D&M Vacuümsystemen

D&M Vacuümsystemen B.V. is specialized in offering turn-key solutions for (high-quality and complex) vacuum systems. D&M Vacuümsystemen’s competitive advantage is that we are able to offer all vacuum-related knowledge and services from internal sources, creating the best and most cost-effective solutions for our wide range of clients.


D&M is a reliable and independent partner that has a specialized knowledge of high-end applications and related processes. To create this knowledge, D&M has its own workshop and production facility (for prototypes and smaller series) with a experienced team of vacuum specialists.

With these competences, D&M has received confidence and credits from various prestigious companies and institutes that are active in the following industries:

• RGA contamination analyses equipment
• Heat treatment systems (-150 – 1600 degrees C in (U) HV).
• Thin film deposition equipment (sputtering – evaporation )
• Big vacuum chamber manufacturing ( up to 4m in own workshop)
• Vacuumsystems automation in Labview


Start nieuwbouw!

February 12, 2022

Vandaag hebben we vanwege onze sterke groei het officiële startschot gegeven voor de bouw van onze 2e bedrijfshal op Airpark Cranendonck in Budel. We hopen medio 2022 de bedrijfshal te kunnen betrekken!

Creativity in vacuumsystems

December 9, 2021

How to make complete space simulation system in 3 weeks:

– Use old vessel
– Adapt vessel with increased depth
– build up(with stock parts) and test

Used to qualifiy thrusters for mini box satelites.

Innovation and Vacuumtechnology for UV-C lamps

December 12, 2020

D&M Vacuumsystems produced a high vacuum system for production UV-C lamp for international customer. These lamps are used for disinfection from bacteria/viruses and protozoas. Combining High Tech competences like Residual Gas analyses (RGA), 1000degrC bake-out (burner), gas injections and high vacuum technology made in NL.

Heat Treatment

November 7, 2020

Our strength is to a create custom design to processing and substrate needs. As a result of having an innovative approach, own production and process knowhow, our heat treatment systems enable manufacturing in the field of sintering, brazing, annealing, degassing of parts in the high tech industry. Read more (Scroll down at the page)

Vacuum feedthroughs

August 26, 2020

A goal of D&M Vacuümsystemen is simple, produce feedthroughs to your needs with best price for value. Feedthroughs can be used for: Transfer liquid nitrogen (LN2), Transfer power (multipins-Sub-D-Special power transfer), Transfer high voltage, … Read more (Scroll down at the page)

Engineering of vacuum equipment

June 23, 2020

Our strength is to create custom design and manufacturing of low volume, complex systems. As a result of having a dedicated engineering team of vacuum specialists, we have created an innovative approach and process knowhow. Important competences are: Creativity and out of the box thinking. Read more (Scroll down at the page)

Vacuum chambers up to 4000mm

April 10, 2020

D&M has a dedicated and extensive workshop to manufacture parts and systems. Their manufacturing and welding specialists are able to produce clean, complex products on our state-of-the-art machinery. They are capable to produce vacuum chambers up to 4000mm, which are  assembled, cleaned and tested in-house. Read more

Training in Vacuum Technology

January 5, 2020

D&M training programs are mostly custom made solutions or short courses from basic vacuum technology, for those who have little or no vacuum knowledge or in-depth training specific to customer needs (engineering systems/PVD/Residual Gas Analyses). We are able to share our knowledge for service-engineers/designers and technical staff that are interested in improving and developing new and existing vacuum systems. Training courses are held in cooperation with Mikrocentrum (

Some of our training courses:

* Basic Vacuumtechnology for practical needs
* Vacuum System design in (Ultra) High Vacuum (UHV)
* Leak detection * Vacuum and deposition (PVD)
* Producing for UCV (Ultra Clean Vacuum)
* Vacuum maintenance (pumps and asensors)

Fore more information, see www.vacuumcursus.nl

Vacuumpump repair

July 30, 2019

Our strength is that our team of service-engineers are independent and servicing all type of pumps:

  • Rotary vanes pumps (over 200pumps/year)
  • Scroll pumps (over 50pumps/year)
  • Light service on cryopumps
  • Light service on drypumps (claw, multistage roots)

Our service-engineers have a specific component/pump know how including behaviour of the pumps in different kind of processes.

RGA (Contamination Control)

June 19, 2019

Our strength is to create custom design with proven high yield RGA Systems suitable for Grade 2(EUV) measurement of monoparts and assemblies. As a result of having an innovative approach, own production and process knowhow, our RGA systems are THE standard in measuring EUV parts. Our goals is simple, deliver a robust production/R&D platform, customized to your needs with the best cost of ownership. Read more

New milestone for D&M Vacuumsystemen

October 13, 2014


New milestone: D&M Vacuumsystemen BV ships first inline PVD tool for Solar Cell Research. This this system has a loadlock in-out + proceschamber with 3 dual planar magnetrons for (co)sputtering 6 different materials for a back contact layers on different substrates. Our team is proud to work on this order and hopefully our dutch customer will set new new records on this machine!!