We are Edhouse, a Czech based SW development company that likes to go above and beyond standard software outsourcing. Edhouse specializes in cooperation with high-tech and scientific companies labeling it ‘’Software for Science and Technology’’. We go the extra mile to understand your processes, demands and products, to work autonomously minding the big picture in every created detail. It means you can make use of your expert capacities and focus on what you do best, your products, customers and revenue.

Edhouse is proud to cooperate with major manufacturers in several high-tech fields such as ThermoFisher Scientific, onsemi, Schneider Electric, and NCR.

We’re currently looking for companies who would not only like to outsource their SW development but are searching for experienced teams that can take care of whole projects or their parts.



Case study: Thermo Fisher Scientific

November 16, 2022

The company searched for a steady supplier to ensure development of control software for electron microscopes. With this software playing a crucial role in managing the device itself as well as processing the research results, it was essential to find top quality development team competent to master the high requirements in the field. Read more