PM B.V., located in Dedemsvaart, the Netherlands, is an independent family-run company with over 50 years of experience in highly specialised design and manufacturing of precision linear guides, frictionless slides, miniature slides, and customised high-tech motion systems. The company is recognized as the industry leader in miniaturisation and advanced motion systems.

PM’s multidisciplinary approach to system design combines expertise in mechanical, control and mechatronic systems engineering to create a systems-oriented approach. This approach exploits the maximum potential of PM’s precision products in their various industrial applications, particularly in areas that benefit from nanometre precision positioning.

Because of PM’s vertical integration, all machining capabilities can be found in-house. Advanced milling centres, turning centres, precision grinders, and measuring tools are available to ensure the highest precision parts are produced for PM’s motion systems.


  • Engineering and design
  • Manufacturing
  • Large machining
  • Assembly (cleanrooms available)
  • Testing and qualification
  • Product Lifecycle Management

As an integral part of the development team, PM’s dedicated research and development department ensures that innovation in high-tech positioning systems is always the centre of attention.

PM offers large machining services to produce large-sized and complex parts at tight tolerances for the semiconductor, aerospace and defence industry. Sizes up to 10,500 x 3,400 x 1,350 mm can be machined with advanced machines in climate controlled facilities. Examples are machine frames, vacuum chambers, aerospace and rocket parts and motion system parts.

PM cooperates with research and higher education institutions throughout the Netherlands. They regularly participate in national and regional innovation programmes to maintain close links with the wider research community and the next generation in the engineering industry. PM products are worldwide used by well-known original equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor, optical, medical and aerospace industries.


Cross roller guides: overview, characteristics and applications

June 15, 2024

Crossed roller guides are designed for limited strokes and consist of two hardened rails with a crossed roller cage for bearing support in between. The use of rolling bearings allows for a low friction coefficient of <0.003. The rollers which are 90 degrees angled to each other, are held in place by a cage. These linear guides are suitable for applications with the highest precision requirements. Read more

Piezo-driven Z-wedge stage with an open frame design

May 25, 2024

As specialists in the development and production of customised positioning stages, we have produced many designs. This video shows a piezo-driven Z-wedge stage with an open frame design. This stage can be used for inspection applications. [Source: PM on linkedin.com]

Customised Positioning Stages

April 6, 2024

PM is the brand for Customised Positioning Stages. With a rich history in developing stages for various industries, PM understands the requirements and can turn ideas into high-performance, high-quality products. Read more [Picture source: PM on linkedin.com]

Grinding is a crucial step in producing linear guides

January 13, 2024

Flat and cylindrical grinding are one of the core competencies of PM. These images were recently taken in one of the grinding shops. These rails are type O which will be combined with N-type rails and used with needle roller cages as shown in the last images. Read more [Picture source: PM on linkedin.com]

Needle roller guides in both the vertical and horizontal axes of a gear hobbing machine

December 16, 2023

In the video, needle roller guides are being used in both the vertical and horizontal axes of a gear hobbing machine. This machine is used for manufacturing gears in industries that require exceptional precision, such as the watch industry is requesting.

Miniature linear slides for medtech | Robot-assisted surgery requires high precision in motion

October 21, 2023

This video shows the assembly of high-precision miniature slides for use in robotic surgery also called robot-assisted surgery. They require high precision, low friction, and smooth running.

Taking custom positioning stages to the next level with precision!

September 23, 2023

What sets us apart is our vertical integration production model. We produce the mechanical parts in-house, from the small linear and rotary guides, mounting plates, to the large machine frames for the custom positioning systems. This means we have full control over the quality and can ensure that every part is made to perfection. Read more

Application videos of positioning stages

August 19, 2023

Positioning stages are motion solutions, which include precision linear guides, motors, and positioning sensors. These stages are designed for customer-specific applications. They have tight tolerances on specifications such as flatness and straightness of movement, repeatability, stability, and move and settle times. Each application has its unique requirements which require customer-specific solutions. On this page, we present examples of customized motion solutions and their applications.

Milling complex parts at high productivity

July 22, 2023

Positioning stage parts are being manufactured at this 5-axis horizontal milling machine. For high productivity, the machine is equipped with an automated loading system for larger and smaller series. Automation drives the trend of digital production in all areas at our advanced manufacturing facility. These in-house competencies make us a preferred partner for the most challenging requirements for high-precision positioning stages and advanced motion systems. Watch the video

Frezen op de grenzen van het maakbare

June 2, 2023

CNC-frezen bij PM is een uitdagende baan met complexe werkstukken. Je werkt met de modernste machine- en robottechnologie. Kwaliteit kan je leveren door de producten te controleren met moderne coördinatenmeetmachines. Wij zorgen voor de juiste middelen en opleiding zodat je optimaal kunt presteren. Bekijk de video

Defense systems require accurate rotary bearings solutions!

