Hittech Multin

Hittech Multin is a system supplier where development, value engineering, supply chain management and assembly are united in a single organisation. Uniting these disciplines results in synergy between thinking and acting, between inventing and building, between creativity and practice and between high-tech and affordability. We are located in a brand new 4,500-m² building with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a 650-m² cleanroom and optical test rooms. If you are looking to outsource the development or production of semicon, medical or analytical/optical products, Hittech Multin is your partner.

Hittech Multin specialises in the development and production of mechatronic products for the medical, semicon and measurement and analytical industries. These products are subject to high qualification requirements and are often associated with accurate positioning, optics, vacuum technology, cleanliness and medical regulations. Hittech Multin is ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered.

The Hittech Group has a comprehensive package of competences. Our technical know-how and our commitment to continuous improvement means that we can provide you with the best possible support in every challenge.

Hittech develops mechatronic, optical and medical products. Within the group, we have locations in the Netherlands and Germany, where we develop for our international customers. The projects are carried out in multidisciplinary teams in which specialists in the fields of mechanics, optics, electronics and software work together.

For the assembly of systems or modules, we deploy our strong project management with distinctive supply chain management. We organise the entire process with a focus on quality, logistics, technology and costs. Depending on the specifications, we select the most suitable assembly location within the group. Our network organisation offers many synergy opportunities that we can capitalise on to the advantage of our customers.




Material science in the education of engineers and designers 

April 27, 2024

Many designers lack sufficient material knowledge to thoroughly assess the impact of their application in high-tech equipment, says Pieter Kappelhof, our Director of Technology. So, we set up a course with innovative high-tech partners taught at the TU Delft | Mechanical Engineering. Cor Heijwegen, the founder of Hittech, is one of the initiators of this ‘course that was still missing’ for the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft. Pieter Kappelhof is one of the architects of the course and explains its importance. Read more [Picture source: Hittech Group on linkedin.com]

Fast and accurate order picking

March 9, 2024

With more than 1.000 unique items in stock, fast and accurate order picking is daily business for our colleague Nica Tirani at Hittech Multin B.V. The Kardex automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) helps her organise our inventory and maximise storage capacity. This system has approximately 85% of all items we need for assembly in stock. Read more

How can LEGO help students prepare themselves for a future in setting up production lines and working in a cleanroom?

February 17, 2024

Last week, our colleagues Tatjana Verdoold and Jörgen Petri gave an inspiring college at the Leidse instrumentmakers School (LIS). Together, they delved into the world of cleanrooms and showed how to set up a flawless production line. Two groups of students competed against each other by building mini semicon-machines out of LEGO in three rounds. Each participant had their own crucial role in this challenging task. Read more [Picture source: Hittech Group on linkedin.com]

Is technical work exclusively for men? 

January 6, 2024

Of course not: a quarter of the 50 colleagues working in the brand-new cleanroom at Hittech Multin B.V. are women. All-round cleanroom operator Tatjana Verdoold explains why she started work in this section of the technical industry: “Many people still think that industrial work equals dirt and danger, and that’s a pity because, as you can see in the photo, it can’t get any cleaner and safer than working in a cleanroom!” Read more [Picture source: Hittech Group on linkedin.com]

A 1.250 square metre ISO-7 work environment with ISO-5 flow benches and space for 70 clean room specialists

November 25, 2023

Hittech Multin B.V. Multin recently completed a 6-month reconstruction project at their plant in The Hague, resulting in a 1.250 square metre ISO-7 work environment with ISO-5 flow benches and space for 70 clean room specialists. Despite the challenges of the construction project, the business had to continue as usual. Director of Operations Peter Reijneker explains how they managed this ultimate challenge. Read more

Hittech Group & Sandvik’s BEAMIT to Create Venture for 3D Printing for Semiconductors

November 17, 2023

Hittech Group, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of advanced machinery, and 3T Additive Manufacturing, a UK-based engineering firm specializing in additive manufacturing (AM), have announced that the two companies will form a joint venture to bring their combined expertise to markets relevant to AM, especially the semiconductor sector. Expected to be formed sometime in the next year, Hittech and 3T will headquarter the venture in either the Netherlands or Germany. Read more [Source: 3dprint.com]

An advanced manufacturing Joint Venture

November 10, 2023

Hittech Group & 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd have formalised a partnership to create an advanced manufacturing Joint Venture. This partnership brings together 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd expertise in Metal AM and Hittech Group expertise in design, integration and parts manufacturing to serve amongst others, but not exclusively, the semiconductor industry. Read more

How to check and calibrate 600 screwing holes in a complex milling part

October 28, 2023

How to check and calibrate 600 screwing holes in a complex milling part without losing concentration, and on top of this, find people to do it in an era where technical personnel is scarce? “An interesting challenge we loved to solve”, says Ard Geelkerken, our team leader, value engineering. “We wanted to automate the process via a commercial off-the-shelf device or one of the advanced metrology suppliers in our network, but they couldn’t. So yes, we decided to develop our own Torque Verification Robot.” Read more

