FAULHABER is een onafhankelijk Duits familieconcern met hoofdkantoor in Schönaich in de buurt van Stüttgart, Badem-Württemberg, in een van de sterkste economische regio’s van Europa, en tevens een van de belangrijkste regio’s op het gebied van geavanceerde technologie.

FAULHABER werd opgericht in 1947 en heeft momenteel het grootste portfolio van geavanceerde miniatuur- en microaandrijftechnologie dat wereldwijd bij één leverancier verkrijgbaar is. Op basis van deze technologische veelzijdigheid creëren wij aandrijfoplossingen die uniek zijn in hun nauwkeurigheid, betrouwbaarheid en kleine formaat. Ze worden vooral gebruikt in de productie-automatisering en robotica, lucht- en ruimtevaart, optische systemen en daarnaast in de farmaceutische en laboratoriumtechniek.

Naast Duitsland heeft FAULHABER ontwikkelings- en productievestigingen in Zwitserland, de VS, Roemenië en Hongarije. Daarnaast heeft FAULHABER vertegenwoordigers en verkooppunten in meer dan 30 landen. FAULHABER heeft wereldwijd op dit moment meer dan 2.100 mensen in dienst.

Vanuit ons sales en service kantoor gevestigd op de High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, ondersteunen wij onze klanten in de Benelux.


How to read the data sheet for linear actuators

May 18, 2024

How do I read a FAULHABER data sheet and what is the most important key data to consider? Watch this video to get a step-by-step overview on the structure of the data sheets for FAULHABER linear actuators. Watch the video

How to maximize the lifetime of drive systems

April 13, 2024

What factors can improve the service life and maximum efficiency of DC-motors? And how do I achieve maximum motor service life in my application? Our expert will answer your questions around motor lifetime and efficiency. Watch the video

From a grain of sand to a smartphone

March 22, 2024

The central technical element of our modern world is the microchip. From the coffee machine to communication satellites, there is practically nothing that would function without it. Thus, the manufacture of microelectronic components is a key technology par excellence. Motors from FAULHABER play a role in all important steps here – from the processing of the silicon crystal to the assembly of PCBs. Read more

Motion Controllers from FAULHABER: precise positioning

March 2, 2024

The motion controllers from FAULHABER ensure precise positioning when using our DC-motors, BLDC-motors and linear motors. Apart from their high quality and compact design, they are also characterized by their extremely easy operation and a large number of different operating modes. They enable precise and efficient control of the motor movement (motion control), which is matched perfectly to the respective application. Read more

What do big future trends mean for small drives?

February 23, 2024

Future trends describe the changes and developments in all areas of society, the economy or technology that triggers a new movement or direction. Futurology analyzes these and uses certain boundary conditions to allow statements to be made about the future development. Among current megatrends are, for example, globalization, decarbonization, digitization, and individualization, but also detoxing, i.e., the removal of toxins, as well as simplexity, which refers to the simplification of complex structures. Because such trends have consequences for all areas of life, an increasing number of companies are addressing this topic to better prepare themselves for the future. Read more

Drive systems for Conveyors

January 6, 2024

The assembly line, introduced by Henry Ford in mass production, was only the beginning. Nowadays, automation in industrial production is impossible without conveyor belts. That applies even more for smaller parts, where tailor made systems move parts made from glass, plastic or metal, regardless if the objects are paper clips, pills, screws or baked goods. Robust materials and long-lasting, maintenance-free microdrives from FAULHABER guarantee high availability over long periods of time. The small parts conveyor belts are used in a wide range of industries. Read more

Compact Automation

December 2, 2023

A “compact automation” is a mechatronic system that performs a whole series of consecutive production steps autonomously. “Compact” refers to the small dimensions, in the millimeter and centimeter range, of the products to be processed. Designing and constructing such systems is one of the core activities of the Austrian machine manufacturer STIWA. Its modular system LTM-CI has been optimized for small parts assembly. Linear and rotating micromotors from FAULHABER perform key tasks in these systems. Read more

