About us

Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining. We develop innovative products that significantly advance our customers’ operational performance – from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality, to maximising research capabilities and improving the efficacy of medical procedures.

Our products are used for applications as diverse as machine tool automation, co-ordinate measurement, additive manufacturing, gauging, Raman spectroscopy, machine calibration, position feedback, CAD/CAM dentistry, shape memory alloys, large scale surveying, stereotactic neurosurgery, and medical diagnostics. In all of these areas we aim to be a long-term partner, offering superior products that meet our customers’ needs both today and into the future, backed up by responsive, expert technical and commercial support.

Our products

For machine tool users probes for CNC machine tools allow automated tool setting, workpiece set-up, in-cycle gauging and part inspection on CNC milling machines, machining centres, CNC lathes and mill-turn machines. Products available include laser tool setters, contact tool setters, tool breakage detectors, touch probes and high accuracy inspection probes. To check the performance of a CNC machine tool the Renishaw QC20-W ballbar provides a simple, rapid check of a machine’s positioning performance to recognised international standards.


Our innovative sensors for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an industry standard, from basic touch-trigger probes and manual probe heads, through to automated stylus changers, automated probe changers, motorised indexing probe heads and revolutionary five-axis measurement systems. A full range of probe styli/probe tips is also available.

In motion control Renishaw’s laser encoders, optical linear encoders, optical angle encoders, optical rotary encoders, magnetic rotary encoders, magnetic chip encoders and magnetic linear encoders are used for position feedback applications in industries as diverse as electronics, motorsports, bomb disposal, semi-conductors, food manufacturing and print production. Latest developments include a true absolute, fine-pitch optical encoder system.


To assess, monitor and improve the static and dynamic performance of position-critical motion systems, including CMMs, CNC machine tools, PCB drilling and pick-and-place machinery, our laser interferometer and environmental compensation system offers a linear measurement accuracy of ±0.5 ppm, readings of up to 50 kHz and a linear measurement speed of up to 4 m/s, with a linear resolution of 1nm.


Renishaw’s laser melting is an additive manufacturing technology that uses a high powered ytterbium fibre laser to fuse fine metallic powders together to form functional 3-dimensional parts.


The process is digitally driven, direct from sliced 3D CAD data, in layer thicknesses ranging from 20 µm to 100 µm that form a 2D cross section. The process then builds the part by distributing an even layer of metallic powder using a recoater, then fusing each layer in turn under a tightly controlled inert atmosphere. Once complete, the part is removed from the powder bed and undergoes heat treatment and finishing depending on the application.

We are also a recognised leader in Raman spectroscopy, where our optical spectroscopy products exploit the Raman effect in a non-contact, non-destructive manner, to identify and characterise the chemistry and structure of materials. A diverse range of analytical applications include pharmaceutical, carbon and diamond, material science, gemology and mineralogy, forensic science, nanotechnology, biomedical and semiconductors. Products include Raman microscopes, compact Raman spectrometers for process monitoring, Raman analysers for scanning electron microscopes, cooled CCD detectors and lasers for spectroscopy.

With an increasing focus on the healthcare sector, we now offer medical devices, surgical robots and planning software for use in stereotactic neurosurgery for procedures including Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Motor Cortex Stimulation (MCS), Stereo Electro-Encephalography (SEEG), neuro-endoscopy, radio-surgery, biopsy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

We have also entered the field of medical diagnostics with the creation of Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd, which aims to become the premier provider of automated multiplex diagnostic and clinical research systems for fast, reliable and simplified disease detection.


Encoders hold the key to ultra-accurate motion control

February 24, 2023

Aerotech, continuing its commitment to the art and science of motion control, looks to Renishaw for versatile, high-precision laser interferometer encoders for its medical stages. Read more

Why choose an enclosed linear encoder from Renishaw?

February 16, 2023

Enclosed linear encoders for use in harsh environments have been available for many years and follow a common set of design features, such as mounting hole arrangements, enclosure sizes, and internal mechanisms to provide guidance for the readhead over the scale. The FORTiS encoder series uses conventional form factors and bolt hole arrangements but benefits from an innovative non-contact mechanical design. Read more

The world’s leading range of measurement systems for CMMs

December 17, 2022

For more than 40 years, Renishaw has delivered innovations that have been milestones in industrial metrology. From the original touch-trigger probe and motorised indexing head, repeatable stylus changing and modular scanning systems, Renishaw sensors for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an industry standard. Read more

Nauwkeurig gereedschap nodig om lange afstanden te meten?

November 17, 2022

Het is nu mogelijk om onze XM-60 in een ongelimiteerde meetrange te gebruiken.
Met de ‘dynamic data fit’ functionaliteit in de CARTO software analyseert en legt u snel gegevens vast van lineaire assen. Lees verder

Meetsystemen voor bewerkingsmachines verhogen de productiviteit van flexibele productiesystemen met 60%

November 12, 2022

Een van de langst bestaande klanten van Trevisan, een multinationale leverancier van kleppen voor de olie- en gassector, vroeg Trevisan om een flexibel productiesysteem (FMS) te leveren dat met een minimale handmatige tussenkomst kleppen kon produceren met een hoge precisie en productiviteit. Trevisan wendde zich tot een reeks Renishaw meetoplossingen voor bewerkingsmachines omdat het systeem een betere procesbesturing nodig had. Lees verder

Veelgestelde vragen over laserencoders

October 29, 2022

Wij hebben een overzichtelijke en informatieve pagina gemaakt waarop u alles kunt vinden over Renishaw encoders. Bekijk deze hier

Accu’s en batterijen sneller opladen?

Het vermogen om chemische veranderingen in materialen voor accu’s en batterijen te begrijpen, kan helpen om sneller op te laden en langere levensduur opleveren. Renishaw Raman apparatuur in combinatie met elektrochemische cellen maakt het mogelijk om deze materialen onder verschillende cycli condities te bestuderen. Lees verder

FORTiS™ enclosed linear encoders 

October 7, 2022

Did you know? FORTiS™ enclosed linear encoders are quick and easy to install, which has helped Tool Grinding Technologies (TGT) to save manufacturing and servicing time. Read more

Warning! Not for the faint-hearted…

August 27, 2022

Photographed you can find steps involved in the end-to-end manufacture of the tibial tray, a medical implant used in total knee-replacement surgery. Traditionally, orthopaedic implants are produced using near-net investment casting, which can be difficult to manufacture, costly and manually intensive. Using additive manufacturing (AM) to produce intricate medical components can speed up patient recovery time, extend the life of an implant, as well as reduce labour costs. Read more

Maatwerk meetstylus voor Renishaw Equator 3D geprint

August 25, 2022

Soms is het onmogelijk om met een standaard stylus precies op de plek te komen waar je een werkstuk wilt meten. Een Canadese klant van Renishaw, die in de productie de Equator gebruikt, heeft daarvoor samen met de engineers van Britse concern een bijzondere oplossing bedacht. Er is een op maat gemaakte Z-vormige stylus geprint op het RenAM systeem van Renishaw. Lees verder [Bron: made-in-europe.nu]

The industry standard for quick, simple and effective machine tool performance verification

August 19, 2022

Ballbar testing provides a simple, rapid check of a CNC machine tool’s positioning performance to recognised international standards (e.g. ISO, ANSI/ASME, etc). This allows users to benchmark and track the condition of their machines, and to quickly diagnose problems that may require maintenance. It also identifies the error sources that produce them. Read more

XR20 rotary axis calibrator

July 30, 2022

The XR20 rotary axis calibrator works in conjunction with XL-80 and XM-60 laser systems providing highly accurate, repeatable rotary axis calibration for stages, jigs and machine tools. It consists of an integrated angular retroreflector mounted on a precision servo-controlled axis. The angular position of the axis, and the optics relative to the main body housing, is controlled by a very high accuracy encoder system with the scale directly machined on the main bearing. Read more

TONiC™ optical encoders support the latest generation of CMMs from COORD-3

June 23, 2022

A continuous product development cycle, horizontal organisational structure and streamlined range of model sizes have made COORD-3 a global CMM brand. Renishaw supplies a wide-range of precision metrology products to COORD-3 and both companies benefit from a long-standing and successful partnership. Read more

FORTiS™ enclosed encoder product testing

May 14, 2022

Renishaw has decades of experience in the design, manufacture, and operation of metrology products suitable for use within harsh environments, such as machine tools. This experience inspired our rigorous testing programme for the FORTiS enclosed linear encoder range, which includes, amongst others, tests for: * Vibration * Seal wear * Ingress Protection (IP) * Long-term operation in a machining chamber * Salt spray (fog) * Chemical resistance * Drop and shock Watch the video

