automation Days georganiseerd. Hier hebben productmanagers alle nieuwe en innovatieve Beckhoff producten gepresenteerd. Alle presentaties zijn terug te vinden in vier video’s, waar u heel gemakkelijk doorheen kunt scrollen en direct naar het door u gewenste onderwerp kunt gaan door op het desbetreffende onderwerp te klikken. Denk hierbij aan onderwerpen als Cloud Engineering, nieuwe Compact Drive Technology, XPlanar, TwinCAT Vision en TwinCAT/BSD. De video’s kunt u hier via VIMEO terugkijken.

The Beckhoff servo terminal

November 28, 2020

The EL7201 servo terminal for the Beckhoff EtherCAT Terminal system integrates a complete servo drive for motors up to 200 W into a standard I/O terminal housing. Integration into the EtherCAT I/O system simplifies cabling and commissioning considerably and reduces spatial requirements and costs. Watch the video

Slimme Beckhoff technologie voor inpakmachine van Quadient

October 16, 2020

Veel webwinkels verpakken producten in gestandaardiseerde verpakkingen. Hierdoor gaat er niet alleen veel materiaal verloren, maar ook veel ruimte tijdens het transport. Hedde Biesma van Quadient en John Stut van Beckhoff Automation BV laten zien hoe een slimme combinatie van techniek en software een duurzame oplossing biedt voor deze problemen. Hier de hele video van Nederland Maakt Het.

Beckhoff power supply modules

October 8, 2020

Beckhoff introduceert een range van nieuwe voedingsmodules. De power supplies zijn ingedeeld in de PS1000 serie voor “kleinere” applicaties, de PS2000 serie voor “standaard” applicaties en de PS3000 serie voor “demanding” applicaties. In het assortiment bevinden zich zowel voedingsmodules met 1 fase als 3 fasen, met een uitgaande spanning van 24 of 48 V. Lees verder

De EK1101-0010 is beschikbaar

September 4, 2020

Vanaf nu is de EK1101-0010 beschikbaar. Bij de traditionele EK1100 EtherCAT kopstations bedraagt de maximale afstand tussen twee kopstations 100 meter. Met de EK1101-0010 heeft u het grote voordeel dat de afstand tussen twee stations op kan lopen tot wel 300 m. Hiermee wordt het mogelijk om in machineparken met grote onderlinge afstand tussen de machines, deze afstand te kunnen overbruggen met een een EtherCAT kabel op basis van koper. Voor meer informatie: beckhoff.nl

L’Oréal past Beckhoff XTS systeem toe voor verhoging flexibiliteit

August 5, 2020

Bijna iedereen is wel bekend met L’Oréal. Zij zijn één van de marktleiders op het gebied van cosmeticaproducten. Meerdere productielijnen bij L’Oréal in Frankrijk zijn nu uitgerust met het Beckhoff XTS systeem. Voorheen werden er 5 aparte machines gebruikt van verschillende fabrikanten, die nu gecombineerd kunnen worden in één machine middels het XTS systeem. Lees verder

Nieuwe AL8000 serie hoogdynamische lineaire servomotoren

July 11, 2020

Binnenkort is het zover, dan wordt de AL8000 serie lineaire motoren uitgebracht. Dit is de opvolger van de AL2000 en zal volledig ontwikkeld worden in de eigen motorenfabriek van Beckhoff Duitsland.
Een voordeel t.o.v. de AL2000 is dat de motor modulair verlengd kan worden door het aantal spoelen variabel te kiezen, waardoor de motor exact op de applicatie afgestemd kan worden. Er is bovendien ook een watergekoelde variant beschikbaar. Een ander groot voordeel is het gebruik van OCT (One Cable Technology), waarin de motorkabel, thermal protection en de encoder kabel zijn samengevoegd in één kabel. Uiteraard is dit systeem te gebruiken in combinatie met onze AX5000 en AX8000 servodrives. Lees verder

Beckhoff opent kantoor in Enschede

July 2, 2020

Automatiseringsbedrijf Beckhoff Automation BV opende deze maand een kantoor aan de Twekkeler Es te Enschede. Het bedrijf heeft een hoofdkantoor in Duitsland en vestigingen in zestig landen. In Nederland heeft Beckhoff reeds een hoofdvestiging in Haarlem en een locatie in Eindhoven. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine]

EP7402-0057 | 2-channel motor controller box for roller conveyor systems

June 19, 2020

The EP7402-0057 EtherCAT Box in protection class IP 67 measures only 174 mm x 60 mm x 36.5 mm and can be easily mounted in standard C-channel or L-brackets on the conveyor frame. The EP7402-0057 takes over the complete control of a roller motor independently of the manufacturer of conveyor or motor. Maximum rated current, acceleration or deceleration ramps and various other parameters can be configured and allow for a wide range of adaptations to different applications.