An autonomous underwater robot – equipped with artificial intelligence

November 10, 2023

Last week, a group of students from ETH Zürich presented the result of their mechanical engineering project: an autonomous underwater robot – equipped with artificial intelligence. Thanks to a powerful FAULHABER motor, this robotic fish is able to navigate precisely as well as collect isolated DNA samples underwater and record videos. Read more

FAULHABER breidt productielocatie in Roemenië uit

August 19, 2023

FAULHABER Motors Romania S.R.L heeft momenteel ongeveer 170 medewerkers in dienst en een productieoppervlak van 2850 vierkante meter. Het bedrijf is sinds 2005 actief in Jimbolia, in het westelijke district Timiș. De productielocatie speelt een sleutelrol in het fabricagenetwerk van de FAULHABER Group. De medewerkers voeren hier belangrijk handmatig vakwerk uit, zoals de montage van tandwielkasten en balanceerprocedures. Ook produceert de fabriek wikkelingen voor de klokankermotoren van FAULHABER. Daarnaast verzorgt de locatie de productie van modules en de assemblage van klantspecifieke complete aandrijfsystemen. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Small cameras for big emotions

July 13, 2023

Fans want to get as close as possible and the media must deliver: a subtle twitch at the corner of the trainer’s mouth, contentious fraction-of-an-inch decisions or once-in-a-lifetime events. In the competition to deliver the most spectacular images, cameras are ahead of the field, right in the midst of the action but without being a nuisance – like the miniature devices from LMP Lux Media Plan. Drive units from FAULHABER are used to adjust the shutter and focus. Lees verder

Industry 4.0 and Intralogistics 4.0 are changing the production environment long term

June 2, 2023

The need for autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) as well as the requirements on them are becoming more and more complex. In order to enable the industry to keep up with the latest trends by means of quick and cost-efficient development, Markus Fenn and Prof. Dr. Stefan May have developed “EduArt,” a learning and prototyping platform that relies on FAULHABER motors for drives. Read more

An idea strengthens the back of the world

May 20, 2023

It is neither fatal nor infectious but very diffi cult to manage and extremely expensive to society: the widespread medical disorder of chronic back pain. A motorised exoskeleton can provide relief to the especially vulnerable lumbar spine. French manufacturer Japet relies on FAULHABER, as its product demands the highest quality and every ounce counts. Read more

Aandrijvingen voor snelle intralogistiek

May 11, 2023

Iedere industrie heeft geschikte transportstructuren nodig in de intralogistiek – dit is simpelweg een voorwaarde voor het toekomstige concurrentievermogen. Steeds meer stappen voor de opslag van goederen in magazijnen en het ophalen en verzendklaar maken ervan, worden overgenomen door automatische opslag- en ophaalsystemen, onbemande transportsystemen en intelligente logistieke robots. Om deze processen te versnellen, zijn flexibele systemen nodig die 24 uur per dag betrouwbaar werken. Als aandrijving voor dit soort logistieke systemen worden vaak krachtige micromotoren ingezet. Lees verder

Motion controllers for miniature drives and microdrives

April 26, 2023

FAULHABER has added another extremely compact Motion Controller without housing to its product range. The new Motion Controller is ideal for integration in equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications. With 36 V and 3 A (peak current 9 A), it covers the power range up to approx. 100 W and is suitable for DC-motors with encoder, brushless drives or linear motors. Read more

High performance in compact dimensions | Linear actuator Faulhaber L

March 25, 2023

With the all-new Linear Actuator L product family FAULHABER is offering a unique turn-key-solution for a broad range of applications. The smaller versions 06L/08L/10L are ideal for medical, lab automation, optics & photonics or space applications. The larger versions 22L/32L using the latest GPT gear technology, are designed for applications in the industrial automation and also optics & photonics. The linear actuator FAULHABER L family can therefore be combined with a wide range of DC motors, 4-pole and 2-pole brushless motors or stepper motors and are optimized to leverage at best the torque and speed range of the different FAULHABER motor families. Read more