New innovative encoder scale opens up new possibilities

April 21, 2022

Renishaw, the global metrology specialist, has launched a new substrate mastered encoder scale that adopts the thermal behaviour of the underlying substrate. The RKLC encoder scale is a robust, 6 mm wide stainless steel tape with a thickness of just 0.15 mm. This thin profile allows the scale, when rigidly fixed to a machine axis, to match the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the machine substrate. The scale is compatible with Renishaw’s VIONiC™, TONiC™ and QUANTiC™ incremental encoder families. Read more

Transform your CMM performance with 5-axis touch‑trigger measurement

April 16, 2022

Unlike conventional touch-trigger measurement methods which rely on speeding up the motion of the CMM’s 3 axes to measure quickly, PH20 utilises the head motion technology developed for the multi-award winning REVO system to minimise the dynamic errors of the CMM at higher measurement speeds. Read more

QC20 ballbar system

March 31, 2022

The industry standard for quick, simple and effective machine tool performance verification. Ballbar testing provides a simple, rapid check of a CNC machine tool’s positioning performance to recognised international standards (e.g. ISO, ANSI/ASME, etc). This allows users to benchmark and track the condition of their machines, and to quickly diagnose problems that may require maintenance. It also identifies the error sources that produce them. Watch the video

Measure and align geometric and rotational axes on machine tools

March 22, 2022

The XK10 alignment laser system has been developed to measure geometric and rotational errors of machine tools. Used with the XK10 machine tool fixturing kit, it enables faster and easier measurements over traditional methods, such as dial gauges, autocollimators and metrology artefacts. It can be used on linear rails to ensure that they are straight, square, flat, parallel and level, as well as to assess spindle direction and coaxiality of rotary machines. Read more

How to optimise your encoder system

March 2, 2022

This webinar explored the external and internal factors that can influence the performance of your encoder and what can be done to minimise any adverse effects. Watch the video

APC tool setting probes with automatic protection covers

February 4, 2022

The APCA-45 and APCS-45 tool setting probes enable manufacturers to implement automated tool measurement into turning and multi-task machining applications. These measurements can be used for initial tool setting, tool replacement cycles, tool wear, tool breakage and thermal growth monitoring. Read more and watch the video

QUANTiC™ encoder series

January 7, 2022

the quantic encoder system integrates renishaw’s filtering optics design and interpolation technology to create a super-compact, robust, incremental open optical encoder. quantic encoders are easy to use with exceptionally wide installation and operation tolerances, along with built-in calibration functions. Read more and watch the video 

The total AM process chain

December 17, 2021

Manufacturing medical implants: from powder to full part certification, discover Renishaw’s end-to-end AM process chain. Read more

Find your enclosed optical encoder solution

November 5, 2021

Featuring Renishaw’s proven absolute #encoder technology within an exceptionally robust enclosed design, FORTiS #encoders deliver high performance measurement in the harshest of environments, offering significant benefits over conventional systems. Read more

Apex improves capabilities and responsiveness through investment in 5-axis CMM technology and flexible gauging

October 30, 2021

A step-change in macro-economic factors led CMM specialists, Apex Metrology Ltd (Apex), to conduct a strategic review of its service offering. Customer demands were changing rapidly and becoming less predictable. Part complexities were increasing, delivery deadlines shortening and production volumes becoming more fluid. A move to Renishaw’s REVO® 5-axis co-ordinate measurement system and Equator™ gauging system ensured Apex maintained the responsiveness and future-proofing it needed for the years ahead. Read more

Productivity+™ Scanning Suite

October 13, 2021

The Productivity+™ Scanning Suite is an integrated on-machine scanning measurement system that records absolute XYZ surface position data with exceptional accuracy. Read more and watch the video

Having trouble scanning aluminium? OPTiMUM™ diamond styli can help

October 9, 2021

Many customers contact us to report they’re suffering problems when scanning aluminium. After just a few scans, black bands can start to form around the stylus ball. This is called material build-up. Read more

Magnetic encoders support the stabilisation control of a self-balancing two-wheeled robotic vehicle

August 25, 2021

In the design of a self-balancing two-wheeled robotic vehicle, accurate high-speed measurement of angular rotation is a key requirement. Furthermore, the minimisation of component weight and size is an equally vital consideration. Engineering students at Tokyo Denki University found the answer in the RM08 rotary magnetic encoder, from Renishaw’s associate company, RLS. Read more

On-machine scanning using SPRINT™ technology

August 7, 2021

SPRINT™ technology brings high-speed 3D data capture to CNC machines tools and offers users a wide range of capability with a single probe. Watch the video

Additief geproduceerde styli

July 15, 2021

Additieve productie in metaal (AM) is een flexibele en krachtige technologie die te gebruiken is om componenten en onderdelen te creëren die met traditionele productiemethodes niet gemaakt kunnen worden. Dit betreft onder meer complexe vormen met inwendige structuren en rasterwerk, die zowel licht van gewicht als sterk zijn en een herhaalbare metrologie bieden. De hoge mate van flexibiliteit in ontwerpen betekent dat additief geproduceerde styli specifiek op maat te maken zijn voor vrijwel elke toepassing. Lees verder

AksIM™ supports Universal Robots for smart factory automation

May 15, 2021

Industrial robots usually operate in safety zones and are used for heavy, highly hazardous and repetitive tasks in aerospace, automotive assembly, handling, painting, coating and other applications. Conventional industrial robots are typically gigantic and bulky, they occupy a large area and the programming processes are usually time-consuming. Read more

How to measure parallelism with the XK10 alignment laser system

May 1, 2021

Measure the straightness deviation or overall misalignment angle between two nominally parallel axes. Watch the video

XM-60 and XM-600 multi-axis calibrator

April 3, 2021

XM-60 is a laser measurement system capable of measuring errors in six degrees of freedom along a linear axis, simultaneously from a single set-up. It provides a powerful diagnostic tool to measure all geometric errors in the axis from a single capture. For users of volumetric compensation XM-60 provides a quick and accurate method of data population. All measurements are made optically allowing use in any orientation. XM-600 laser measurement system offers enhanced capability to connect directly with Renishaw’s range of UCC CMM controllers. Read more and watch the video

Automated manufacturing in CNC machining environments

March 6, 2021

Automation of CNC processes is a global requirement driven by the need for increased efficiency, productivity and cost competitive manufacturing. Watch the video

Meettasters en software voor bewerkingsmachines

February 20, 2021

Tastertechniek is een gewaardeerde bekende methode om de efficiëntie, kwaliteit, mogelijkheden en nauwkeurigheid van bewerkingsmachines te maximaliseren. In moderne CNC-besturingen zijn standaard routines ingebouwd die de opname van tastercycli in machinefuncties en hulpmiddelen vereenvoudigen. Deze routines maken het in combinatie met een CAD-interface gemakkelijk om meetfuncties te simuleren. Lees verder

Sneller meten voor bendertechniek met renishaw xk10 uitlijnlaser

January 30, 2021

Bendertechniek heeft als eerste machineleverancier van Nederland het XK10 lasersysteem van Renishaw aangeschaft. De XK10 uitlijnlaser kan gebruikt worden op lineaire assen om zeker te weten dat ze recht, haaks, vlak, evenwijdig en horizontaal bewegen, eveneens om de spindelrichting en coaxialiteit van roterende machineassen vast te stellen. Het systeem kan tijdens installatie en onderhoud ingezet worden waardoor machineassen nauwkeurig zijn uit te lijnen en af te stellen. Lees verder

FixtureBuilder 8.0: Building a simple modular fixture

January 23, 2021

In this video, we show you just how straightforward it is to create a standard 3-2-1 fixture for a simple rectangular part. We also demonstrate how you can generate build instructions and export the fixture for use in measurement software.