TwinCAT Vision beschikbaar voor uw machine

June 8, 2020

Vanaf nu is ook de TwinCAT Vision oplossing van Beckhoff officiëel leverbaar. Met TwinCAT Vision wordt het mogelijk om de verwerking van de vision beelden deterministisch plaats te laten vinden binnen de TwinCAT PLC runtime van uw centrale controller. Een van de grote voordelen is dat dit niet meer gedaan hoeft te worden door een externe vision controller en dat nu eenvoudig de beelden van uw camera kunt synchroniseren met bijvoorbeeld uw motion control!

Dit bespaart extra controllers en biedt meer snelheid, omdat de regelloop op de camera zelf komt te vervallen. Bijkomend voordeel is dat Vision geïntegreerd kan worden in onze functies, zoals de HMI omgeving of ScopeView. Daarnaast kunnen meerdere camera’s toegepast worden middels het Gig-E vision protocol. Wilt u meer informatie, dan kunt u hier klikken of bekijk een uitlegvideo.

De eerste XPlanar starterkits worden uitgeleverd

June 4, 2020

Vanaf nu is het XPlanar systeem beschikbaar en de eerste starterkits worden momenteel uitgeleverd aan verschillende klanten! De starterkits zijn beschikbaar in 2 x 3 tegels met 2 movers of 4 x 3 tegels met 4 movers.

Met het XPlanar systeem is het mogelijk om het transport van uw product heel dynamisch te organiseren. Meerdere stations met verschillende producten zijn te combineren in één systeem. Bekijk de video

Wisselen van track via XTS Track Management

May 14, 2020

Beckhoff biedt de mogelijkheid om het XTS systeem binnenkort uit te breiden met “Track Management”. Met “Track Management” wordt het mogelijk om van track te “wisselen”. De bewegende modules kunnen worden verplaatst naar een andere XTS-track middels een liftsysteem, waarop één of meerdere movers geplaatst kunnen worden.

Hierdoor wordt het veel gemakkelijker om te differentiëren in het transport van uw producten. U kunt movers bufferen, een gereedschapswissel doorvoeren, onderscheid maken langs welke bewerkingsstations uw movers gaan, of welke baangeometrie uw movers dienen te volgen. Wilt u meer weten over “XTS Track Management”? Bekijk dan deze video

CX2000 high performance DIN-rail controller

April 17, 2020

De CX2000 serie is de high performance DIN-rail controller reeks van Beckhoff. Deze reeks kan dienen voor ingewikkelde motion applicaties, voor grote HMI/SCADA pakketten, maar ook voor complexere AI taken. Lees verder

SCT current transformers complete end-to-end power measurement chain from the sensor to the cloud

March 18, 2020

With the new SCT current converters, Beckhoff completes the power measurement chain that now ranges from measuring the physical value to transmitting the captured data to the cloud. The portfolio of current transformers covers all applications for currents ranging from 1 A to 5,000 A with a choice of ring-type and split-core devices as well as 3-phase current transformer sets. Read more

Beckhoff catalogus en Beckhoff bureaukalender 2020 kunt u aanvragen

January 24, 2020

De nieuwe Beckhoff catalogus 2020 en de nieuwe Beckhoff bureaukalender zijn weer beschikbaar. In de catalogus vindt u een volledig overzicht van de vele nieuwe en bestaande Beckhoff producten, zodat u een uitgebreid naslagwerk ter beschikking hebt. De Beckhoff catalogus en bureaukalender worden niet automatisch verstuurd. Mocht u de Beckhoff catalogus en/of de bureaukalender willen ontvangen, dan kunt u deze bij ons aanvragen via deze link.