OMT Solutions

OMT Solutions BV is a R&D company situated on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. OMT Solutions offers an extensive package of products and services, such as:

• Characterization of architectural and automotive glazing
• Characterization of patterned and diffuse glass
• Calibration of reference materials
• Optical Measurements and Testing of materials for Space applications
• Variable Angle Spectroscopy
• Refractive index measurements
• Determining optical and thermal radiation properties of materials
• BRDF/BTDF measurements
• Thin Film analysis and design
• Training, Conferences & Workshops

The facilities at OMT Solutions include spectrophotometers and tools that enable us to perform various optical measurements in a wavelength range between 175 nm and 56,000 nm, covering the entire solar energy and thermal radiation range.


Based on many years of experience and knowledge on performing measurements on the highest possible level of accuracy, using techniques and tools that we have developed ourselves, we are able to offer not only our services as a measurement laboratory but also offer to build customized solutions for our customers that are interested in performing these state–of-the-art measurements themselves.


Brief History

1995: The Optical Measurements & Testing group (OMT) is founded as part of the Coating Technology Department of the Materials Division of TNO Science & Industry
May 2008: The private company OMT Solutions BV is founded




New optical measurement setup for Space applications

February 6, 2021

For Space applications a new optical measurement setup is created to measure the refractive index at cryogenic temperatures (40K-350K) in a large wavelength range (185-15.000 nm).

Variable angle spectroscopy

October 22, 2020

In our lab and cleanroom we have a range of spectrophotometers, spectrophotometer accessories, custom made measurement setups and solutions to measure the optical properties of all kind of materials under different circumstances (cryogenic temperatures, very high temperatures, vacuum, different angles of incidence etc.).  Read more

Refractive Index Measurements

September 12, 2020

OMT Solutions uses several techniques to determine the refractive index of materials. One of their unique setups is the Cryogenic Optical Test facility. This facility has the capability for measuring the refractive index of materials with accuracies up to 10-6 at temperatures in the range of 35K – 400 K and wavelengths in the range of 250 nm – 25,000 nm, using different spectrophotometers. Read more

Characterization of optical components

July 18, 2020

We have been responsible for developing and producing unique spectrophotometer accessories and other optical measurement solutions for customers all over the world. Depending on the complexity of the solution, we generally require only 4 – 6 months to deliver a tailor made solution for your problem. Read more

Calibration of reference materials

May 5, 2020

OMT Solutions offers calibration services for optical components. Our reference mirrors for the solar wavelength range (250-2500 nm) and the infrared range (range 2.5µm – 50 µm) are worldwide used by different R&D companies and institutes. Read more

Transmittance of Solar Collector Tubes

February 16, 2020

This tool developed for the Agilent Cary 6000i is used for transmittance measurements on large glass solar collector tubes. Read more

TAMS – Total Absolute Measurement System

September 29, 2019

The Total Absolute Measurement system has the following specifications:

  • Fully automated goniometer design capable of measuring bi-directional reflectance and transmittance and angular resolved scattering
  • The accessory occupies the detector compartment only

More specifications

TAMS Autosampler

June 21, 2019

The TAMS Autosampler (fully automated and integrated in TAMS user interface) which is capable of performing measurements on a 6 inch wafer at different positions when installed in a TAMS (L6310240) accessory. Multi-sampling by placing a holder for 19 x 1 inch samples or 5 x 2 inch.

Quenching the thirst of concentrated solar power plants

May 31, 2019

Concentrated solar power – CSP – has the potential to bring energy to remote areas of the world. The heat of the sun is reflected off rows of mirrors onto a central tower, transforming water into steam and turning a turbine which then generates electricity. Read more [Source: euronews]

Refractive index measurements

April 6, 2019

Our Cryogenic Optical Test facility has the capability for measuring the refractive index of materials with accuracies up to 10-6 at temperatures in the range of 35K – 400 K and wavelengths in the range of 250 nm – 25,000 nm, using different spectrophotometers. More info

OMT Solutions Workshop

October 1, 2018

OMT Solutions is currently on a customer tour in the USA and Canada to give workshops and presentations on ‘State-of-the-Art in Spectrophotometry

Topics are:
– Customized Solutions
– Tools for Thin film analysis
– BRDF/BTDF measurements
– Measuring diffusing and textured samples

Please contact us if you want to have information on one of these topics

New InfraRed test set-up ready to cool down with liquid nitrogen

February 9, 2018

High Temperature reflectance accessory

December 23, 2017

Last week we delivered a High Temperature reflectance accessory. This is a custom designed 150 mm integrating sphere accessory for reflectance measurements in the wavelength range 250-2500 nm with sample heater with temperature controller.

Observing the Earth

December 8, 2017

Pround to be part of this great project

Launched on 13 October, the Sentinel-5P satellite has delivered its first images of air pollution. Even though the satellite is still being prepared for service, these first results have been hailed as exceptional and show how this latest Copernicus satellite is set to take the task of monitoring air quality into a new era.

This new mission promises to image air pollutants in more detail than ever before. And, while these first results demonstrate the sophistication of the satellite’s instrument, they certainly bring the issue of air pollution sharply into focus. Read more [Source: esa.int]

Laser alignment of a reference beam energy reducer

September 9, 2017

High Tech bedrijven OMT solutions 170907

CSP plant stakeholders meet H2020 Projects to minimize the water consumption in CSP plants at a joint workshop

February 20, 2017

High Tech bedrijven OMT solutions 170220

Solar power is considered a sustainable energy source. But just how sustainable are CSP plants (CSP = Concentrated solar power) really? And what can be done to make them more sustainable? Read more

WASCOP “Water Saving for Concentrated Solar Power” project started

April 27, 2016

high tech bedrijven omt 160427

Recently the WASCOP ( “Water Saving for Concentrated Solar Power”) project of the European Horizon 2020 program started and with a significant participation of OMT Solutions.