Renishaw encoders drive improvements in the performance of direct-drive motors

November 14, 2020

Haozhi builds direct-drive rotary (DDR) tables and linear motors with integrated high-performance optical encoder systems from Renishaw, which give Haozhi products a substantial competitive advantage. Read more and watch the video

XM-60 and XM-600 multi-axis calibrator

October 17, 2020

XM-60 is a laser measurement system capable of measuring errors in six degrees of freedom along a linear axis, simultaneously from a single set-up. It provides a powerful diagnostic tool to measure all geometric errors in the axis from a single capture. Read more and watch the video

RESOLUTE™ encoders give focus to big science

September 28, 2020

French technology company IRELEC Alcen, based in Grenoble, manufactures optomechanical and robotics systems for synchrotron facilities worldwide. Watch the video

Set and Inspect

September 12, 2020

Tasten heeft bewezen dat het de machinetool productiviteit maximaliseert. Set & Inspect is een zeer eenvoudig te gebruiken machine app; kennis van G-codes of ervaring met macro programmering is niet noodzakelijk. Lees verder en bekijk de video

Renishaw Equator™ gauge enables production growth at major aerospace manufacturer

September 3, 2020

When Senior Aerospace Weston wanted to become more efficient in the inspection of critical machined aerostructure parts, the company turned to Renishaw and its class-leading Equator™ gauging system. The Equator gauge has cut inspection times per part by around 75% and introduced more comprehensive component traceability. Read more and watch the video

VIONiC™ encoder series

July 17, 2020

The VIONiC encoder series is Renishaw’s highest performing incremental optical encoder. It provides direct digital position feedback with superior metrology, fast speeds and high reliability. The VIONiC readhead integrates Renishaw’s market proven filtering optics and advanced interpolation technology. This provides ultra‑low Sub-Divisional Error (SDE), excellent dirt immunity, and eliminates the need for additional adaptors or separate interfaces. Read more

Het juiste kalibratie-systeem kiezen

July 11, 2020

Het juiste kalibratie-systeem kiezen is essentieel om een bekend en herhaalbaar niveau van proces capaciteit vast te leggen. Michael Wilm, Calibration Business Manager, licht toe. Lees het gehele artikel [Bron: qualitymag]

What does reliability mean to us?

July 2, 2020

Every encoder we design is built to last. We put the product through tests that go far beyond normal operating conditions. Read more

Equator™ gauging system improves manufacturing process at Olympus

June 26, 2020

Manual gauging processes were incapable of delivering the throughput necessary to achieve a high-volume part-manufacturing target at Olympus NDT. By automating inspection processes using a programmable shop floor gauging system, Olympus NDT gained the manufacturing capacity it needed, improved part quality and reduced scrap. Watch the video

Encoder product configurator

June 17, 2020

The configurator enables you to explore Renishaw’s wide range of optical encoder systems and request relevant information. If you are uncertain of any options, please leave the fields unselected and continue to configure your encoder product or system. Start here

Fontys investeert in onderzoek 3D-metaalprinten

May 28, 2020

Fontys Hogeschool Engineering beschikt sinds kort, als eerste in Nederland, over een Renishaw metaalprinter, een AM400. De machine is tijdelijk ondergebracht op het Eindhovense universiteitsterrein, waar onder meer Werktuigbouwkunde het voormalige onderkomen van TNO Industrie en Techniek heeft betrokken. Lees verder: [Bron: linkmagazine]

RMAP multi-axis periscope

May 20, 2020

Designed to enable six degrees of freedom measurements within XY stage applications by minimising the beam footprint from multiple interferometers. Utilising three RLD10-X3-DI interferometer heads the multi-axis periscope can accurately measure pitch, yaw and linear position. Read more and watch the video

inVia™ InSpect confocal Raman microscope

May 12, 2020

Introducing the latest addition to our Raman family. The inVia™ InSpect has been optimised for forensic trace analysis, it works with your existing systems and offers even more powerful capabilities. Read more

Advanced Diagnostic Tools (ADTs)

May 5, 2020

The Advanced Diagnostic Tools, ADTa-100 and ADTi-100, acquire comprehensive real-time data from Renishaw’s 
RESOLUTE™ and EVOLUTE™ absolute encoders, and VIONiC™QUANTiC™ and ATOM DX™ incremental encoders. This information is displayed via the user-friendly Renishaw ADT View software interface. Read more

Renishaw voert productie van componenten voor beademingsapparatuur op

April 11, 2020

Wereldwijd actief technologiebedrijf Renishaw is begonnen met grootschalige productie van essentiële componenten voor beademingsapparaten, als bijdrage aan de landelijke steun voor de NHS (Britse nationale gezondheidsdienst) in het bestrijden van coronavirus Covid-19. Het bedrijf gebruikt momenteel een aanzienlijk deel van zijn productiefaciliteiten in Gloucestershire en zuidelijk Wales voor het maken van precisiecomponenten voor twee verschillende apparaten, geproduceerd door het 
VentilatorChallengeUK-consortium. Lees verder

XK10 uitlijningslaser voor machinebouwers verbetert nauwkeurigheid van parallelliteitsmetingen

March 17, 2020

De nieuwe Renishaw XK set biedt een innovatieve methode om evenwijdigheid te meten met het 
XK10 lasersysteem voor uitlijning. Gebruikers kunnen er rechtheidsafwijkingen van punt tot punt mee meten, of de totale hoekuitlijningsfout tussen twee nominaal evenwijdige assen. Lees verder

AksIM™ supports Universal Robots for smart factory automation

March 9, 2020

Industrial robots usually operate in safety zones and are used for heavy, highly hazardous and repetitive tasks in aerospace, automotive assembly, handling, painting, coating and other applications. Conventional industrial robots are typically gigantic and bulky, they occupy a large area and the programming processes are usually time-consuming. Read more

Measuring solutions reduce machine tool testing time by up to 6.5 hours

February 24, 2020

A successful machine tool manufacturer, StankoMachComplex was faced with a dilemma. As demand for its growing range of machine tools rapidly increased, the company’s rigorous product testing procedures were creating a bottleneck in production. It needed to accelerate testing throughput while increasing the accuracy of its precision measurements at the same time. A combination of Renishaw’s measurement solutions provided the answer. Read more

Using the Equator gauge for automated process control

February 18, 2020

Equator gauging hardware and software has been designed from the outset to be equally suited to manual or automated operation. The Equator system can be used in a serial production line between turning centres, machining centres, grinders and other machine tools. With the ability to switch between parts in seconds, a single Equator system is able to gauge components from multiple machines in a manufacturing cell. Read more

IPC intelligente procescontrole

January 23, 2020

Het proces is te sturen via een gesloten terugkoppelkring, waarbij met meetgegevens van de Equator™ de instellingen direct in de machinebesturing worden bijgewerkt. Lees verder

Unlocking the power of AM for renewable applications

December 25, 2019

The PowerCone deployment in tidal environment is the first known use of 3D metal printing the world. Biome renewables utilizes metal 3D printing to innovate wind technology to tidal with the use of a turbine.

Substrate mastered encoder scale for laser cutting machines

December 4, 2019

Laser cutting is used across industries ranging from aerospace to civil construction. This article explores how Renishaw’s substrate mastered linear encoder scales might be used in a fibre laser cutting application where a laser is used to precisely cut large sheets or plates of metal. Read more

Renishaw launches new software to improve additive manufacturing (AM) quality

November 23, 2019

Renishaw launched InfiniAM™ Sonic acoustic process monitoring software to complement its InfiniAM suite of additive manufacturing (AM) monitoring tools. InfiniAM Sonic enables engineers to detect acoustic events within the AM build chamber and turn this data into useful information about build quality. The software is the first of its kind in the AM industry. Read more

Renishaw expands range of encoders for Functional Safety

November 15, 2019

Full FS certification is required to guarantee the safe use of functions that include safe stops 1 and 2, safe operating stop (SOS) and safe limited speed (SLS) — all of which require functionally safe encoder feedback. Read more

Whitepaper: The accuracy of rotary encoders

November 9, 2019

This whitepaper outlines the major factors affecting rotary encoder performance to help designers choose the best encoder system for their chosen application. It has been updated with additional material, including new figures and text, to accommodate Renishaw’s latest range of rotary encoders. Read more

Industry 4.0: Intelligent manufacturing and process control in CNC machining industries

October 28, 2019

‘Industry 4.0’, ‘smart factory’ and ‘the industrial internet of things’ (IIoT) are buzzwords you can’t avoid if you work in manufacturing, particularly if you work in the CNC machining industry.

In this video, Paul Maxted, Director of Industrial Metrology Applications at Renishaw, discusses how data and connectivity are key to helping manufacturers automate their processes and improve the productivity of their factories. Watch the video

FutureTec vernieuwt onderwijs voor maakindustrie

October 23, 2019

De acht bedrijven die al zijn aangesloten zijn: DMG Mori, Ertec, CNC Consult, Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Heidenhain, Iscar en Haimer. “Dit levert nu al mooie samenwerkingen op die direct meerwaarde bieden aan het onderwijs bij Summa Techniek op BIC”, zegt Arold Moonen, projectmanager van FutureTec. Lees verder [Bron: metaalnieuws]

Introducing the Renishaw Virsa™ Raman Analyser

October 19, 2019

The Virsa Raman Analyser is a versatile, fibre-optic-coupled Raman spectroscopy system designed for reliable, detailed remote analysis. It enables the expansion of applications of Raman spectroscopy to a new range of samples and environments beyond the confines of a laboratory Raman microscope. Read more

The riders holy grail

September 5, 2019

Bastion Cycles have developed a breakthrough additively manufactured (AM) bike frame described as “the riders holy grail”, built on a Renishaw AM250 system.

