ERTEC is specialized in optimizing your production process. Outside our know how the attention of automation from small series production with reference systems, robots and software from System 3R and JobDispo you can plan your production orders real-time. With Liebherr we can offer complete FMS-systems and product handling solutions. Spreitzer is specialized in clamping products with center vices for 5-axis milling machines and Alumess clamping systems for measuring machines. also the Concentricity gages offers you quick measurement for concentricity. Simpline offers you the possibility to buy products through our web shop for a very good price-quality ratio.


Your advantages:

  • Good and clear information
  • Modern web shop for direct orders
  • Downloading from information
  • Good market prices

Our clientele

A international clientele benefits from the experiences which the firm ERTEC and his employees have. A good know-how and customer focused thinking gives a guarantee for a good result.


ERTEC stands for efficiency in productivity. We strive to a good and clear solution for the customer and realize this goal with a WE-feeling. With a modern solution in our communication through our website are we able to react very fast and offer our products at a competitive price.


ERTEC strives to be a modern organization which through efficiency and knowledge a good partner is for its customers.


Snel en nauwkeurig frezen in harde materialen

January 6, 2023

Cadcamatic onderscheidt zich als toeleverancier door complexe stukken te maken in kleine aantallen. Onlangs breidde de West-Vlaamse mechatronicaspecialist zijn machinepark uit met een hogesnelheidsfreesmachine, waarmee de specificaties nog scherper kunnen. “In deze machinecel kunnen we heel lage ruwheden en hoge nauwkeurigheden halen, en dat zelfs in volhardmetaal”, stelt zaakvoerder Alexandre Rogiers. De freesmachine werd geleverd door MachinImmo; de bijhorende robot door Ertec. Lees verder

System 3R, one system partner

August 19, 2022

The first step in automation is standardisation with a fix reference throughout your workshop. System 3R can provide you a system from small to big parts. No need for big changes in your workshop but a much higher output with shorter delivery times and more flexibility. Read more

System 3R tooling for Additive Manufacturing

June 4, 2022

Use System 3R Tooling when post processing your parts, offering a minimum of set-up time and highest possible accuracy. Fitting the machines with the same reference system means that workpieces can be moved between the machines without subsequent alignment and checking – One Minute Set-up. Read more

ERTEC & LABO 25 years partnership

January 28, 2022

Labo and Ertec have a long relationship together. The first System 3R robot was sold more then 20 years ago. The last 2 years Labo invested in new machines but always automated with the WorkPartner from system 3R. Watch the video

Spreitzer MZR centre vice. How to change the jaws

November 19, 2021

The MZR centre vice of Spreitzer is an innovative product, specially for robot cells.

Kan je op en 3-assige freesmachine, vijf vlakken in één opspanning bewerken?

February 23, 2021

Door het plaatsen van twee identieke opnames, één rechtstreeks op tafel en één tegen de hoekplaat, kunnen we vijf vlakken in één opspanning bewerken. De pallet moet dan wel vier keer manueel geïndexeerd worden. Op deze manier kunnen er eenvoudig vijf werkvlakken worden bewerkt. Lees verder

Spreitzer compact pneumatic centre vice, type PZS2 2020

February 6, 2021

Jansen precisie techniek invested in a system 3r workpal robot

January 9, 2021

Jansen Precisie Techniek invested in a System 3R Workpal robot for a GFMS cut1000 Wire EDM machine. With this investment Mark Jansen wants to create more stability and a better overview in his workshop. Watch the video

Jansen Precisie Techniek invested in a System 3R Workpal robot

Jansen Precisie Techniek invested in a System 3R Workpal robot for a GFMS cut1000 Wire EDM machine. With this investment Mark Jansen wants to create more stability and a better overview in his workshop. Watch the video

bij het summa college in eindhoven weten de leerlingen inmiddels wat omsteltijdverkorting is

December 19, 2020

Het Summa College in Eindhoven heeft nu ruim 1 jaar het nulpuntspansysteem van System 3R in gebruik voor leerdoeleinden. In samenwerking met o.a. Mark Manders is er gekozen voor een referentiesysteem met een steekmaat van 250mm en een palletafmeting van 400X400mm. Naast de opbouw van de spanmiddelen is er ook goed gekeken naar de spaan- en koelvloeistof afvoer tijdens het freesproces. Lees verder

