Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument B.V.

Brooks Instrument is a company of highly trained specialists with 70 years of experience in development and manufacturing of flow meters.

We are the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology and enable precision process performance. We deliver results that consistently create a competitive advantage for our customers. In heavy industry. In oil and gas refining. Chemical and petrochemical research. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. Solar cell, LED, thin film, fiber optic and semiconductor manufacturing.

Brooks Instrument has manufacturing locations, sales and service offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Global Headquarters is based in Pennsylvania – USA.

Brooks Instrument provides a global service network via representatives and distributors.

Product Portfolio

Brooks Instrument’s portfolio includes Metal Tube Variable Area (VA) flow meters, Glass Tube Variable Area (A) flow meters, Thermal Mass Flow controllers and meters, Coriolis Mass Flow controllers and meters, Pressure controllers and regulators, Vacuum Capacitance Manometers and a variety of flow accessories.


Brooks Instrument is a division of ITW (Illinois Tool Works), a Fortune 200 company. ITW is one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables and related service businesses.
The company has prospered for over 100 years because each of ITW’s businesses has an independent entrepreneurial spirit and freedom to innovate. It’s the highly talented people at ITW all over the world who drive our success through new products and customer-driven solutions.

For more information on flow solutions, products, or sales contacts please visit www.BrooksInstrument.com.


Carbon Nanotube Production Relies on Mass Flow Controllers with Superior Long-term Stability for Accuracy and Control of Multiple Gases

May 11, 2024

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are nanoscale forms of carbon exhibiting exceptional physical and chemical properties. Discovered in 1991, these cylindrical structures are typically one atom thick and one dimensional. They have garnered significant scientific and technological interest due to their unique features such as impressive tensile strength and high thermal conductivity. Read more

Brooks Instrument Acquires Creative Machining Technology

April 27, 2024

Acquisition strengthens the company’s ability to produce ultrahigh-purity components for critical markets like semiconductor manufacturing. Read more

Getting the Most from Bioprocess Equipment

March 15, 2024

This is the third paper in a series discussing intelligent, data-rich devices, a.k.a, industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices, in bioprocessing. Read more

High-Temperature Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

March 9, 2024

GF120xHT high-temperature mass flow controllers (MFCs) and meters are designed to control and measure the mass flow rate of vapor from liquid or solid sources to support the growing usage of these precursors in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The flow module on GF120xHT can withstand operating environments of up to 150°C. To support this temperature range, the electronics are remotely connected to the rest of the device and mounted in a lower temperature location (max 50°C). Read more

Download this new white paper, “Getting the Most from Bioprocess Equipment,” jointly published by Brooks Instrument and Cytiva

March 2, 2024

This white paper is 3rd in a series where flow expert Joe Sipka from Brooks Instrument and bioprocessing expert Ken Clapp from Cytiva highlight practical tips on automation combined with forward-looking recommendations. [Picture source: Brooks Instrument on linkedin.com]

Accurate Data for Mass-balance Calculations in Pilot Plants

February 2, 2024

A pilot plant in the chemical/petrochemical industry is a small-scale simulation of manufacturing operations where results determine the most suitable process and the best equipment for scale up. A pilot plant reduces the technical and commercial risk associated with large process plants by providing valuable preliminary scientific data about reactions, material properties, process yields and more. It enables experiments that monitor all parameters, including pressure, temperature, flow rate, and reaction time. The objective is to continually improve the yield of the processes or develop new processes with higher yields. Read more

New Quantim® QMC Coriolis Flow Controllers

December 2, 2023

Explore the features and benefits of the the new third-generation Quantim® QMC Coriolis flow meters ideal for very low-flow gas and liquid measurement and control applications. Watch the video

Why Use a Rotameter (Variable Area Flow Meter) to Measure Gas or Liquid Flow

November 11, 2023

What is a rotameter? A rotameter (variable area flow meter) is a flow meter that measures the volumetric flow of liquids and gases. There is no difference between a rotameter and a flow meter, and these terms are interchangeable. Inside the GT1600 Series glass tube variable area flow meter, a gas or liquid moves a float until it reaches equilibrium – the technique to measure the flow rate. A user can easily read the gas or liquid flow rate from either a scale next to the tube or a scale on the tube. Read more and watch the video

On-Site Field Calibration

October 21, 2023

Removing instruments from your process can often be difficult and impractical. Instead, let our technicians come to your facility and calibrate or service your Brooks Instrument flow devices on-site at a time that’s convenient for you. Read more