Onderdelenproductie voor elektrische en hybride auto’s profiteert van Equator™ flexibele meetsystemen van Renishaw

August 20, 2019

Wanneer u Renishaw bezoekt op de EMO Hannover 2019, dan ziet u diverse Equator systemen allerlei componenten meten van elektrische voertuigen (EV’s) en hybride aandrijvingen. Dat zijn de onderdelen die Equator systemen 24/7 aan het meten zijn in fabrieken overal ter wereld.

Enkele duizenden Equator meetsystemen werden de afgelopen jaren geleverd aan klanten van Renishaw, waarvan velen met name actief zijn op de automotive markten van Europa, Amerika en Azië. Lees verder

What is additive manufacturing?

August 15, 2019

Additive Manufacturing, also called #3Dprinting, is a process used to create three-dimensional parts from a digital file. It usually involves building up, or solidifying, thin layers of material to create complete parts. The technology is able to produce complex shapes which cannot be produced by ‘traditional’ techniques such as casting, forging and machining. Additive manufacturing introduces new design possibilities, including opportunities to combine multiple components in production, minimise material use and reduce tooling costs.

An incremental encoder engineered for metrology: Introducing ATOM DX™

July 11, 2019

Introducing ATOM DX, Renishaw’s new miniature digital encoder. Learn more about ATOM DX: https://www.renishaw.com/atomdx

ATOM DX™: Performance in miniature

June 20, 2019

Renishaw will launch its smallest incremental optical encoder with digital output direct from the readhead, eliminating the need for bulky interfaces. This new high-performance encoder features resolutions down to 2.5 nm, low Sub-Divisional Error (SDE) and low jitter. More info

Renishaw’s Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centres

June 13, 2019

Raising the bar on rotary table accuracy

June 12, 2019

CNC rotary tables play a vital role in the performance of multi-axis machining centres. As table accuracy and reliability are of paramount concern throughout the product’s lifetime, Matsumoto Machine Corporation (MMK) has taken a pragmatic two-pronged approach to reducing indexing errors and improving performance. By enhancing both product calibration and encoder technologies the company has set new standards for rotary table accuracy. Read more

Blue laser technology: setting the standard in on-machine tool measurement

May 15, 2019

Global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, will launch its latest non-contact tool setting solution at EMO Hannover 2019. The new NC4+ Blue system will be one of many smart factory process control solutions demonstrated by Renishaw, which are proven to help machine shops across many industries transform their production capabilities. Read more

Renishaw unveils high-accuracy machine tool probing systems with RENGAGE technology

April 2, 2019

Nieuw lasersysteem voor uitlijning vergroot de reeks oplossingen van Renishaw voor machinekalibratie

March 20, 2019

Het nieuwe Renishaw XK10 lasersysteem voor uitlijning is ontwikkeld voor gebruik tijdens het bouwen en uitlijnen van bewerkingsmachines, als vervanging van objecten. Het kan gebruikt worden op lineaire rails om zeker te weten dat ze recht, haaks, plat en horizontaal zijn, en eveneens om de spindelrichting en coaxialiteit van roterende machines vast te stellen. Deze factoren zijn tijdens het bouwen te meten en uit te lijnen met de XK10, met behulp van de live weergave van het systeem. De XK10 is ook een krachtig hulpmiddel bij het opsporen van foutbronnen na een botsing of als onderdeel van regulier onderhoud. Lees verder

Improved metrology with the substrate mastered RKLC encoder scale


March 13, 2019

Engineers from the Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB -TUO) in the Czech Republic and Renishaw, a UK based 3D printer manufacturer, have collaborated to create the first 3D printed scooter with a stainless steel bionic frame. Read more [Bron: 3dprintingindustry.com]

Engineering innovation brings hope for Parkinson’s cure

March 8, 2019

Global engineering company Renishaw has built a device that has been used in a ground-breaking clinical trial. Manufactured by Renishaw on behalf of the North Bristol NHS Trust, the device enabled the precise delivery of a new drug candidate, Glial Cell Line Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) with the hope of regenerating dying dopamine brain cells in people with Parkinson’s and thereby improve their symptoms. Read more

Renishaw unveils latest robust and reliable tool setting solution for turning and multi-task machining applications

February 27, 2019

high tech bedrijven renishaw 190227

Global engineering company, Renishaw, will launch the new APCA-45 tool setting probe at TIMTOS 2019 in Taiwan. Specifically engineered for the harshest machining environments found in lathes and multi-tasking machines, the APCA-45 provides a robust, reliable and automated solution for setting a wide range of tools – such as turning, grooving, threading and boring tools. Read more

Renishaw technology used to identify microplastics in the environment

February 19, 2019

high tech bedrijven renishaw 190219

Could rubber and plastic from tyres, washing into rivers and streams, be contributing to pollution in waste water? A group of scientists from Denmark are using a system from Renishaw to find out. Read more

New QuickLoad™ rail system improves speed, throughput and accuracy during part inspection

February 14, 2019

Renishaw is pleased to announce the introduction of the QuickLoad™ rail system to its range of metrology fixturing. The QuickLoad rail system has been developed for use on co-ordinate measuring machines and provides a secure workholding position when used in conjunction with QuickLoad base plates, which locate to the rail on either side using quick release magnets and location pins. The interchangable design of the rail and plates aims to maximise the machine operator’s ability to inspect and release parts swiftly. Read more

Atherton Bikes accelerates with Renishaw additive manufacturing

February 6, 2019

Global engineering company Renishaw is working with new mountain bike brand Atherton Bikes to produce additively manufactured titanium lugs for the company’s bike frames. The new brand was launched in January by the Atherton siblings, Gee, Rachel and Dan and co-founded by Piers Linney of Dragons’ Den fame. Read more

White paper: Mounting encoder scales for optimum thermal performance

February 2, 2019

All linear position encoder scales obey the same thermal laws: as the temperature changes, the scale length will also change which results in some measurement error. The amount of error depends on both the scale material and the method by which the scale has been mounted on the underlying machine substrate. 
Read more

Renishaw expands European reach of AM Solutions Centres

January 19, 2019

To accelerate the adoption of laser powder bed fusion for series production applications, engineering company Renishaw has expanded its global network of additive manufacturing (AM) Solutions Centres. New facilities in Barcelona, Spain and Torino, Italy are now operational to allow local companies to access Renishaw’s equipment and expertise at a fixed and predictable cost. Read more

Metal additive manufactured parts for aircraft assembly

January 4, 2019

Renishaw launches the QUANTiC™ rotary encoder system

December 12, 2018

Renishaw, the world-leading metrology company, launches a rotary version of its QUANTiC™ linear optical incremental encoder featuring exceptionally wide installation and operating tolerances, in addition to enhanced diagnostics compatibility. Read more

Introducing Renishaw’s new RA816 Biological Analyser

December 6, 2018

The new Renishaw RA816 Biological Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system, designed for biological and clinical research. This easy-to-use instrument enables the rapid collection of detailed information from a range of biological samples, including tissue and biofluids. Read more

Raman made by Renishaw

December 1, 2018

Renishaw and Sandvik power the future of metal additive manufacturing

November 17, 2018

To strengthen the metal additive manufacturing (AM) industry, global engineering company Renishaw has initiated a collaboration with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing to supply the company with high productivity multi-laser RenAM 500Q systems, which will substantially increase Sandvik’s printing capacity. Read more

Renishaw extends Paramatters collaboration for optimised lightweighting and automation of metal additive manufacturing

November 9, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 181109

Global engineering company Renishaw is working with autonomous topology optimisation expert ParaMatters to introduce potential customers to efficiently manufacture metal parts.