VDL GL invested in Liebherr PHS Allround for 2 Hermle 5-axes milling machines

December 12, 2020

The Dutch company VDL GL Precision makes very precise parts on its two 5-axis C50 milling machines from Hermle. In their quest for higher uptime and greater flexibility, they replaced the existing pallet changers with a Liebherr FMS system. Ertec managed the entire project in the right direction and can thus end the delivery of the first system in the Benelux. Marc Smits, operations manager at VDL GL Precision, is already convinced of the advantages: “This allows us to produce more, more flexibly and faster, and therefore we are stronger in the market.” Watch the video

Ertec System 3R DelphinCompact zero point system

November 28, 2020

Modern production plants equip their production facilities with a modular clamping system. Every production plant uses clamping elements, jigs, fixtures, reference pallet systems to be able to clamp the range of workpieces machined efficiently and economically. The Delphin modular zero-point clamping system allows the machine table to be equipped individually with position-determining chucks. Watch the video

Do you need two extra simultaneous axes on a WEDM machine?

November 13, 2020

The transformer on rail is loading and unloading 5 WEDM machines of GFMS. These machines are equipped with a turning & tilting table and an integrated System 3R reference system. After placing the parts into the machine an automatic measuring program will align the workpiece with the highest accuracy. When the machine is finished, the scrap will be dropped by an ejector pin in a tray. The cell is managed by the Cellmanager-ID of System 3R.

More info regarding Robots and Handling by System 3R.

Looking for more productivity on your bigger horizontal 5-axis milling machines?

October 30, 2020

Any number of machines, as well as setting-up and storage areas, can be connected to the Liebherr linear-based pallet handling system (PHS Pro). Moreover, the system can be extended with an unprocessed and finished part management system on pallets. The linear system is made in three construction sizes for transport loads of 500 kg to 13,000 kg. Higher transport loads are available on request. Read more

Ertec delivered a System 3R WorkMaster robot to company Betactic

October 3, 2020

Betactic explains its choice and experiences for a System 3R WorkMaster robot integrated to a 5-axes milling machine Mazak type J-600. This robot is equipped 24 pallet positions and a transfer weight of 150 kg. Watch the video

System 3R and Spreitzer product news

September 24, 2020

With this link we provide you the latest information from System 3R and Spreitzer.

Spreitzer clamping for milling, grinding and measuring

August 27, 2020

The compact mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical centric clamping / centering vise in different sizes and versions enable the precise machining of workpieces to predetermined symmetry or axis of rotation. The centric clamping are used in conventional and CNC-controlled machining tasks on different machine tools. The vices width can be 15 to 160 mm and the length can be 50 to 500 mm. Read more

MAGNETS for BIGGER milling machines

June 12, 2020

The field of application of magnetic clamping technology as a fast and secure clamping device for workpieces and tools has expanded more and more in recent years. Read more 

Gravostar deburring and marking

June 5, 2020

Fully automatic deburring and engraving on your CNC turning or milling machine. Read more

Spreitzer 5 ALUMESS basic Einsteiger Set E B500100013

May 9, 2020

ALUMESS basic Einsteiger Set D B500100028

April 18, 2020

ERTEC GFMS automation possibilities and motivation

April 10, 2020

Automation with system 3R. Find out what is possible and learn about the advantages.

Ertec Liebherr PHS Allround

March 20, 2020

Modular design PHS Allround 1.500 ( future 500kg and 3.500kg ). Up to 5 machines and several loading stations. The PHS Allround from Liebherr can be combined as needed and extended at any time thanks to the modular concept. Numerous setup stations (e.g. turn/tilt/mobile) from the modular system are available. The storage capacity can be increased considerably with minimum floor space thanks to additional rotary towers. With a height of just under 3.8 m, the PHS Allround can also be used in existing halls with low ceiling heights. More info

Ertec System 3R transformer robot in Mold and Die

March 19, 2020

System 3R Linear Transformer robot serving fully automated process in Mold and Die industry. Single piece production. High-Mix-Low-Volume

Ertec System3R fanuc robot TONTARRA, Wurmlingen, Germany

March 18, 2020

For more than 50 years “made by TONTARRA, Germany” is a synonym for state-of-the-art surgical- and endoscopic instruments and equipment of high quality and precision. The success of TONTARRA derives from innovation, commitment and a strong focus on our continuing tradition.