Optical elements, you have to glue them

October 14, 2023

Hittech Prontor in Germany has been strong in optomechanical assemblies for many decades. This experience has given them a considerable edge over the competition. Especially, when it comes to gluing optical components. Read more

Cut tissue sections as thin as 25 nm and image them with pixel sizes as small as 3 nm

September 29, 2023

This ultra-advanced machine from ZEISS Microscopy, which we helped to develop and produce at our Hittech Multin site in The Hague in the Netherlands, has the ability to cut tissue sections as thin as 25 nm and is part of a solution which allows to image them with pixel sizes as small as 3 nm. Read more

Producing big titanium structures using 3D printing

April 27, 2023

Most of our clients thought it couldn’t be done. And to be honest: it took us years of innovation and investments in time and money, but together with Norsk Titanium we did it. Read more

Application of Materials in the High Tech Industry

December 2, 2022

Last week the course Application of Materials in High Tech Industry started for the second time. It was kicked off by a presentation of Pieter Kappelhof, director Technology of the Hittech Group. This master course at the Delft University of Technology was the result of an initiative of the High Tech Industry, initiated by Hittech in 2020. Read more

Hittech and Norsk Titanium make leap in Sustainable Titanium manufacturing

October 29, 2022

Hittech and Norsk Titanium will start production of carrier structures for ASML using 3D techniques. The savings on energy, time and material are substantial. Investments in machining machines can be significantly reduced. Read more

Thread Verification Robot ensures watertight verification and traceability

September 10, 2022

Hittech Multin developed an advanced test robot for checking screw holes. The verification is now watertight, reliability has been greatly improved and tedious, taxing work is no longer necessary. From now on, every screw hole is also traceable. Read more

Hittech Wafer level sensor featured in Mikroniek

March 18, 2022

It is an honor that our high accuracy level sensor for wafers is featured of this month’s DSPE Mikroniek magazine. Our colleagues from development present the successful realization of a Mach Zehnder interferometer. A sound optics design, stable opto-mechanics and a smart vision approach led to a challenging and affordable level sensor, which was carried out in the framework of Hittech’s Technology Program. A nice example where we have combined our high-tech development and manufacturing experience to provide a cost efficient measurement solution for multiple wafer applications. Read more

New master’s program ‘Applications of materials in high-tech engineering’

February 15, 2022

On February 8, the new master’s program at the 3ME faculty of the TUDelft “Applications of materials in high-tech engineering” started. Pieter Kappelhof, Technology Director at Hittech Group, gave the first lecture in which he explained the importance of knowledge about production and materials in the design process. Read more

Hittech Colloquium on 3D Metal Printing

October 30, 2021

A great location with history and a beautiful view of the lively port of Rotterdam formed an inspiring environment for Hittech Engineers and guests from ASML, VDL, Thermo-Fisher and Madern to meet, listen and discuss 3d Metal printing. Read more

Hittech and TUDelft are developing a new generation of eye scanners for Easyscan

July 22, 2021

Easyscan Technology has been a valued customer of the Hittech Group for a long time. A joint technology development was recently successfully completed and presented in Mechatronics Magazine: “Hittech and TUDelft are developing a new generation of eye scanners for Easyscan”. Read more

Tunable resonant mirror

July 15, 2021

Hittech Group has an internal Technology Project in which we focus on technology development for Product Development, Production and Materials. We work for example on photonics, mechatronics, 3d print, Statistic Process Control as well as on optimization  of 
RSP production technologies. Read more

First asparagus robot in the Netherlands

April 10, 2021

Our customer Cerescon has delivered the first asparagus robot in the Netherlands. Cerescon has created a unique patented detection method: advanced proximity sensors are able to detect the asparagus underground without coming into contact with the asparagus. A rapid retraction mechanism prevents contact with the asparagus so that it remains undamaged. This detection module has succesfully been made and assembled by Hittech Comac. A better view of the module in operation can be seen in this movie [Source: nieuweoogst.nl]

Additional clean room in operation at Hittech Multin

March 24, 2021

In addition to its current 650m2 cleanroom, Hittech Multin has invested in an extendable cleanroom to create extra space for the increasing demand we see in the market. The system has been put in operation end of February. It provides maximum flexibility as it is mobile and the surface of 100m2 can be extended if required. This way we can sustain growth until Hittech Multin’s new building extension will be up and running in Q2 2022 and our cleanroom capacity will be doubled to 1.300m2.