ParaMatters’ CogniCAD cloud solution enables users to easily upload part geometries for optimisation and automatically produces light weight macro, meso and lattice structures using generative design principles backed up with high resolution finite element analysis (FEA) validation. CogniCAD users are no longer constrained by traditional complex CAD/CAE/CAM tools, instead they simply upload their part and follow the intuitive CogniCAD workflow and user-friendly interface to prepare a printable model. Read more

Exploring the potential of multi-laser AM

October 25, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 181025

Renishaw’s latest AM system, the RenAM 500Q, includes four 500 W lasers to improve productivity in the most commonly used platform size. By speeding up the AM build process, manufacturers will see a reduction in cost-per-part, an increase in return on investment and a reduction in process waste, allowing AM to be used for applications that were previously uneconomical. per-part, an increase in return on investment and a reduction in process waste, allowing AM to be used for applications that were previously uneconomical. Read more

Renishaw and Singapore Polytechnic collaborate to promote metal 3D printing

October 17, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 181017

Global engineering company Renishaw and Singapore Polytechnic (SP) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a partnership to encourage the use of additive manufacturing (AM) and to nurture the necessary talents to cope with the increasing use of metal 3D printing in the ASEAN region. Read more

Renishaw lanceert nieuwe ultracompacte radiotaster met hoge herhaalbaarheid

October 11, 2018

Het wereldwijde technologiebedrijf Renishaw introduceert de RMP400 meettaster voor bewerkingsmachines op de IMTS in de VS en de AMB in Duitsland, waarna de officiële lancering plaatsvindt op JIMTOF 2018 in Japan. Deze ultracompacte drukmetende meettaster is ontworpen voor kleine 5-assige bewerkingsmachines, en biedt een betrouwbare en precieze schakelende oplossing voor producten instellen, metingen uitvoeren en machineprestaties controleren. Lees verder

Renishaw’s neurolocate 2D module makes frameless robotic neurosurgery more accessible

October 1, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 181001

A new frameless patient registration module for the neuromate® surgical robot, the neurolocate 2D module, has obtained a CE mark. Global engineering company Renishaw will now offer the neurolocate 2D module to hospitals across Europe to help save time and costs by realising the benefits of intraoperative imaging. Read more


3D metaalprinten verlegt de grenzen in Moto2™ met uitdagende innovaties

September 27, 2018

In de dynamische wereld van de MotoGP™ motorraces hebben technische verbeteringen veel effect. Het races winnende team TransFIORmers zet de hypermoderne additieve productietechniek (3D metaalprinten) in voor een onconventionele voorwielophanging die een aanzienlijke voorsprong op de tegenstanders geeft. Lees verder

Verbreed uw mogelijkheden voor additive manufacturing met multi-laserproductiviteit

September 11, 2018

Twee weten meer dan één als het gaat om creativiteit, maar zijn vier lasers ook beter dan één als het gaat om metal additive manufacturing? Het bewijs spreekt voor zich. Hier legt Robin Weston, Marketing Manager van de afdeling Additive Manufacturing Products van Renishaw, uit hoe het nieuwe Renishaw RenAM 500Q vier-lasersysteem naar verwachting de productiviteit van de meest gebruikte machineplatformafmeting aanzienlijk zal verbeteren. 
Lees verder

Renishaw opens Additive Manufacturing Demo Center in California

September 5, 2018

Renishaw, a leading manufacturer of advanced metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems, has opened a new Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Center in Newbury Park, California. Working in collaboration with Ibex Engineering, the Demonstration Center is situated within Ibex’s headquarters and allows visitors to explore, interact with and use Renishaw’s latest metal additive manufacturing systems. Read more

Additively manufactured styli

August 28, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 180828

Global engineering technologies company Renishaw is introducing additively manufactured styli to its comprehensive styli range.

By using additive manufacturing (AM), also known as metal 3D printing, Renishaw can offer complex turn-key styli solutions which cannot be produced using traditional manufacturing techniques. Produced in-house by Renishaw, AM styli can access features of parts that other styli cannot reach, providing a flexible, high-performance solution to complex inspection challenges. Lees verder 

Renishaw: The measure of success

August 24, 2018

It may enjoy a global reputation for precision metrology and process control, but more than anything, Renishaw represents innovation and technological advancement. Jonny Williamson headed to South Wales to pay the engineering powerhouse a visit. Read more [Source: the manufacturer.com]

Benefit from the factory of the future, today

August 21, 2018

Renishaw’s smart factory technologies provide automated and intelligent process control. They enable manufacturers to benefit from the factory of the future, today. Learn more about how speed, ease of use and flexibility in measurement and automation can help you integrate smart factory technologies into your operations.

Renishaw XM-600 system enables faster and easier CMM error mapping

July 27, 2018

Renishaw’s newly launched XM-600 laser measurement system offers enhanced capability to connect directly with Renishaw’s range of UCC CMM controllers. Using technology developed for the XM-60 multi-axis calibrator, this enables faster and easier error mapping, measuring all six degrees of freedom from a single set-up, in any orientation for linear axes. Read further

RMAP 3A multi axis periscope enables six degrees of freedom measurements with XY stages

July 18, 2018

Renishaw’s multi-axis periscope (RMAP) has been designed to measure angular errors, allowing for higher accuracy positioning of XY stages, resulting in lower cycle times for semiconductor machines.

Renishaw consolidates its VIONiC™ series encoder family

July 12, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 180712

Renishaw, a leading engineering and scientific technology company, announces the extension of the VIONiC encoder product range and its performance enhancement. The VIONiC encoder is now available in resolutions down to 2.5 nm with enhanced Sub-Divisional error (SDE) across the product range. Read more

Renishaw improves consistency in additive manufacturing

July 6, 2018

To allow additive manufacturing (AM) users a greater understanding of their processes, Renishaw has developed new process monitoring software, InfiniAM Spectral, for use on Renishaw systems. After its successful launch at formnext 2017, Renishaw released the software package to help manufacturers overcome the barriers to AM in critical applications, process stability and part quality. Read more

Rotary axis machine tool calibration with CARTO 3.0

June 26, 2018

Machine tool calibration with CARTO 3.0:
Quickly capture and analyse data from rotary axis measurement using XR20-W rotary axis calibrator.

With CARTO 3.0, the Renishaw XM-60 multi-axis calibrator can also be used with the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator, providing one easy to use and intuitive software solution for all Renishaw laser calibration products.

Download CARTO 3.0 free of charge from www.renishaw.com/carto

Renishaw’s integrated neurosurgery solution cleared for sale in USA

June 6, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 180606

The Food and Drug Association (FDA) has recently cleared the use of Renishaw’s neuromate® Gen III surgical robot with the neuroinspiresurgical planning software in the USA. Both were previously cleared for use separately, but not in combination ─ This latest clearance means that neurosurgeons across America will now be able to deliver surgical plans created using neuroinspire software directly using the neuromate surgical robot, helping to improve patient outcomes.

The first Renishaw neuromate® stereotactic robot-assisted procedure in Scotland has taken place at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh

May 16, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 180516

Renishaw is pleased to announce that The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, has carried out the first neuromate stereotactic robot-assisted neurosurgery procedure in Scotland. The case was a paediatric stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) carried out on an 8-year-old female patient suffering from severe epilepsy.

Renishaw launches guide to additive manufacturing

April 23, 2018

Additive manufacturing (AM) systems and software manufacturer and user, Renishaw, has launched a dedicated AM Guide on its website. The company will use the new information hub to educate and inform customers and the wider engineering community using videos, case studies, feature articles, industry news and opinion pieces. Renishaw will educate readers on the possibilities of additive manufacturing and its business impact, to increase uptake of the technology in mainstream manufacturing.

Design for metal additive manufacturing – residual stress

April 17, 2018

Proslab ensures absolute accuracy with additive manufacturing

April 13, 2018

Leading Australian dental laboratory, Proslab, has fully digitalised the manufacture of its cobalt chrome removable partial dentures (RPDs). The laboratory partnered with global engineering company, Renishaw, to install what is thought to be the first metal additive manufacturing machine for dental applications in Australia.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions Center, Renishaw GmbH, Pliezhausen

April 5, 2018

PAL Robotics integrates magnetic encoder technology into robots to achieve balance

March 9, 2018

This case study focuses on REEM-C, PAL Robotics’ full-size biped humanoid robotics research platform. It is one of a family of robots that are used for many applications. REEM-C provides a fully customisable basis for research into exciting areas such as navigation, machine vision, human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence, grasping, walking and speech recognition.

VIONiC™ encoder series readhead installation

February 13, 2018

Pioneering productivity in additive manufacturing

February 3, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 180203

To improve additive manufacturing productivity and lower cost per part, Renishaw has launched its latest system, the RenAM 500Q. Featuring four 500 W lasers, the compact machine will greatly improve productivity in the most commonly used platform size, to bring the benefits of additive manufacturing to a wider range of industries.

Speed, accuracy and agility – REVO 5-axis multi-sensor CMM systems

January 26, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 180126 kopie

Measurement is an essential part of manufacturing, used to control processes and verify products. However, measurement time is often viewed as non-productive, causing unwanted bottlenecks and putting pressure on manufacturers’ operating margins.

Renishaw’s 5-axis measurement product range for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) claims to be one of the biggest step-changes in measurement capability ever introduced in industrial metrology and goes a long way to overcoming these challenges.

Raman spectroscopy helps battery research

January 4, 2018

high tech bedrijven renishaw 180104

Power generation is shifting from traditional to less predictable renewable sources. Consumers are demanding faster charging and longer battery life for their products. Both trends require the development of better energy storage devices.

RESOLUTE™ FS (Functional Safety) absolute encoder

December 16, 2017

Renishaw helps with Perovskite solar panel research

December 7, 2017

Dr Tim Batten and Dr Ian Hayward represented Renishaw at the recent PSCO-2017 conference on perovskite solar cells and optoelectronics hosted by The Mathematical Institute, Oxford, UK.