Ertec System 3R WorkPartner robot, entry Level EDM process

January 12, 2020

Easy to use System 3R WorkPartner robot / pallet handling specially for EDM process. Standard with the following options:
– 4 work piece positions
– 42 electrode positions
– Loading station
– Draining station
– gripper change

Fil-Tec filter system

January 6, 2020

With innovative producs, we present you the right solution for almost every filtration area. The development and production of high-quality filter systems, elements and spare parts has been the core competence of Fil-Tec Filter GmbH for many years. Read more

FutureTec vernieuwt onderwijs voor maakindustrie

October 23, 2019

De acht bedrijven die al zijn aangesloten zijn: DMG Mori, Ertec, CNC Consult, Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Heidenhain, Iscar en Haimer. “Dit levert nu al mooie samenwerkingen op die direct meerwaarde bieden aan het onderwijs bij Summa Techniek op BIC”, zegt Arold Moonen, projectmanager van FutureTec. Lees verder [Bron: metaalnieuws]

Macro HP and standard, fix reference system for small machines

October 15, 2019

If you want to compete in the global manufacturing industry, you need to study every aspect of efficiency. The important thing is to get the maximum number of machine hours out of every machine. Read more

Spreitzer invested in a new WorkPartner 1+ robot of System 3R for existing Mikron milling machine

September 3, 2019

19-01 PN Spreitzer Workpiece grippet

August 1, 2019

Using the workpiece gripper, you use your existing machine tool as an automation cell. The pneumatic or with cutting fluid driven gripper is available in different versions. It is loaded into the machine from the tool changer to transport workpieces from the workpiece tray to a power-operated clamping device. If required, the workpiece tray is placed on the machine; during the day, individual parts can be manufactured on mechanical clamping devices. Read more

Mobile and compact automation system

June 17, 2019

This mobile and compact automation system (19-01 PN Spreitzer Mobile Robot System SP MR 1) enables a quick entry into robot automation. It supports and relieves employees, loads CNC machines or assembles assemblies. The open, fence-free access enables flexible working. The system is easy to install, can be used on multiple machines and is characterized by a fast return on investment. More info

System 3R tooling for Additive manufacturing

May 14, 2019

Experience always shows that measures to reduce the idle times of your machines are significantly more worthwhile than chasing seconds in the actual machining process. The solution is a stable and exact reference system. This lets you preset away from the machine and then set up the machine with minimum idle time.‘ Read more [Source: linkedin.com]

Maximum Flexibility for Pallet Automation

April 27, 2019

Liebherr offers a wide range of automation systems which support modern high-efficiency production. They help to not only lower production costs, but also enable a fast and flexible response to changes in demand on the market. Efficiency, user-friendliness, quality and reliability, as well as high flexibility are to the fore. Read more

Spreitzer Concentricity gages

April 12, 2019

Concentricity gages are used for inspection tasks on external, internal and plane faces of rotating parts. Particularly, the concentricity of two or more diameters can be determined and axial runout measurements can be performed. Read more

Nulpuntspansysteem biedt Bierens veel tijdwinst bij ombouwen vijfassers

April 6, 2019

Zijn nulpuntspansystemen werkelijk zo efficiënt en kostenbesparend? Bij de meeste metaalbewerkingsbedrijven is dit nauwelijks nog een punt van discussie. Bierens Machinefabrieken uit Tilburg, producent van grote precisietandwielen, nam een jaar geleden een Delphin nulpuntspansysteem van System 3R in gebruik; een voorzichtige schatting wijst een forse geldbesparing en een korte terugverdientijd uit. Lees verder

Ertec GFMS pallet and product handling ( Hybride )

February 9, 2019

Here System 3R shows the solution with pallet and product handling with the fanuc robot. all controlled by the workshopmanager software made by System 3R.

Waarom VDL MPC kiest voor de oplossing van Ertec

January 26, 2019


December 1, 2018

Liebherr oplossingen verlagen niet alleen de productiekosten, maar zijn ook in staat om snel te reageren op fluctuerende productievolumes. Liebherr automatiseringssystemen zijn ontworpen met het oog op kostenefficiëntie, gebruiksgemak, kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid in combinatie met een hoge mate van flexibiliteit. Voor pallethandlingsystemen biedt Liebherr het RLS roterende beladingssysteem aan als een aanvulling op de lineaire PHS. Het is de ideale oplossing voor een hoogrendabele machinale bewerking. Lees verder

GP Tooling investeert in een tweede Mikron VCE100 Pro freesmachine

October 29, 2018

GP Tooling uit Dinxperlo kocht 12 maanden geleden een CNC freesmachine en een robot, type WorkMaster, van System 3R. Om de huidige productiecapaciteit te vergroten heeft GP Tooling geïnvesteerd in een tweede Mikron VCE100 Pro freesmachine aan bestaande WorkMaster robot van S3R.