Widest temperature, pressure and process range. One proven flow meter

October 14, 2023

Engineered to work where you need it: Choose the MT3809 variable area (VA) flowmeter for all the high-pressure, high-temperature VA flow measurement and control requirements on your next project. Proven to deliver reliable, repeatable gas and liquid flow measurement and control in thousands of installed locations, the MT3809 is practical and economical, making it the “go-to” choice for Engineering Procurement Contractors (EPC) and major industrial facilities worldwide. Read more

Quantim® QMC Coriolis Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

September 29, 2023

New third-generation Quantim® QMC Coriolis flow meters are ideal for very low-flow gas and liquid measurement and control applications. Read more and watch the video

What Do We Mean by “Usable Range” of a Mass Flow Controller?

August 12, 2023

What is the “usable” range of a mass flow controller? Is usable range the same as turndown ratio? Before we answer these questions, let’s make sure we’re all grounded on the basics, like what is a mass flow controller (MFC) and where are they used. Read more

SEMI standards leaders honored at Semicon West 2023

July 28, 2023

We are so proud of our very own Mohamed Saleem, CTO of Brooks Instrument/ITW, as a distinguished recipient of the 2023 North American SEMI International Standards Honor Award presented by the SEMI International Standards. Read more

The workhorse of high-volume manufacturing across all process segments

June 17, 2023

Manufactured in our Class 100 cleanroom, GF100 mass flow controllers are widely considered the workhorse of high-volume manufacturing across all process segments. With over 1 million devices shipped, our latest innovation features the high-speed EtherCAT interface for rapid reaction times delivering exceptional application performance. Read more

Pressure-based Mass Flow Controllers

June 2, 2023

Since the beginning of large-scale semiconductor manufacturing, Brooks Instrument has provided innovative flow control, vapor, and pressure and vacuum solutions that have set the standard for precision, accuracy and repeatability. Our technology development team continually strives to deliver the most advanced, novel product solutions that help enable the most critical, complex and demanding processes in semiconductor manufacturing. Read more

Boosting Bioreactor Performance by Enhancing Mass Flow Controller Accuracy

March 9, 2023

Maintaining a controlled environment within the bioreactor is an essential step toward achieving optimal cell growth. Two critical factors that govern cell culture yield are the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the bioreactor and the pH of the fermentation broth. The cells within the bioreactor survive only if certain process parameters, such as DO and pH, stay within specified operating conditions. To maintain these optimal process conditions, bioreactors rely on mass flow controllers to deliver accurate and stable flow of critical gases that stabilize key functions within the bioreactor. Read more

Superior Long-term Stability Ensures Highly Accurate Mass Flow Control

February 11, 2023

The Brooks Instrument Mass Flow Controller (MFC) with superior long-term stability delivers key benefits to your process. Compared to a typical mass flow controller, the Brooks Instrument mass flow controller will reach target yields with accurate and stable gas control to your process equipment. As a result, you will spend less time verifying and recalibrating your mass flow controllers while maximizing system uptime with consistent production. Finally, you will save money, time, and lost opportunity to operate your equipment to its fullest potential.

Watch this video demonstrating how long-term stability of a mass flow controller, in the application of a bioreactor, impacts cost of ownership

Glass Coating Manufacturers Increase Productivity with Stable, Reliable Gas Flow Delivery and Low-pressure Control

January 27, 2023

When looking at architectural glass from the interior of a building, the low-e glass will reflect energy back into the building to achieve a much lower heat loss than ordinary glass. From the exterior viewpoint of the building, low-e glass reduces heat loss from the building by transmitting the visible part of solar energy while minimizing infrared parts of the light. Read more

Brooks Instrument Coriolis Liquid Flow Meters & Controllers – Theory of Operation

January 19, 2023

In this video, Brooks Instrument proudly presents the theory of operation behind our third-generation Quantim® Series Coriolis liquid flow meters and controllers. The Coriolis flow meter is designed for low-flow gas and liquid applications such as catalyst research, mass balance calculations in pilot plants, and more. The basic construction of this Coriolis liquid flow meter includes a flow body, an in-line control valve, a Coriolis sensor, and a printed circuit board. Watch the video

Brooks Instrument Receives Supplier Excellence Award from Applied Materials

January 6, 2023

Brooks Instrument has earned a Supplier Excellence Award from Applied Materials for outstanding technical and operational achievements in areas including quality, service, lead time, cost, and responsiveness. Read more