Spotlight: Hittech Group

March 12, 2021

Hittech Group was founded in 2004 and has grown to about 650 employees and €120 million in turnover in just 15 years. Hittech is 100% privately owned with sites in Europe and Asia. Hittech Group is a developer and supplier of systems, modules, parts, and materials for the technological applications of their customers: OEM’s in high-tech sectors. The Hittech Group is comprised of eight companies, all with their own competences and expertise, but together a group. Hittech main market segments include medical devices, semiconductors, packaging, and measurement and analysis tools. Read more [Bron: technologyparkypenburg.medium.com]

Ramlab and Hittech successfully delivered their first manufactured titanium part

March 9, 2021

Ti6Al4V is a titanium alloy with widespread use in many industry sectors thanks to its great material properties. With its high strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, it is found in many aerospace, high tech, medical applications and in the chemicals processing industry. Read more

New RGA facility in operation at Hittech Multin

February 20, 2021

Hittech Multin has formally released its new in-house Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) facility. The system has gone through an extensive test and qualified program since July 2020 and is now in use for series production of ultra clean mechatronic modules (e.g. under ASML Grade 2 molecular cleanliness specifications). The RGA system is used to analyze both mono-parts and assemblies on outgassing rate of water (H2O), Volatile hydrocarbons (CxCy V) and Non-Volatile Hydrocarbons (CxCy NV). The tool provides our specialist full control on the cleanliness of production our output and the introduction of the system substantially increases our flexibility as qualification lead-times are shortened.

The investment fits perfect in the further development of Cleanliness as one of Hittech’s strategic competences.

Hittech Multin breidt cleanroomoppervlakte, magazijnfaciliteiten en kantoorruimte uit op Ypenburg

December 19, 2020

Met trots kondigen wij aan dat de raad van commissarissen van Hittech de uitbreidingsplannen van Hittech Multin op industrieterrein Ypenburg in Den Haag heeft vrijgegeven.
Sinds de verhuizing naar de nieuwe locatie in Ypenburg in 2016 is Hittech Multin zeer succesvol in de markt en zowel in omzet als in organisatiegrootte substantieel gegroeid. De uitbreidingsplannen zijn dan ook een logische volgende stap in de ambitie van Hittech om een toonaangevende systeemleverancier in de hightech-industrie te zijn. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Value Engineering

November 7, 2020

Value Engineering speelt een belangrijke rol in onze “Masters in Improvement” filosofie. Producten kunnen altijd verbeterd worden, zowel in functie als in kosten. Zeker in de markten waarin Hittech actief is, waarbij time to market van groot belang is. Bij de eerste productintroductie ligt de nadruk vaak op het bewijzen van de functionaliteit, al snel zal daarna de nadruk komen te liggen op het verbeteren van de ratio tussen functie en kosten. Lees verder

Qualification tooling

September 1, 2020

Hittech often assembles complex products that need to be tested and qualified. Over the years, our development department has gained a lot of experience in the development of qualification tools, enabling us to qualify products quickly, accurately, fully operator-independent and, therefore, objectively. The results are automatically recorded in product databases, so that the information is immediately secured to meet all customer requirements and regulations. Moreover, it makes the data available for the customer and for analyses such as SPC.

Materiaalkennis noodzaak voor ontwerpers

July 3, 2020

Invar en Duplex waren dit jaar onderwerp van het halfjaarlijkse colloquium over materialen van Hittech University. Cor Heijwegen vertelt over het belang van materialen voor hightech Nederland. Lees verder

Hittech wants employees to drive their own success

June 19, 2020

With our slogan being “masters in improvement”, we at Hittech want to make sure that our employees keep learning about new technology, keep improving their skill set, and simply grow as a person. As such, we are able to develop and manufacture the products of our customers in the best possible way, while providing a stimulating and pleasant working environment for our personnel. Read more

Interreg 2 Seas 3D & FPP project

May 8, 2020

Hittech Multin heeft samen met een zevental organisaties en universiteiten deelgenomen aan het Interreg 2 Seas 3D & FPP project (samenvoeging van 3D-Metal Printing & Flexible – Post – Processing). Binnen het project heeft Hittech Multin het Technische Projectmanagement en System Engineering voor haar rekening genomen. Lees verder en bekijk de video

Hittech Multin delivers single-wafer RTP thermal processing machines

April 11, 2020

Hittech Multin has recently finalized the delivery of an important order of single-wafer RTP thermal processing machines for its customer Levitech. It is a new milestone in the longstanding co-operation between Levitech and Hittech Multin.

Ontwikkeling – Mechatronica – Optica

January 11, 2020

Hittech ontwikkelt mechatronische, optische en medische producten voor haar klanten. Binnen de groep hebben we vestigingen in Nederland en Duitsland waar ontwikkeld wordt voor internationale klanten. De projecten worden uitgevoerd in multidisciplinaire teams waarin specialisten op gebied van mechanica, optica, elektronica en software samenwerken. Onze uitdaging is om de gevraagde functionaliteit te ontwerpen die voldoet aan alle gestelde eisen. Lees verder