We are ProCleanroom: the flexible specialist for your cleanrooms and laminar flow cabinets. We design, manufacture, install and validate cleanrooms and flow cabinets for our customers. ProCleanroom is located in the Netherlands and operates in accordance with the strictest European regulations.

Our company has its roots in the high-tech industry. As true professionals, we understand better than anyone else the needs and requirements in regard to handling critical processes. ProCleanroom is your partner in the field of contamination issues. We help you to develop and maintain your expertise, as well as excel in your field.

Core values

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Dedication and responsibility
  • Professional and reliable
  • Personal, lasting relationships

Our cleanroom solutions

ProCleanroom provides a full range of clean air solutions, ranging from entry level compact mobile cleanrooms to large scale high end fully flush hardwall cleanrooms for the most demanding applications.

At ProCleanroom we believe that the best cleanrooms and flow units are built around the developments taking place within these environments. We take the critical processes of our customers as the starting point for the development of our modular cleanrooms and laminar flow units.

With our knowledge and experience we analyse the critical processes and define the requirements our products need to meet. In this way we always create an optimal solution that seamlessly fits your needs.

Our Flow cabinets solutions

When you require a clean environment workstation, ProCleanroom offers a solution with its laminar flow units. Through unidirectional airflow, a particle free environment is realised that allows critical processes to run according to the highest standards. The air in the LAF unit is (nearly) free from particles and micro-organisms and protects against harmful product and process contamination. Next to the standard programme, ProCleanroom also offers the possibility of customisation. The down flow and cross flow customised solutions are fully tailored to the needs and requirements of the client.

The benefits of our clean-air solutions:

  • High efficiency and functional design
  • Small entry level to high-end large scale projects – fit for purpose
  • Both custom work and standard solutions possible
  • Lowest operational cost in the market
  • Adheres to the international cleanroom standard ISO14644-1/3
  • Local full service partner

View our case studies and read about the successful cooperation with many organisations in the Netherlands and Europe. The possibilities are numerous. For each sector and situation, ProCleanroom provides the best solution.

Accessories & Consumables

In addition to the full design, manufacture, installation and validation of cleanrooms and flow cabinets, ProCleanroom supplies cleanroom furniture, equipment, accessories and consumables. Our webshop: shop.procleanroom.com offers access to thousands of special cleanroom products to support your cleanroom needs.

Perform at a high level

Like you, we have the drive to perform at the highest level. Quality goes without saying. Products by ProCleanroom score the highest in the market for sustainability and efficiency. We are ambitious and work not only in accordance with the strictest regulations, but are ahead of the increasingly stringent European energy directives (ErP2016). And we are proud of that. Furthermore, we at ProCleanroom guarantee the lowest operating costs and lowest cost of ownership in the market.

ProCleanroom: Build your expertise.


675m² modulaire softwall cleanroom voor VDL ETG in Almelo

June 29, 2022

Op het terrein van VDL-ETG in Almelo hebben onze engineers de bouw van een modulaire softwall cleanroom succesvol afgerond. Het vloeroppervlak van deze grote cleanroom bedraagt ruim 675m² en is middels een doorgang verbonden met de reeds bestaande cleanrooms. Het gehele project, bestaande uit Fase x1, x2, x3, beslaat nu bijna 1700m² vloeroppervlak en is volledig opgebouwd uit modulaire softwall cleanroom. Meer gedetailleerde informatie over fase x1 en x2 in deze case study.

Van 3D rendering tot cleanroom constructie onderdelen

May 20, 2022

Samen met De Bruyn Metaal, één van onze leveranciers werken we aan een nieuwe modulaire softwall cleanroom van 900 m² voor for VDL Enabling Technologies Group (ETG) Almelo. Deze nieuwe cleanroom toevoeging wordt samengevoegd met een reeds gebouwde 1000m2 softwall cleanroom op het terrein van VDL. Lees verder

ISO-7 Hardwall cleanroom met geïntegreerde ISO-5 crossflowkast voor Nobleo Technology

January 12, 2022

Binnen de grenzen van de fantastische industriële omgeving van Nobleo Technology in Eindhoven, we hebben een praktische modulaire Hardwall cleanroom gebouwd met een geïntegreerde ISO-5 crossflow unit. De compacte cleanroom van 21 m² is speciaal ontworpen en geïnstalleerd volgens de specifieke eisen van Nobleo en is gebouwd binnen de grenzen van het gebouw. De drijvende kracht achter Nobleo Technology bestaat uit een team van internationaal ingenieurs, met één gedeelde missie… om met onze technologie de wereld gezonder en veiliger te maken. Met zijn H14 HEPA-filtratie en innovatief ontwerp behaalde de cleanroom gemakkelijk een ISO klasse 7-classificatie. Lees verder

ProCleanroom springt in op de steeds extremere cleanliness-eisen

October 7, 2021

Hoe kleiner de details, hoe strenger de eisen voor stofarme ruimtes. Zo weten ook bedrijven in de supplychain van onder andere ASML. Inmiddels zijn de standaarden voor de keten verschoven naar verontreiniging door deeltjes tot op moleculair niveau. Aan fabrikanten van stofarme ruimtes om op die ontwikkeling in te spelen. Zoals ook ProCleanroom in Valkenswaard dat doet, met onder meer de ontwikkeling en productie van ultraclean storage cabinets en cleanroomoplossingen voor de meest kritische processen. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Uitbreiding van “the cleanroom with a view”

September 30, 2021

De engineers van ProCleanroom hebben recentelijk een modulaire ISO-klasse 7 hardwall cleanroom uitgebreid met 42 vierkante meter, deze cleanroom bevind zich op de bovenste verdieping van de ‘Lee Towers” toren in Rotterdam. Dit is een mooi praktisch voorbeeld over de flexibiliteit van haar modulaire cleanroom systemen. Lees verder

Customer experience in conversation with vacutech

September 24, 2021

At ProCleanroom, we are proud of our products and services, but even more proud of the relations we have with our clients. In this series of blogs, customer testimonials from various sectors are key. What keeps entrepreneurs in these sectors occupied and what role do cleanroom solutions play within their companies? This time we will be interviewing Jeroen Van Westing (managing director) of Vacutech. A conversation with a specialist in high tech vacuum and precision technology, about high requirements and in which ways an in-house cleanroom helps to meet these requirements. Read more

Special cleanroom for a world leader in micro-precision parts

September 3, 2021

For a global precision parts supplier with headquarters in the Netherlands ProCleanroom engineered, manufactured, installed and ISO validated a fully customized Panelbloc cleanroom. The compact 28 m2, ISO-class 6 cleanroom is specially engineered and installed to our customer specific requirements and is built to house a highly UV sensitive process. The flush walls and ceiling accommodate fast and maximum cleaning of the areas and allow for maximum cleanliness performance. With its H14 HEPA filtration and innovative design, the cleanroom easily achieved an ISO class 6 classification. Read more

Link magazine: Within the hard boundaries of concrete there is now a custom-made cleanroom

June 9, 2021

Since ProCleanroom became a manufacturer itself, business is booming for the company in Valkenswaard, just a stone’s throw from Eindhoven. Turnover is growing every year, with what has become a wide range of cleanroom technology. Many orders call for customisation, even when the company is part of a construction team, as during the construction of a 250-m2 high-end cleanroom in the new building of Anvil Industries. Read more