SLAMf Series Elastomer Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

December 16, 2022

Precision mass flow control. Hardened for the harshest environments. Now available with EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET. Read more and watch the video

Brooks Instrument Mass Flow Controllers for Hazardous Environments

August 19, 2022

Tech article highlights the SLAMf Series MFC as one of the best in the industry for measurement and control of process gases with different levels of protection required for rugged and hazardous environments. Read more

Mass Flow Controllers Deliver Precise Gas Flows to Produce Cell-Cultured Meat

July 22, 2022

The process of cell-cultured meat begins by sourcing real cells from live animals, including livestock, chicken, and fish. These cells are then nurtured in bioreactors where they require accurate gas flow measurement and nutrients. Within weeks, the cell-cultured meat products are ready for the food supply chain. Read more

Selecting MFCs for rugged and hazardous environments

July 9, 2022

Chemical plants and petrochemical refineries have some of the most hazardous operating conditions of any industry. As a result, stringent safety procedures and protocols have been established to protect both people and production systems from explosions that can happen from running process equipment. Read more [Source: piprocessinstrumentation.com]

Semiconductor Digest Magazine Features Brooks Instrument Mass Flow Control Expertise in Recent Issue

June 9, 2022

Tech article highlights the advantages of a new Brooks Instrument pressure-insensitive, pressure-based MFC designed specifically for semiconductor manufacturing. Read more

Achieving Optimal Bioprocess Performance Thru Intelligent Gas Management

May 7, 2022

Today’s bioprocesses are more complex than ever, involving a dizzying array of conditions to be measured and processes to be controlled. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the challenges associated with management of the complex gassing strategies associated with today’s bioreactors. Watch the video

Titanium Nitride Coating Using CVD Process

April 2, 2022

Titanium is frequently used in these applications to create an extremely hard Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating on the target product. Due to its golden appearance TiN coatings are often used on jewelry, household fixtures and automotive trim for decorative purposes. Read more

Precise, Dependable and Affordable Flow Meters for Oxygen Concentrators

March 25, 2022

An oxygen concentrator is rather simple in design: it works by separating oxygen from nitrogen and other gases that make up air, then delivers mostly oxygen to the oxygen concentrator user. Natural air contains approximately 21% oxygen, while a concentrator can output air consisting of up to 95% oxygen. Read more

High Pressure, Hazardous Area Approved Flow Meter for Offshore Oil Drilling

March 5, 2022

Offshore oil platforms require accurate flow measurement to pump drilling mud at controlled, high pressures through the drill pipe to cool and lubricate the drill bit, deep in the seabed. A Brooks Instrument metal tube variable area flow meter enables consistent, repeatable pumping of drill mud under these severe process conditions. Read more

6 Reasons to Consider EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET for Your Bioprocess

February 10, 2022

EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET are the fastest growing digital communication protocols in industrial automation, continuing to gain wider acceptance as companies look to transition from fieldbus to ethernet networks. They represent the largest number of new nodes of industrial ethernet networks shipped, at approximately 64% share of the total market. EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET deliver the speed, precision, and reliability needed to manage and control information in real-time by connecting devices to a single network, allowing users to collect meaningful data that helps keep critical systems on track. Read more and watch the video

Brooks Instrument Introduces First Fully Pressure-Insensitive Pressure-Based Mass Flow Controller for Etch and CVD Processes in Semiconductor Manufacturing

September 3, 2021

Brooks Instrument has released the new GP200 Series, the first fully pressure-insensitive pressure-based mass flow controller (P-MFC) designed specifically for etch and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes in semiconductor manufacturing. Read more

Brooks Instrument Opens New Manufacturing, Service and Applications Support Center in Korea

August 12, 2021

New facility in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, expands Brooks Instrument’s global manufacturing capabilities for expected growth in semiconductor manufacturing. Read more 

Brooks Instrument Superior Long-term Stability Mass Flow Controller

July 31, 2021

The Brooks Instrument mass flow controller (MFC) is engineered for superior long-term stability, delivering key benefits to your bioprocess. With this MFC, reach target yields with accurate and stable gas control to your bioreactor. Spend less time verifying and recalibrating your MFCs. Maximize system uptime with consistent biopharmaceutical production. Finally, save money, time, and lost opportunity to operate your bioreactors to their fullest potential. Reduce your cost of ownership with the Brooks Instrument mass flow controller! Watch the video