Perovskites—normally in the form of hybrid organic-metal lead/tin halides—exhibit promise as solar cell materials, and offer advantages over the more common crystalline silicon. For example, you can coat substrates from solution or by deposition and produce low-cost large-area cells. You can also deposit them on other cell types to produce tandem cells that have a greater light harvesting capability. However, there are potential problems, such as poor long-term stability.

Renishaw and Identify3D collaborate to enable secure digital manufacturing

November 15, 2017

Renishaw, a world leader in metrology and additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, and Identify3D, a leader in software for the digital supply chain, are pleased to announce a collaboration to offer an end-to-end, secure digital manufacturing process.

Identify3D will provide data protection coupled with contractual and manufacturing licensing from design to production on Renishaw AM systems. By choosing to secure all digital data in the engineering phase, the technology enables users of Renishaw systems to protect their digital intellectual property (IP), enforce production rules and provide traceability in the digital supply chain at the industry’s highest standard.

RenAM 500Q: Renishaw’s quad laser additive manufacturing system for high productivity

Improving patient and surgeon experience with additive manufacturing

October 27, 2017

high tech bdrijven renishaw 171027

Additive manufacturing is a burgeoning technology in hospital environments. In order for the technology to take off fully, pioneering hospitals and surgeons are working to demonstrate the positive impacts 3D printed implants can have on the NHS, surgeons and patients. Here, Amy Davey, Reconstructive Scientist at North Bristol NHS Trust in the UK, explains recent changes she has seen in implant technology and discusses her experiences of the impact that additively manufactured implants have had on patients and surgeons in hospitals.

Renishaw takes the lead in productive additive manufacturing

October 13, 2017

Global engineering and additive manufacturing (AM) technology company, Renishaw, returns to Formnext in 2017, to take the next step in bringing additive manufacturing to mainstream production. From November 14th – 17th in Frankfurt, Germany, the company is exhibiting its latest developments alongside current hardware and software offerings, to unlock the benefits of increased productivity and process monitoring in additive manufacturing. Renishaw can be found in Hall 3.1 on Stand E68.

Additive manufacturing process steps

October 4, 2017

Welcome to Renishaw’s AM stand at EMO Hannover 2017

September 21, 2017

The next generation of manufacturing engineers at Greenville Technical College

September 11, 2017

US Tech Tour: Introducing Renishaw’s Additive Manufacturing Solutions Center

August 31, 2017

Making time for Holthinrichs Watches

August 22, 2017

Design for metal AM – a beginner’s guide

August 19, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170819

Additive manufacturing (AM) gives us tremendous freedom to create components with free-form and intricate features, direct from CAD and without the need for expensive tooling. These complex designs would be impractical, if not impossible, to produce conventionally. Additive components are often lighter, more efficient and better adapted to their application.

Renishaw launches new faster variant of its RGH24 encoder

August 1, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170801

Renishaw’s RGH24 range of optical incremental encoders with linear RGS20 gold scale has a long and successful track record over many years; it has become an industry standard and continues to be much in demand to this day.

As manufacturers upgrade their industrial processes for greater efficiency and throughput via higher speeds, precision and reliability, position feedback sensors are key and must keep pace.

Het nieuwe optische interfacesysteem van Renishaw voor meerdere tasters

July 18, 2017

Het wereldwijd toonaangevende technologiebedrijf Renishaw introduceert zijn multi-taster optisch interfacesysteem op bewerkingsmachines tijdens de EMO Hannover 2017 in Duitsland, van 18 t/m 23 september (hal 6, stand B46).

De introductie van de nieuwe in de spindel gemonteerde OMM-2C vormt een uitbreiding van het zeer succesvolle OSI/OMM-2 optisch tasterinterfacesysteem en biedt een compacte en handige oplossing waarmee op bewerkingsmachines maximaal drie Renishaw contact makende tasters te installeren zijn met optische signaaloverdracht via één interface.

Renishaw’s ATOM™ miniature encoder offers enhanced design flexibility with new PCB interface

July 8, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170708Renishaw’s miniature encoder ATOM is now available with the new ACi PCB interface, offering enhanced design flexibility for space constrained applications in an easy to install PCB-mountable package.

Renishaw collaborates in the Futuralve project for the new generation of high-speed turbines for aerospace

June 27, 2017

Renishaw, a global engineering company specialising in metrology and metal 3D printing, was born out of the aerospace business and its efforts in advancing the manufacturing of complex components have never stopped. Its Spanish subsidiary Renishaw Ibérica, S.A.U. is working with a unique selection of other Spanish engineering companies and research centres in a ground-breaking project which could change the way aerospace turbines are manufactured forever.

Smart apps for smartphones – machine tool probe technology at your fingertips

June 2, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170602

Renishaw, a world-leading engineering technologies company, will demonstrate its developing range of smartphone apps for machine tool probes and tool setters at EMO Hannover 2017, Germany (18th–23rd September, hall 6, stand B46).

The use of mobile technology – smartphones and tablets – and their associated apps has become firmly established as part of everyday recreational life. Recognising how they can also assist in a multitude of working environments, Renishaw has developed a range of smartphone apps for users of their machine tool probing hardware.

Renishaw’s new multi-probe optical interface system

May 23, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170523

Renishaw, a world-leading engineering technologies company, is introducing its multi-probe optical interface system for machine tool probe systems at EMO Hannover 2017, Germany (18th–23rd September, hall 6, stand B46).

Expanding on the highly successful OSI/OMM-2 optical probe interface system, the introduction of the new spindle-mounted OMM-2C receiver provides a compact and convenient solution allowing installation of up to three Renishaw machine tool touch probes with optical signal transmission communicating via a single interface.

Geologists use Renishaw’s Raman-in-SEM solution to probe the nanoworld

May 13, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170513

Researchers at BRGM (the French Geological Survey in Orleans, France) study the physical, chemical, and structural properties of minerals. BRGM is a public agency which produces and disseminates geological information for government departments, foreign countries, industry and academic research in France and across the world. They use a co-located SEM-Raman system from Renishaw to provide comprehensive in situ sample characterisation.

Renishaw’s new VIONiC™ encoder offers unparalleled performance

May 6, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170506

Renishaw, a world-leading metrology specialist, recently launched the VIONiC series, a new family of ultra-high accuracy, super-compact all-in-one digital incremental encoders. Applications which benefit most from VIONiC are those requiring the highest levels of motion control precision, specifically micro-manufacturing, micro-positioning and precision optics manufacture. This article explores the important role of high-performance encoder systems in these applications.

Driving innovative manufacturing in the automotive sector

April 25, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170425

Global engineering technologies company Renishaw hosted a UK Automotive Open House on Thursday 6th April, where leading manufacturers from all over the UK heard how Renishaw could improve their manufacturing processes. The day also included talks from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), BLOODHOUND SSC and Renishaw’s associate company Metrology Software Products (MSP).

Major companies from the automotive industry were in attendance, including representatives from leading vehicle manufacturers and key suppliers. Taking place in the Renishaw Innovation Centre, the event also allowed visitors to see the full-scale replica of the BLOODHOUND SSC car and put themselves in the shoes of driver Andy Green by enjoying a simulated run in the cockpit using virtual reality helmets.

New intelligent process control software for Renishaw’s Equator™ gauging system

April 6, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170406

The Renishaw Equator™ flexible gauge is now offered with IPC (intelligent process control) software, providing the functionality to fully automate tool offset updates in CNC manufacturing processes. Improved capability in precision part machining, reduced setting and process adjustment time, and integration with automation systems are some of the benefits that users can now expect.

IPC is used with the existing software running on the Equator controller, using recent historical gauging data to determine process corrections. Connection to a compatible machine tool can be as simple as connecting an Ethernet cable from the Equator to a CNC machine. This capability has already been used by Renishaw customers worldwide to achieve considerable performance gains across a wide variety of industries, applications and CNC machine types, including lathes, machining centres and highly automated machining cells.

Industrial control loops and how they apply to encoders

March 18, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170318

Control-loop architecture is an important consideration when assessing encoder performance in the context of the overall machine design. There are a number of ways to mitigate against sources of instability and error in the design of a precision motion stage, for example. This article illustrates the potential of Renishaw’s RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder system for applications that traditionally demand ultra-fine pitch incremental encoders with cyclic errors in the 1 nm range. 

Geologists use Renishaw’s Raman-in-SEM solution to probe the nanoworld

March 7, 2017

Researchers at BRGM (the French Geological Survey in Orleans, France) study the physical, chemical, and structural properties of minerals. BRGM is a public agency which produces and disseminates geological information for government departments, foreign countries, industry and academic research in France and across the world. They use a co-located SEM-Raman system from Renishaw to provide comprehensive in situ sample characterisation.