JPT uit Borculo investeert in een robot van System 3R

October 9, 2018

JPT uit Borculo breidt capaciteiten uit met een robotsysteem van System 3R. De machine een, GFMS Cut1000, heeft een macro wedm referentiesysteem op de tafel gemonteerd. De 12-voudige wisselaar zorgt voor extra onbemande uren overdag en ‘s nachts. Lees verder [Bron: linkedin.com]

18-08 PN S3R WORKPAL 1

October 1, 2018

A user friendly pallet charger for automatic changes of pallets. Suitable for milling, grinding, Wire EDM-or measuring machines. Read more

18-10 Liebherr PHS 1500 Allround

September 19, 2018

Liebherr offers a wide range of automation systems which support modern high- efficiency production. They help to not only lower production costs, but also enable a fast and flexible response to changes in demand on the market. Efficiency, user-friendliness, quality and reliability, as well as high flexibility are to the fore. Read more

Ertec system3R fanuc robot TONTARRA

June 21, 2018

One of the first robot cells off system 3R with pallet and product handling.
Costumer is company Tontarra in Germany.

18-06 PN Spreitzer Concentricity gages

June 13, 2018

Precise runout inspection. Within 10 seconds. Without prior knowledge!

3 Practical tips for your success:
➢ Precise runout inspection. Within 10 seconds.
Without prior knowledge. Right next to the
➢ Reduces your internal and external failure
costs considerably!
➢ Effective due to simple handling.

Ertec automation S3R wedm Ostrand Hansen

January 15, 2018

ertec s3r automation M&D brasil stamp molde

January 2, 2018

Company Decio stamp automation with system 3R mold&die industry

17-09 PN S3R Swivel with encoder and display

November 11, 2017

Swiveling element with a manual Macro chuck and mechanical locking of the set position. Swiveling element 360° with encoder and display – Manual Macro chuck and mechanical locking of the set position. After power off, display is flashing due to initial reference search missing. Always make the reference search clockwise direction before use (see arrow on chuck).

17-10 RB VASKON verkorten omsteltijden

November 4, 2017

De firma Vaskon in Oudenaarde specialiseert zich in matrijzenbouw en precisiemechaniek. Met het oog op steeds betere producten en kortere levertijden, breidde het bedrijf het machinepark onlangs uit met de installatie van een DMG DMU60T en een Mikron HPM 450, een krachtige 5-assige oplossing voor universele, geautomatiseerde productie. Een innovatieve machine met een uitgebreid scala aan bewerkingstechnieken. Beide machines zijn voorzien van hetzelfde referentie systeem, het Dynafix van system 3R.

17-08 PN Spreitzer centre vice MZC

August 24, 2017

high tech bedrijven ertec 170824

The self-centering clamping vise series MZC is characterized by a completely encapsulated, massive and torsionfree construction. The cleaning effort resp. malfunction because of dirt and stuck chips will be minimized.

17-06 PN GPS240 for grinding application

July 18, 2017

GPS240 standard reference on cylindrical grinding machine the chuck is built directly on the spindle of the cylindrical grinding machine with air connection thru the spindle for unclamp and presence check of pallet.

17-01 System 3R WorkMasTer application

June 8, 2017

CMM is integrated in the cell and will be equipped from the robot. The yellow step protection mat safeguards the CMM and the operator against robot manipulations, when working on the CMM.

CMM can be used as measuring machine and also as loading / unloading station for the cell. Tooling on the CMM is identical with the tooling on the RF440 WEDM machine.

17-04 Matrix standard on YASDA machine!

May 2, 2017

The Japanese milling OEM, YASDA has unveiled its new 5-axis machining centre PX30i which is standard equipped from factory with the new tooliong system of system 3R, the Matrix 185.

Ertec System 3R TwistLock

System 3R, reference systems – Nulpuntspansystemen

April 25, 2017

high tech bedrijven ertec 170425

Every production plant uses clamping elements, jigs, fixtures, reference pallet systems and many other facilities to be able to clamp the range of workpieces machined efficiently and economically. The Delphin modular zero-point clamping system allows the machine table to be equipped individually with position-determining chucks. It thus allows the complete work area to be used and offers substantial advantages in relation to reducing setting times and enhanced flexibility thanks to substitution of preset workpieces. Consequently, it opens up entirely new options for manual and automated workpiece change.

Simpline grinding vices

April 20, 2017

Mechanical grinded vice made of good quality steel and will be delivered in sets of 2.

Technical details

  • Vice is hardened HRC 58-62
  • Parallelism 0,005mm / 100mm
  • Flatness < 0,005mm
  • Quick release by allen screw

Manual indexer for WEDM, EDM and small milling machines

April 14, 2017

high tech bedrijven ERTEC 170414

Indexer TA/VA / ER32 ( B609800003 )

This indexing unit with collet chuck is specially designed for use on wire-EDM machines provided. Through the mounting holes mounting on hole pattern 40 mm and 50 mm by M8 srews is possible. Indexing via indexing plate with 72 positions, the interim indexing positions by 360°-scale and nonius.