Brooks Instrument Pressure-based Mass Flow Controllers – Theory of Operation

July 1, 2021

In this video, Brooks Instrument proudly presents the theory of operation behind our pressure-based mass flow controller (P-MFC), from our GP200 series. This P-MFC has a unique design approach for enhanced process performance without the limitations of today’s traditional P-MFCs. Watch the video

A New Differential Pressure Sensor Based Mass Flow Controller for Advanced Semiconductor Processing

April 3, 2021

In this video Pete Singer, Editor-in-Chief, from Semiconductor Digest interviews Mohamed Saleem, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Brooks Instrument. Mohamed discusses how the pressure-based mass flow controllers (MFCs) operate overall. He mentions that a traditional pressure-based MFC uses two discrete pressure transducers to measure a pressure drop across a flow restrictor.

The Advantages of Using Rich Data from Your Digital Instrumentation

March 19, 2021

Everything from your PC and smartphone to your clock, refrigerator and automobile have sensors, memory and communication capabilities. Incredible intelligence is being built into just about every device we touch, and, if it’s not built in, the information is available via communication with “the cloud.” This same evolution of intelligence and communication capability is occurring in industrial process control instrumentation and systems. Read more

Using sensors to improve processes

February 18, 2021

Besides the basic four (flow, level, pressure and temperature) sensors used to provide a window into industrial processes, there’s a myriad of other sensing devices that you find in everyday products—from toys to dishwashers and to automobiles. Read more  [Source: foodengineeringmag.com]

GT1600 Glass Tube Variable Area Flowmeters

December 19, 2020

Read about how our GT1600 glass tube variable area flow meter is designed for the toughest applications!

Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters Save Costs and Maximize Process Uptime at Wastewater Treatment Plants

September 24, 2020

Oftentimes, systems consume too much seal water resulting in costly water consumption. In an effort to control seal water and pressure, glass tube variable area flow meters are utilized due to their valves and metering tubes as these adjustable features show the flow readings and control pressure of the seal water. Read more

Advanced vaporization technology enables purer and more efficient vapor production

August 22, 2020

Many industrial and semiconductor processes need to convert liquids including both water and other liquid precursors into highly controlled and pure vapors. Vaporization is a phase transition from the liquid phase to gas phase. A vaporizer therefore, is any system that converts a liquid material to a gaseous state. Read more

Reduce MFC Configurations Up to 90% with Pre-calibrated Gas Pages

Thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) are traditionally calibrated for a specific gas – typically a surrogate such as Nitrogen (N2) –  a desired flow range, and a set of operating conditions. Over time, the use of conversion factors based on a ratio of specific heats between the surrogate and the desired gas came into use as a way for users to configure a single mass flow controller for multiple gases. This method for configuring multiple gases is at the heart of the Brooks Instrument SLA Series Biotech MFC. Read more

Complete Waste Gas Combustion Requires Accurate Combustion Gas Flow Measurement

June 12, 2020

Metal tube variable area flowmeters are robust, reliable and proven to deliver repeatable gas and liquid flow measurement in challenging environments. That’s why they are commonly used in the petroleum industry to measure and control combustion gas flow in flare stacks. Here is a little background on the application. Read more

FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Transmitter Enables Easier Integration with Control Systems

June 4, 2020

Since making available the option to specify a FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter with our popular MT3809 metal tube variable area flow meter, customers have recognized that this makes it easier to integrate the meter with their automation control systems across the plant enterprise. Read more and watch the video

Brooks Instrument Digital Mass Flow Controllers with EtherNet/IP or PROFINET Protocols Feature Web-based Interface

March 27, 2020

How do you simplify set up and configuration of your digital mass flow controllers while also improving process control? Read more and watch the video

Control up to 30 Mass Flow Meters at Once

February 8, 2020

Question: What happens when you have more than four devices that you need to power and control?

Answer: The 0260 Series Power Supply, Smart Interface & Controller.

Semiconductor Products

January 3, 2020

Precise and repeatable process control: It is the fundamental driving factor when manufacturing electronics and semiconductor products. As each successive generation of tools, processes and nodes have been developed and deployed, the extreme, ultra-high performance requirements and demand for constant innovation and improvements in semiconductor flow and pressure instrumentation has – and continues to be – non-stop. Read more