May 25, 2023

Typical applications of PM’s rotary bearing solutions are aircraft laser optics, cameras in unmanned drones, robotic vehicles, and radar systems. Watch the video

Linear slide type RTNG is designed to work in dirty environments

April 27, 2023

The slide consists of table parts of different lengths. The small distance between the upper and base parts protects the inside, the linear bearing, from contamination.
The linear bearing consists of the anti-friction cross roller guide RSD. The guide is pre-loaded, allowing the slide to move without clearance and with repeatable precision. Learn more

What is a cross-roller linear guide?

March 18, 2023

The cross-roller linear guide consists of 2 pairs of two rails with a roller cage in between. The rollers in the cage are used to transport the load while minimizing wear and friction. You can see a brief explanation in the video.

Reliability and precision for metrology applications in aerospace!

February 25, 2023

The aerospace industry is known for its critical parts. Zero failure and strict tolerances. We designed high-precision positioning stages for use in coordinate measuring machines. They are used for optical and tactile measurements in the aerospace industry. Read more and watch the video

Large machining excellence

January 28, 2023

We offer large machining services to produce large-sized and complex parts at tight tolerances for the semiconductor, aerospace and defence industry. Many years of experience in precision positioning stages and the high-tech motion industry has enabled us to supply other complex products as well. Read more

PM’s full range of precision linear motion products

October 21, 2022

PM’s full range of precision linear motion products is presented to you in our updated Product Catalogue: Precision Linear Bearings and Slides. Additionally, Product Flyers and Product Overviews in various languages are available for download

RNG linear guideway set with anti-cage creep technology

October 7, 2022

Our cross-roller linear guideway set RNG with anti-cage creep technology (ACC) prevent cage creeping for highly dynamic or vertical applications. They offer high load capacity and stiffness in all directions within a very compact, reduced mass design. The cage control mechanism is a strong and reliable design solution compact enough to fit within the inside geometry of the cross-roller guide, to avoid cage creep. Read more

Piezo stages

September 2, 2022

Piezo stages are part of the direct drive family of linear motion stages. This includes linear motors, shaft motor and stages with voice coil motors. The drive mechanism in each of these motors is free of mechanical rolling or sliding elements, offering long life and minimum wear. PM designs customised positioning stages with different drive mechanisms for various applications and markets. Read more


August 19, 2022

PM products make the difference in many high-tech applications. They are reliable, compact, precise and offer a long service life. One example is the semiconductor industry where microchips are used in smartphones, electric cars, aerospace, medical devices and unmanned systems. Watch the video

Motion specialist PM has grown with the increasing customer demands

May 27, 2022

Motion specialist PM works for the absolute world top. The motion specialist from Dedemsvaart in the north of the Netherlands has grown along with the increasing demands of the market by investing heavily in equipment, partners, software and people. Read more [Source: linkmagazine.nl]

PM products are used in modern life-science and medical applications

PM products are used in modern life-science and medical applications PM products are used in modern life science and medical applications. This could range from manual adjustments up to automated systems. Just to name a few: surgical and patient tables, X-ray devices, robot-assist-surgery, laser surgery, microscopy, digital imaging (neurosurgery, ophthalmology, dental). Watch the video

Needle roller linear guideways; why you should use them

May 14, 2022

Needle roller linear guideways are offered in two highly compact designs: type N/O and type M/V. These types of linear guides are used in high-load applications with limited stroke. They support and guide high loads and high moments with great precision. The non-recirculating bearing design results in ultra-smooth linear motion. Read more

Engineered-to-Spec Motion Systems

February 7, 2022

The extensive expertise of PM in the positioning stages and plug-and-play Motion Systems industry makes them a valued partner for the development of high-precision systems. Whether your applications concern the field of science, precision optical lenses, the semiconductor industry, or analytical and testing, they are well-placed to provide you with high tech solutions. Read more

Miniature slide MSR with anti-cage creep technology

September 25, 2021

The miniature slide MSR is equipped with cross roller bearings in combination with a robust anti-cage creep technology (ACCI). This ensures that the maximum stroke lengths can always be achieved, even under the toughest conditions. The design is 100% stainless steel. The MSR slide is the industry smallest linear slide with anti-cage creep technology. Read more

PMM series, compact and low-friction miniature slides for accurate linear motion

June 30, 2021

Compact – Smooth – Accurate. The miniature ball slide type PMM is a compact and robust solution for smooth and accurate linear motion that fits in narrow spaces to transfer light to moderate loads. Read more