Drive systems for sample distribution

February 24, 2023

When it comes to performing a very large number of standardized tests, such as in the case of a mass test for COVID-19, there is no avoiding largescale, automated laboratories. The advantages of automation are obvious: it enables more reliable results with a much higher throughput. One important aspect for a successful laboratory automation is the transport of samples from station to station. There are several options to perform that simple, but important task and FAULHABER is providing the right drive solution. Read more

How to select the components for a maximum efficient drive system

February 21, 2023

In this new FAULHABER Drive Time video, our expert Mario Zeccin describes how create maximum efficient drive systems. What influences the efficency and what to take care in selection of your components if maximum efficency is your target. Watch the video

How to select a winding for a FAULHABER Stepper Motor

February 16, 2023

In this new FAULHABER Drive Time video, our expert Julien Berger shows how to select a winding for a FAULHABER Stepper Motor.

Exoskeletons & Prosthetics

February 3, 2023

Prosthetic devices are – in contrast to powered orthotics or exoskeletons – designed to replace a missing body part. Patients are relying on prosthetics as they have lost a limb due to trauma, disease (e.g. diabetes or cancer) or being born without it due to congenital disorders. Powered orthotics or exoskeletons however, are designed to support their users through human augmentation. In both cases, users can always rely on FAULHABER’s extended portfolio as it offers ideal drive solutions for upper and lower limb prosthetics, powered orthotics and exoskeletons. Read more

What are the challenges and trends in sewer robotics?

January 7, 2023

The machines and devices that work in the sewer require sturdy and durable technology on the smallest possible footprint. Standard solutions are rarely feasible, which is why we develop most of the components ourselves. In terms of operation, we are expecting an increasing shortage of expert personnel. So the idea is to replace humans with intelligent technology that can be operated without specialized training. The trend leans towards automatic traveling to the damaged location and automatic repair. Read more

Metrologie en Testen

December 16, 2022

De machines zijn gereserveerd en gereed om de bestelde batch te produceren. Maar eerst moeten we er zeker van zijn dat de grondstof daadwerkelijk aan de specificaties voldoet. Is de hardheid van het materiaal voldoende? Klopt de chemische samenstelling? En blijven de afmetingen van de geproduceerde onderdelen binnen de tolerantielimieten? Dergelijke vragen kunnen worden beantwoord met behulp van half- of volautomatische testapparatuur. Hiervoor moeten elementen zoals lenzen, monsterhouders en sondes met de grootst mogelijke precisie en herhaalnauwkeurigheid worden gepositioneerd. Deze taak wordt met consistente betrouwbaarheid uitgevoerd door aandrijfsystemen die zijn opgebouwd uit motoren, tandwielkasten, encoders en spindels van FAULHABER. Lees verder

Electrical Grippers

December 8, 2022

Picking up items and putting them elsewhere in the proper place is a standard task that occurs in many handling and assembly processes – but not only there. From electronics production, lab automation, logistics or the watch making: grippers are vital for any industry. Brushless motors from FAULHABER are ideal for use in such high-performance applications in overload or continuous operation with very high service life requirements. Read more

The art of craftsmanship 4.0

December 2, 2022

Traditional craftsmanship and modern electronics are generally considered two completely different worlds. But with its worldwide unique electronic music box, manufacturer Müller is able to bridge the two opposites. The wooden figures on the motif panel are textbook Ore Mountain craftsmanship, while the high-tech inner workings of the platform were developed together with engineers from TU Chemnitz. The gentle rotational movement during playback of the music selection is handled by a micromotor from FAULHABER. Read more

Faulhaber Drive Systems item Doe Maar Duurzaam

November 24, 2022

Dagelijks horen we berichten over tekorten aan personeel in de zorg. Bovendien neemt de zorgvraag de komende jaren sterk toe. Robotisering en automatisering van de zorg kan deze druk verlichten. Faulhaber (val-haa-ber) Drive Systems, gevestigd op de Hightec campus in Eindhoven, probeert daar aan bij te dragen. En hoe zij dat doen? Dat gaan is te zien in deze video

Faulhaber manager Dr. Udo Haberland relies on open communication

November 11, 2022

In times of volatile supply chains and a simultaneous exponential increase in product variants, FAULHABER relies on proactive discussions and creative solutions. Read more

Geared Linear Actuators

August 27, 2022

The FAULHABER Linear Actuator L series are designed to provide high performances in compact dimensions, these actuators can support large input speed, high output force and are suited for a wide range of applications like robotics, industrial machines and laboratory equipment. Read more: Read more

How is a motor control structured? 

