Flowmeister represents FlowMax® instruments, developed and manufactured by the German company MIB GmbH.

Key-area is the segment of Single Use (aseptic) applications in bio-pharmacy worldwide.

The second branche is high-tech OEM where we meet high demands for reliability in cooling-circuits.

The Flowmax® plastic instruments apply ultrasonic measuring technology and are mounted inline.

Low cost and high chemical resistance are established with body-materials like HDPE+, POM, PP, PFA, PSU and others on demand.
Inherent to the ultrasonic measuring principle, a fast, accurate and repeatable measurement brings excellent results in pulsating flow and even reverse-flow.
All instruments can be ordered with three- or eight-point calibration certificate.

Flowmax® 242i generation 3.0 moulded version per Q1 2023

Flowmax® is a multiparameter instrument, it brings:
– Flowrate
– Air bubble / empty pipe detection
– Self-teaching teaching new liquids
– Liquid identification and property monitoring by actual speed of sound
– Flow limit-switch
– Totalizer
– Temperature reading
– Standard analogue, pulse- and RS485-output
– Flow-control solutions available
– Flowrange from 5 ml/minute up to 900 l/minute

Flowmax® 242i is the Single Use design flowmeter, with permanent electronics and a disposable measuring tube.
This brings the highest level of cleanliness and contamination-control in your process.
The calibrated measuring tubes stand for flexibility, different bore-sizes can easily be swapped without compromises to accuracy.







Flowmax 242i is the only Single Use measuring tube with integrated calibration 

January 6, 2024

Many of us can measure flow, few of us have a true plug-and-play solution.
Flowmax 242i is the only Single Use measuring tube with integrated Calibration data, ensuring highest possible reproducibility. Read more [Picture source: Flowmeister B.V. on linkedin.com]

Ultimate flowcontrol in just three components

June 23, 2023

Innovative, accurate, versatile, pressure-independent.
Q-dose systems for a wide range of flowcontrol, from fast shot-dose to stable flow in dynamic circumstances. Available in Single Use, Chemical and Industrial versions.
Check your application-ideas at Info@flowmeister.nl

What is the best place to store your calibration data?

March 18, 2023

Inside the Flowmax® 242i Single Use measuring-tube of course!
We’re proud to introduce the generation 3.0 in moulded LDPE soon!
Each instrument is calibrated and carries the data safely embedded, Gamma-stable!

Can Flowmax® replace an existing flowsensor?

November 12, 2022

The answer is: “YES we can!”
Here are some tips regarding the customizable outputsignal.
An additional advise: verify that your medium is suitable for ultrasonic flowmeasurement, there are exceptions, we know 😉

Flow measurement in special medical hoses

November 11, 2022

Some hose-types don’t allow clamp-on flowmeter, e.g. fiberinforced materials.
Our inline solution isn’t sensitive to that and will succesfully measure flow through special medical tubing. Read more

Top ten advantages of Flowmax® instruments in high-end engineering plastics

March 5, 2022

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Explained | Working Principles

November 5, 2021

Watch the video [Source: RealPars on YouTube.com]

Single Use event 2021 Flowmeister’s video

September 16, 2021

Flowmeister was at Single USe Event 2021 in CORPUS Leiden, The Netherlands.

The unprecedented flow-control solution of Flowmax® followed by EquiliBAR™ was introduced at this theme-day. Watch our presentation again

Lifecycle and functional reliability of MIB Flowmax® flowmeters

August 7, 2021

When developing Flowmax®, MIB GmbH has prioritized one key element: reliability. An instrument’s reliability depends on several factors, in this blog we explain how MIB „has optimized Flowmax®-design for a lifetime of accurate measurements. Read more

Complementary Flowcontrol Solutions

June 30, 2021

Liquid flowmeasurement is interesting, but it’s often just half the solution. Most applications which require a flowmeter are using the flowmeasurement to control the process. Flowmeister strives to deliver maximum value to you. A good example of such value is the trust you experience when your process is running well under a steady flowcontrol solution. Read more [Source: fluidhandlingpro.com]

Flowmax 42i is a flow meter calculating the volume flow of liquids

April 3, 2021

All Flowmax-instruments calculate the volume-flow of liquids with ultrasonic technology. Each Flowmax is able to measure conductive and non-conductive liquids in a contact-free way. There is only one wetted part, the measuring-tube itself. he most versatile member of the family is Flowmax 42i. Read more [Source: fluidhandlingpro.com]

Flow sensor or flowmeter?

January 14, 2021

To be honest, when we would be having a conversation about your application, it doesn’t matter wether the needed instrument is referred to as flowmeter or flow sensor. We will both know what we mean and come to the right conclusion. A different situation is the moment that an engineer starts searching the internet for a flow sensor. Chances are high that the search result returns a sensor which has no proper measuring capability. A disappointing testresult is to be expected. Read more

Trust by design

December 10, 2020

When asked what is the most important property of flow measurement, almost every customer answers “ACCURACY”. Understandable, you would rather not invest in an inaccurate instrument to control your pocess. When the conversation continues, very often it appears that the automated production system is not too dependent on accuracy of the flowmeasurement itself. Read more

Fast Flowmeter application

October 22, 2020

Sometimes a process is thát critical and each deviation in flowrate must be noticed and compensated for. Read more

Disposable flowmeter

October 17, 2020

The Disposable Flowmeter is a niche-product of which multiple variants have become available in the market. Diversity in the available solutions is needed, there simply is no universal solution with only advantages. Your application, demands and wishes, determine which type of single use flowmeter is the best match. Read more

Repeatability vs reproducibility

October 3, 2020

The quality of the flowmeter is easily verified by doing a number of repeated measurements and comparing the measured values. A robust measurement concept will prove the multiple readings to be close to each other, there is little to no variance. The instrument then has a high repeatability, which is a positive aspect. Read more