Renishaw installs its latest additive manufacturing system at CATEC

March 1, 2017

high tech bedrijven 170301

Renishaw, a global manufacturer of metal 3D printing machines, is pleased to announce that its RenAM 500M system has been installed at the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) in Seville, Spain. It is the first installation of this new machine in the Iberian Peninsula.

CATEC is a technology centre that focuses its activity on the promotion and development of R&D activities within the aerospace sector in Andalusia, actively developing new technologies and the transfer of best practices.

Introducing the RESOLUTE™ FS encoder

February 13, 2017

high tech bedrijven renishaw 170213

The RESOLUTE Functional Safety (RESOLUTE FS) optical absolute encoder is based on the design of the award winning RESOLUTE series with elements redesigned to meet FS safety standards. RESOLUTE FS encoder systems are certified as:

  • A Category 3 PLd rated part against ISO 13849:2015
  • Being suitable for use in a SIL2 application against IEC 61508:2010 and IEC 61800-5-2:2007

Renishaw launches world’s first functionally safe absolute open optical encoder

January 25, 2017

Renishaw builds on its existing functionally safe (FS) portfolio by introducing the world’s first SIL2 absolute open-optical encoder for both linear and rotary axis applications. The RESOLUTE™ FS encoder system, part of the RESOLUTE series, offers all the benefits of the standard RESOLUTE variant but with FS certification.

The standard RESOLUTE encoder is already designed to be inherently safe due to a built-in separate and independent position checking algorithm*, which has allowed seamless progression to full FS status and compliance with both the ISO13849:2015 (Performance Level D) and IEC 61508:2010 (SIL2) standards.

Horizon 2020 grant supports trials of a new Renishaw drug delivery system in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

January 5, 2017

Renishaw’s novel drug delivery system, to be used in partnership with Herantis Pharma Plc’s drug candidate CDNF for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, is about to enter phase 1-2 clinical trials. The study will be supported by a €6 million grant from Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s are notoriously difficult to target with medication due to the protective role of the blood-brain barrier. Working in partnership with leading neurosurgeons, Renishaw has developed an innovative system which bypasses the blood-brain barrier, delivering pharmaceuticals directly into the brain tissue.

Renishaw 3D printing technology increases Land Rover BAR’s performance

December 9, 2016


Like many other cutting edge technologies – artificial intelligence, big data analytics – additive manufacturing (3D printing) has been incorporated into daily use at Land Rover BAR with the help of the team’s Technical Innovation Group (TIG). In this case, TIG partner Renishaw, a global metrology firm which manufactures metal additive manufacturing machines, as well as working with the more familiar 3D printing in plastics for its own prototyping.

Pioneering additive manufacturing reshapes patient’s face

November 29, 2016


Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is changing and improving many traditional industries and processes. Healthcare is no exception with reconstructive surgery being particularly prominent.

A horrific motorcycle accident left Stephen Power with multiple skull fractures that changed his life and meant he would require reconstructive surgery.

Introducing Renishaw’s new RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser

November 4, 2016


The new RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system, designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. This easy-to-use instrument redefines how Raman spectroscopy is used for formulation analysis.

The RA802 enables users to formulate tablets more efficiently by speeding up the analysis of tablet composition and structure. It brings together the chemical analysis power of Raman spectroscopy and advanced imaging technologies in a powerful, robust system. Users can reveal detailed chemical and physical information about the contents of their sample, from the distribution and size of API domains to the physical topography. The RA802 makes the highest performance Raman spectroscopy accessible to all users.

Metal additive manufacturing technology used for customised mountain bikes

October 26, 2016


Metal additive manufacturing technology from Renishaw has enabled Robot Bike Co. to produce a novel design of mountain bike that can be customised to match the size and riding style of the rider.

The impact of robotics on neurosurgery

October 13, 2016


Stuart Campbell, Clinical Sales Development Manager of the Neurological Products Division at Renishaw, discusses key trends on the use of robotics in neurosurgery.

The curious case of Phineas Gage is one of the earliest and best known cases of serious brain injury. On September 13th, 1848, Gage was working as a railway foreman in Vermont when an explosion caused a three foot long iron rod to be propelled straight through his skull. At the time, doctors thought it impossible to survive such an injury and his remarkable survival and reported personality changes affected the study of neuroscience forever. In recent years, a new technology has changed the face of neuroscience – robotics, which offers high precision access to a complex and sensitive region.

Renishaw unveils the new XM-60 multi-axis calibrator

September 15, 2016


Renishaw, the world-leading metrology specialist, will exhibit its new XM-60 multi-axis calibrator at IMTS 2016, Chicago, USA and AMB 2016, Stuttgart, Germany. The XM-60 is capable of measuring all six degrees of freedom from a single set-up, in any orientation for linear axes. It offers significant improvement in simplicity and time saving over conventional laser measurement techniques.

New research investment will shape aircraft of the future

August 26, 2016

high tech bedrijven renishaw 160826

Renishaw is contributing its additive manufacturing expertise to a new £17.7 million project, being led by Airbus in the UK, to develop an innovative way of designing and manufacturing aircraft wings, which will encourage a “right first time approach” and reduce development time.

More than 30,000 new aircraft are expected to be required in the next 15-20 years, replacing existing in-service models and also to expand airlines’ fleets as the number of air travellers increases.

The project, called Wing Design Methodology Validation – or WINDY – has been made possible thanks to joint industry and UK government investment from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), supported by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI). It was one of a number of projects announced by BEIS during the Farnborough International Airshow.

Renishaw debuts all-in-one optical incremental encoder

July 22, 2016

high tech bedrijven renishaw 160722

VIONiCplus™ is Renishaw’s new highest performance optical incremental encoder system that has been launched as part of the VIONiC™ digital all-in-one encoder series. The VIONiC design combines all necessary interpolation and signal processing inside the readhead and eliminates the requirement for additional external interfaces. To this end, Renishaw developed a new Versatile Interpolation ASIC (VIA) chip to perform all of the functions originally executed by the interface. Other features, working in conjunction with the Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT), bring the end-user wide-ranging monitoring and diagnostic feedback.

How much can you recycle metal additive manufacturing powder?

July 1, 2016

high tech bedrijven renishaw 160701

Why recycle?
Any production process is only as reliable as the feedstock that it consumes. For additive manufacturing (AM) using metal laser melting, the properties of the powder and the machine parameters that are used to process it are closely related. So the chemical and physical properties of the powder are critical. Manufacturers are naturally concerned that the condition of the powder that they are processing is predictable and stable.

Renishaw opens new Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centre in India

June 10, 2016

high tech bedrijven renishaw 160610

Renishaw, the global engineering technologies company, is opening a new Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centre on 15th June in Pune, India. The new facility will provide a secure development environment in which customers can expand their knowledge and confidence using additive manufacturing (AM) technology. The Solutions Centre will be equipped with the latest AM systems and staffed by knowledgeable engineers to allow fast access to deploying the technology, all at fixed predictable costs.

A 3D printed mountain bike that you can buy today!

June 7, 2016

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Demand for high specification bicycles has exploded in recent years as both professionals and ‘prosumers’ have sought a performance edge. In the case of mountain bikes, this has driven manufacturers to deploy advanced materials and construction techniques from aerospace and Formula One, as well as increasingly advanced suspension design. And for those riders with deep pockets, customised frames provide the perfect match to both their physique and their riding style.

Voordeel van tastertechniek op bewerkingsmachines berekenen

May 31, 2016

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Met uw gegevens over uw huidige machinebezetting kunnen wij uitrekenen hoeveel een meettastersysteem voor gereedschap- en productinstelling en inspectie u zou kunnen besparen.

Will quantum dots make for a brighter future?

May 7, 2016

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First discovered in 1980, colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals or quantum dots (QDs) are typically between 2 – 10 nanometres (nm) in diameter and are now being commercialised with possible applications in a variety of thin film devices including solar cells, photodetectors and LEDs. QDs have profound implications for the flat panel display (FPD) industry, but is it really a case of all change from here on in?

How AM could disrupt your market (Part 2)

March 31, 2016

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Metal 3D printing has the potential to shake up the way that we design and make products, creating opportunities for valuable innovations and whole new business models. In this second post of two, I am exploring the nature of the changes that additive manufacturing (AM) could bring to product markets, and the steps that companies can take to lead this disruption.

Renishaw’s unique ATOM™ encoder is key to enhanced metrology performance

March 22, 2016

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Renishaw, the global engineering company, has launched REVO-2, a new improved version of the revolutionary multi-sensor 5-axis measuring head for use on Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). REVO-2 and its new CMM controller, UCC S5, build upon the successful REVO system with enhanced power and communications capability to carry the latest REVO sensors such as the RVP vision measurement probe.

