Kerbos is a specialist in precision. From single-piece prototyping, small and medium-sized series to unique specials. We mill and turn exclusive parts in steel, aluminum and plastic according to customer specifications and extremely accurate tolerances. Assembling complex mechanical composite products is one of our strengths. For these high-quality mechanical assemblies, only perfection is good enough. If desired, we can have the assembly assembled in our ISO-7 cleanroom for maximum purity. We also package according to the strictest customer requirements and specifications. Exactly as the top of the high-tech and Semicon industry expects from us.
Completely unburdening our customer, with pure high-end products!

Service and Quality

We produce perfect products with a wide range of modern CNC machines, controlled by well-trained professionals. the result is high-tech tooling of top quality that fully meets the high demands of our customers.


At Kerbos, customers have complete certainty. They can outsource production without any worries because of the guaranteed high quality, precision, knowledge and skills. We are passionate professionals who are dynamic and versatile.

Reliable and customer-oriented

Our values ​​as a family business express this: honesty, flexibility and maximum reliability. Full transparency is important for our working method. Our team is also fully committed to the requirements and wishes of our customers.


CNC Turned & Milled POM parts for the medical industry!

April 6, 2024

At Kerbos we can handle a variety of products for different markets.
This POM part for the medical industry with its length of 153 mm and diameters varying between ø 36 and ø 19, is a great example. [Picture Source: Kerbos – Precision Parts & Assembly on linkedin.com]

After 20 years still going strong!

January 30, 2024

If you are delivering a tool for over more than 20 years, it almost becomes “business as usual”. Sometimes you have to stop, stand back and look at the result. Read more [Picture source: Kerbos – Precision Parts & Assembly on linkedin.com]

5S at Kerbos  means an orderly, clean and organized environment but also mindset.

At Kerbos we work on a 5S environment for the whole workplace. To reach this goal (which is of course a continuous improvement project) we also have to work on the 5S mindset within our company. Read more [Picture source: Kerbos – Precision Parts & Assembly on linkedin.com]

Nieuw jaar, nieuwe prachtig bewerkte en gemonteerde opspangereedschappen!

Dit zeer nauwkeurig bewerkte en geassembleerde opspangereedschap voor ASML is bijna klaar voor verzending. Met onze schone productie- (en assemblage) methode en onze kwaliteitscontrole zorgen we ervoor dat de kwaliteit die we leveren is wat verwacht (of zelfs beter) is. Lees verder