July 30, 2022

In this new FAULHABER Drive Time video, our expert Dr. Andreas Wagener shows you how a motor control is constructed. Watch the video

Autonomous Transport System

July 22, 2022

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, intralogistics play a critical role. For fully automated production from batch size one, the right parts must be transported to the production stations at the right time. With an innovative, autonomous transport system, startup company Evocortex in collaboration with FAULHABER is able to offer the high level of flexibility and precision required by such a large number of variants. Read more

Surgical Robots

July 9, 2022

Using robotic surgery, trained physicians perform complex surgical procedures with greater precision, flexibility and control than would be possible with conventional techniques. Procedures are performed either through multiple access points (multi-port access) or through a single access point (single incision port). Surgical robots range from hand-held tools, some of which integrate multiple drive systems and are designed for one specific surgical method, to fixed multi-axis robotic systems that can be used universally for a variety of medical procedures. The latter consist of robotic arms coupled with precision instruments, high-quality camera systems used directly on site inside the patient, and the computer-based robot control system. Advancements in the areas of artificial intelligence and augmented reality will continue to drive in acceptance of such surgical robots. Read more

How do you feed 10 billion people?

June 24, 2022

“Smart farming” is an important part of the answer to this existential question: Extremely high efficiency in food production through the targeted use of the latest technology, computer-supported and – where possible – fully automatic. Seeds are individually and precisely placed; fruits carefully picked by mechanical grippers; fertilizers and plant protection products applied in small doses and in a targeted manner. These operations require a large number of small electric motors that are both robust and powerful. Read more

0.001 ml of fluid precision-dosed

June 4, 2022

Automatically dosing small quantities in a targeted way is no trivial matter. In fact, it demands detailed know-how and innovative strength. The specialist in precision volume dosage under the brand name preeflow®, ViscoTec Pumpen- und Dosiertechnik GmbH based in Töging am Inn, Upper Bavaria, offers both of those qualities. So as not to be continually reinventing the (drive) wheel, the dosage specialists turned to the drive experts from FAULHABER. Together, they quickly devised a robust, precise drive solution for the dosage units. Read more

Best use of brushless motors

June 3, 2022

In this webinar, our expert will show you everything you need to know about Brushless motor technologies, and how best to use them in your applications. Watch the video

Drive Systems for Medical & Laboratory Equipment

April 8, 2021

Robotics and automation have long been standard in production. In the world of the medical industry, they are becoming increasingly important. This is due, on the one hand, to a gain in efficiency and comfort – to say nothing of the cost savings – and, on the other hand, to the innovative drive solutions that ensure trust in the most demanding of applications: From local, office-based analysis systems to fully automated, large-scale laboratories, from functional prostheses to portable medication dosing units and even surgery robots, FAULHABER drive components are the first choice here. In addition to the high standards of EN ISO 9001 and 14001, FAULHABER is also specially certified for medical products acc. to EN ISO 13485. Watch the video

Drive Systems for Robotics & Automation

An industrial world without robotics or automation has today become inconceivable. In this context, process safety, reliability and economic efficiency are on the forefront when it comes to the application of such systems in modern production lines. The industrial-grade drive components from FAULHABER convince with their high endurance and performance in a robust and compact design. Whether for exact and highly dynamic positioning tasks, for example in SMT assembly machines, handling devices and electrical grippers, conveyor systems or sensitive and low-noise operations in artificial robotic hands. Watch the video