17-03 RB Dynafix with 4 extra channels

March 23, 2017

high tech bedrijven ERTEC 160323

Dynafix tooling for pallet adapter and pneumatic or hydraulic vices


● Dedicated air connections for System 3R chuck adapters i.e. 90356.20, 90356.21, 90356.22, 90356.23 & 90356.26

● 2 dedicated air connections for additional pneumatic pallet with vice/fixture.

● 2 dedicated connections for additional hydraulic pallet with vice/fixture

16-05 RB metallurie Nano technology tooling

February 1, 2017

Inspelend op de wensen van de hightechindustrie, heeft System 3R bestaande referentiesystemen uitgebreid met varianten met een repeteernauwkeurigheid beter dan 1 µm. Deze systemen met ‘nanoprecisie’ zijn er zowel voor de Macro als de Matrix series. Ze kunnen worden ingezet voor het precisiedraaien en -frezen van metalen precisiedelen, voor het nauwkeurig slijpen van lenzen en andere optische componenten enz. De hoge repeteerprecisie maakt het in bepaalde gevallen mogelijk om bewerkingen waarbij voorheen het werkstuk opnieuw diende te worden ingesteld, in één bewerkingsgang te produceren.

16-11 RB metallurie3 Liebherr automation

January 24, 2017

Eén van de belangrijkste trends in de productie van kleine tot middelgrote series in de metaalproductenindustrie is de automatisering van de werkstukhandling bij 5-assige en horizontale freesmachines. Een toonaangevende bedenker en bouwer van oplossingen op dit gebied is Liebherr Automation Systems, die in ons land wordt vertegenwoordigd door Ertec BV te Nuenen.

Liebherr Automation Systems is onderdeel van de Duitse Liebherr Group, die in 1949 van start ging. De divisie ‘Automation Systems’ werd opgezet in 1970 en heeft zich ontwikkeld tot ontwerper van veelal klantspecifieke automatiseringssystemen voor bedrijven die zich bezighouden met de productie van kleine tot middelgrote series, waaronder metaalverwerkende ondernemingen.

The Transformer / WorkMaster – a modular automation system

January 21, 2017

high tech bedrijven ertec 170121

The concept consists of a free-standing changer unit which changes pallets between a magazine and the machine. As you can see, Transformer/WorkMaster is a flexible automation concept which suits most types of machine, and one in which the magazine configuration is matched to the individual requirements of each customer. The open architecture of the systems is a clear advantage of System 3R’s automation equipment. The customer chooses the machine that is best suited to the particular requirements of the business, and a WorkMaster is added to it. System 3R is a universal link between machines of different makes and types. Always with the focus on flexibility and productivity.

17-01 Spreitzer mechenical vise typ MSU

January 16, 2017

The mechanical compact vises allow secure and precise clamping of workpieces to the defined fixed stop. The extensive jaw program of reversible top jaws provides maximum flexibility and optimum accessibility especially on multi-axis machining centers.

The fixed jaws can be mounted on the vise body at two positions. Due to the variable step form of the reversible top jaws, a maximum clamping range can be covered.

17-02 PN manual indexer

January 12, 2017

This indexing unit with collet chuck is specially designed for use on wire-EDM machines provided. Through the mounting holes mounting on hole pattern 40 mm and 50 mm by M8 srews is possible. Indexing via indexing plate with 72 positions, the interim indexing positions by 360°-scale and nonius.

Technical details:

– mechanical

– material: chrome steel, rust-resistant

– Collet ER32 ( Ø2-20mm )

– accuracy <5 μm

MZR mechanical centre vices, made in Germany

October 14, 2016


ZR mechanical centre vices, made in Germany

MZR Solid, rigid, strong, powerful. Reversible jaws for large and small work pieces and:

  • Best accessibility
  • Centering accuracy >|< 30 µm
  • First set-up with grip jaws (raw part machining)
  • Second set-up with smooth jaw steps
  • No pre-stamping necessary
  • Best results with work pieces up to 500 N/mm²
  • Available jaw width 36 – 125 mm
  • Available overall length 80 – 280 mm

Spreitzer Centre Vices

September 8, 2016


The Spreitzer Centre Vices from Ertec are made in Germany. Centre Vices are compact mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic as well as electro-mechanical centre-clamping vices in different sizes and assembly variations enable a precise machining of work pieces on the given symmetric and rotation axis.

Ertec GFMS robotcell Aerospace

September 7, 2016