How Additive Manufacturing could disrupt your market

March 11, 2016

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Everyone is talking about how 3D printing is going to change the world of manufacturing, part of the wave of Industry 4.0 innovation that will sweep aside established ways of working. That’s a bit hyperbolic perhaps, but the point is that additive manufacturing (AM) does present tremendous opportunities to do things differently.

Renishaw launches the new inVia™ Qontor™ confocal Raman microscope

March 9, 2016

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The new inVia Qontor is Renishaw’s most advanced Raman microscope. Building on the market-leading inVia Reflex, the inVia Qontor adds a new dimension to the performance and ease of use for which inVia is renowned.

inVia used to study graphene and other nano-materials at the University of Tokyo

March 1, 2016

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The Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Tokyo uses a Renishaw inVia confocal Raman microscope to study graphene and other nano-materials in the development of energy related devices such as solar cells.

RLS launches a 20 bit absolute magnetic ring encoder

February 18, 2016

Renishaw’s associate company RLS announces the launch of the new AksIM™ true-absolute magnetic rotary encoder for embedded OEM motion control applications. With up to 20 bit resolution and zero hysteresis in a unique through-bore configuration, AksIM sets a new standard for magnetic encoder performance and value.

Nieuws over automatisering van bewerkingsmachines

February 13, 2016

Renishaws laatste productnieuws voor bewerkingsmachines, casestudies en technische artikelen, waarmee de maakindustrie bewerkingsprocessen kan automatiseren en aanzienlijke kostenbesparingen kan bereiken.

New horizons in custom LaserAbutments™

February 4, 2016

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Renishaw has collaborated with dental implant innovator BioHorizons to bring custom metal 3D printed abutments, known as LaserAbutmentsTM, to their customers for the first time.

The joint initiative enables dentists to offer custom abutments for restorations providing exceptional function and aesthetics, while maintaining high value for money.

Magnetic encoders contribute to reliable wafer transfer robots

January 27, 2016

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A wafer ultimately becomes multiple IC-units in a series of complicated processes, where wafers rely on a wafer transfer robot to perform fast and accurate transfers between process stations. Wafers are valuable and break easily, meaning that stability and reliability are critical for the robot’s effectiveness. A Korea-based robot manufacturer Robot and Design (RND) uses a RLS LM10 series incremental magnetic encoder system to optimize the performance of its wafer transfer robots. RLS is a Slovenian associate company of Renishaw.

Renishaw – cranking down cycle time for Hope Technology

January 21, 2016

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In 2013, Renishaw produced the world’s first 3D printed metal bicycle frame for UK company, Empire Cycles. The pedal cranks and other components used to create the fully-built bike were produced using more conventional machining processes, at Barnoldswick-based Hope Technology. In its high-tech, high-volume production factory, the company employs Renishaw’s non-contact tool setting and breakage detection technology, CMM contact scanning probes and modular fixturing to maximise machine up-time and to ensure consistent component precision.

Thorlabs selects TONiC™ encoders for its motion stages after in-house testing

December 31, 2015

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Thorlabs subjected Renishaw’s TONiC encoders to a battery of tests in direct competition with other optical encoder brands. The TONiC series outperformed the competition in every test and was selected to equip both the Thorlabs DDS600 600 mm long travel stage and the MLS203 microscope stage.

Laser calibration at the speed of light

December 18, 2015

The word “laser” implies “light speed” for the casual listener, but witnessing a bi-directional laser calibration run on just one linear axis of a CNC mill conjures up a completely different image – that of something less than the speed of light. A short 1 m axis can typically take 30 to 60 minutes as the machine axis moves in 10 mm increments and stops to pause and settle before the laser interferometer takes a reading. That pause can be as long as 23 seconds during some tests.

Bringing metal 3D printing expertise to Land Rover BAR Technical Innovation Group

November 30, 2015

At the formnext exhibition, Renishaw’s Dr Chris Sutcliffe and Marc Saunders explain how the company’s manufacturing expertise is being used to produce high quality performance parts for the Land Rover BAR America’s Cup team and the importance of a production tool chain – from metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) of a part through to conventional machining, in-process gauging and final inspection of geometry.

Renishaw brings 3D printing expertise to Land Rover BAR Technical Innovation Group

November 14, 2015

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Renishaw is proud to announce that the company has joined Land Rover BAR’s Technical Innovation Group (TIG) as an official supplier – joining the quest to bring the America’s Cup home to Britain. The company will contribute its expertise in metal 3D printing and position feedback encoding.

Renishaw’s RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder supports ITRI breakthrough in multi-axis rotary table design

October 16, 2015

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The term ‘5-axis machining’ typically refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move a part or tool on five separate axes at the same time. The machine tool has an indispensable role in modern industry and has recently benefited from the popularity of 5-axis machining centres that greatly enhance flexibility in product design, by enabling precise and detailed machining of complex mass-produced parts.

Renishaw lowers the entry barrier to metal 3D printing

September 24, 2015


Renishaw will announce plans to open a global network of Renishaw Solutions Centres for metal 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM).

Renishaw lanceert nieuwe CARTO softwareoplossing voor kalibratiesystemen

September 22, 2015


Renishaw lanceert op de EMO 2015 een nieuw gratis software pakket voor Renishaw kalibratiesystemen. Het pakket bevat Capture en Explore, die bij het XL-80 laserinterferometer systeem de gegevensopname en -analyse verzorgen. CARTO versie 1.1 ondersteunt lineaire, hoek- en rechtheidsmetingen, naar keuze gestart door middel van een druk op de knop , door de positie of op afstand (TP-in). CARTO heeft een nieuw databasesysteem dat automatisch gegevens opslaat en sorteert. Daardoor kunnen gebruikers er gemakkelijker mee werken, en snel en eenvoudig gegevens vergelijken met eerdere resultaten.

Nieuwe software vergroot mogelijkheden met QC20-W ballbar voor gegevensopname op tijdbasis

September 14, 2015


Renishaw introduceert op de EMO 2015 Ballbar Trace, een nieuw softwarepakket voor gegevensopname op tijdbasis, bestemd voor de QC20-W ballbar waarmee de positioneringsnauwkeurigheid van CNC-bewerkingsmachines wordt geverifieerd. De nieuwe software is gratis voor bestaande gebruikers van de QC20-W en maakt vele nieuwe toepassingen beschikbaar, waaronder statische bewaking en gegevensopname volgens ISO 10791-6.

Renishaw announces the launch of the RSP3-6 scanning probe for the REVO® multi-sensor system

August 11, 2015


Renishaw is pleased to announce the launch of the RSP3-6 extended reach scanning probe for use with the REVO 5-axis measurement system on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The RSP3-6 probe provides enhanced capability for accessing and inspecting features deep within bores by combining long extensions of up to 800 mm with REVO’s 5-axis movements. RSP3-6 is ideal for inspecting large parts, such as engine blocks and components for heavy machinery used in the construction, mining, automotive and defence industries.

neuromate® frameless Gen II robot installation and first deep brain stimulation (DBS)

August 3, 2015


Renishaw is pleased to announce that a neuromate frameless Gen II stereotactic robotic system has been installed at the Department of Neurological Surgery at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Ali Rezai, MD, Professor of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience and Director, OSU Center for Neuromodulation, is the head of the team who performed the first case in the USA using the neuromate frameless Gen II system for the implantation of DBS electrodes.

Renishaw opens new Slovenian research facility

June 30, 2015


Renishaw is pleased to announce the creation of Renishaw Tehnični Inženiring d.o.o., a new research and development organisation which is located within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

New system for simple length setting of tools on CNC machining centres

May 4, 2015


Renishaw has launched the Primo™ LTS (length tool setter). The Primo LTS is a single-axis tool setter which allows users to set tool length, check for breakage, and compensate for thermal growth on a CNC machining centre.

First Renishaw neuromate® frameless Gen II robot installation in the USA

April 2, 2015

Renishaw is pleased to announce that a neuromate frameless Gen II stereotactic robotic system has been installed, at the neurosurgery department of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. This is the first installation of neuromate frameless Gen II in the USA.

Renishaw launches ATOM™ diagnostic kit to aid system optimisation and installation

March 16, 2015

ATOM is Renishaws innovative non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system that uniquely combines miniaturisation with exceptional dynamic performance and outstanding reliability.

RLS miniature sensors for space constrained applications

Renishaw’s associate company RLS, has announced the launch of high performance miniature encoder sensors for embedded OEM motion control applications. With their small size and lightweight design the new sensors are highly suited to a wide range of applications including medical products, optics positioning, robot control, 3D printers, gimbals and hand held devices. The miniature sensors come in four different shapes and offer linear and rotary performance at resolutions to 0.244 µm for linear applications and to 753,664 cpr for rotary applications.