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Tecnotion is the global authority on linear motor technology. We are the world’s only unbundled manufacturer of linear motors. A former part of Philips, we specialize solely in the development and production of linear motors. Because of this, our expertise, customer service and product quality are unmatched.

Linear motors can be used in a wide range of production processes and are especially useful for the semiconductor, electronics, lcd, automotive and robotics industries, as well as providing solutions for printing and cutting various materials with pinpoint accuracy.

We have a global presence, with production plants in The Netherlands and China and local representation around the world. This ensures short delivery times and high quality support, wherever you are located.

When you do business with Tecnotion, you will have a team of highly skilled sales and application engineers at your disposal. They will help you from your initial prototype all the way to the application of our products and beyond.

Whatever your needs are, you can count on Tecnotion as a solid, reliable partner.

Please have a look at our Iron Core & Ironless Linear Motor Series brochure.


Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives.

Our torque motors as shown in the below pictures are extremely compact, provide an extremely stiff drive train, eliminate the need for time-consuming mounting procedures, are virtually maintenance free and can be integrated directly into the machine structure, while the spacious open inner diameter enables wire and cable feedthrough. To top things off the entire series comes with completely sealed stators and integrated temperature protection and measurement sensors.


Our Philosophy

At Tecnotion we recognize that each application of our linear motors is a unique case with specific requirements and demands. When you’re doing business with Tecnotion you have a highly skilled team of sales engineers at your disposal. Our team will help and support you throughout the entire process, from initial concept right to the application of our products and beyond.

We strive to continuously improve our organization by remaining focused on our customer’s needs. We can assist you with our extensive knowledge and high degree of specialization. The better we understand your company with its objectives and difficulties, the better we are able to provide an optimal solution.

By focusing our manpower on research, development and manufacturing of the finest linear drive systems on the market, we ensure you have a flexible, reliable partner that can collaborate with you on a high level in all standard or tailor-made solutions.

Furthermore we are dedicated towards achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards possible, of which our ISO 9001 certification can attest.

Worldwide Logistics

By operating from both The Netherlands and China and with excellent service level agreements with transport companies across the globe our products can be delivered to you quickly and safely, wherever you are situated.


Thermal resistance Rth – white paper

April 13, 2024

Good thermal management of applications is essential as it improves motor performance and lowers energy loss. The thermal resistance (Rth) is a key parameter in thermal management, and this white paper will focus on this parameter and how it can be optimized to reach the maximum performance of the direct drive motor. Read more

Tecnotion expands its operations with a new factory in Vietnam

April 6, 2024

This new facility will not only improve our production capabilities but also enable us to better serve our customers worldwide. Read more

Best performance for stringent vacuum applications

February 17, 2024

Tecnotion vacuum rated ironless linear motors are optimized in various ways to perform in very strict vacuum conditions to prevent unwanted chemical reactions, contaminations or influences due to magnetic stray fields on the process. Improvements are realized in the areas of outgassing, heat extraction and force generation. Read more

The effect of heat transfer in a vacuum environment – White paper

February 10, 2024

Tecnotion’s G2 vacuum ironless motors move masses with a certain velocity and acceleration. The heavier the mass or the faster the movement, the more work the motors have to deliver. This effort results in more generated heat, which needs to be dissipated to prevent the motors from overheating. Read more

Custom motors: Adapt standard motor series to meet your needs

February 3, 2024

In case the standard motor series are not sufficient for your application, it is also possible to have these motors customized in a variety of ways. Customization can range from simple modifications, like a different connector, to fully tailor-made motors designed from scratch. Read more [Bron foto: Tecnotion on LinkedIn.com]

How does a linear motor work?

January 27, 2024

Used in many industrial and (high-tech) fabrication applications, linear motors are an invaluable part of the fastest and most efficient processes. But how do linear motors work? This video explains the basic electrical principle of linear motion.

Torque motors vs Conventional servo motors

January 20, 2024

Different motor types are used to provide rotary motion within industrial applications. Each application has different requirements for speed, torque and accuracy, as well as its constraints in build-in volume and budget. This page briefly introduces different types of motors and their performance in positioning/indexing applications. Please watch our webinar recording to find out more in-depth information. Read more

Why use a vacuum-enclosed design?

January 13, 2024

A perfect vacuum is an environment without any matter of gas in it. In industrial applications, a vacuum environment is considered to have a pressure much lower than the atmospheric pressure and is therefore formally only a partial vacuum. In the semiconductor market, vacuum systems are used at various manufacturing stages to reduce impurities and prevent contamination. Performing processes in a vacuum allows for higher-quality treatment. So when do you need the vacuum-enclosed design from the G2 vacuum linear motors for your application? Read more

Boost your power, boost your game! 

December 9, 2023

At Tecnotion, we specialize in pushing the boundaries of motor optimization, ensuring that your appliations not only meet but exceed expectations. We have the capability to customize iron core magnet plates by adding additional force to the existing motors, all without the need for any design modifications. This tailored approach delivers a substantial boost in motor force, guarantees higher acceleration and improved efficiency! Read more

Choosing the right motor just got easier!

October 28, 2023

Our simulation tool lets you input application data, instantly generates detailed reports and performance graphs, and even allows to save scenarios for future use, all with a single click. Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to efficiency! Read more

Linear motors vs other drive systems

September 16, 2023

Linear motion can be achieved by using different types of drive systems. Depending on the requirements of the application different drive systems can be beneficial for your machine. Belt drive, rack & pinion, ball screw and linear motors are often considered as four common linear drive systems. This page briefly introduces each of these systems, please watch our webinar and videos if you are interested to discover the advantages and considerations of each of these systems, and make a best choice for your applications. Read more

The new benchmark in vacuum motors

August 26, 2023

Generation 2 vacuum ironless linear motor series is designed with the unique challenges of vacuum applications in mind and based on years of collaboration with high-end semiconductor manufacturers. The portfolio is suitable for even the strictest vacuum requirements with a large force range. Read more

Linear, torque and custom solutions

August 5, 2023

Tecnotion direct drive motors are seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of applications, such as semiconductors, machine tooling, robotics, display applications and printing industry. As an independent supplier of linear- and torque motors we offer specialized motor technology to place in your motion solutions. We direct drive your motion technology. Read more

Delta Robot application

June 30, 2023

The new generation delta robots have one thing in common. Their design replaces the familiar servo motors with gearbox, opting for direct drive torque motors instead. Together with Tecnotion, Brom mechatronics designed and build the first delta robot production line to place flower bulbs into pots. The build-in frameless torque motors play an important role to increase productivity and reduce costs. Read more

Tecnotion start implementatie Togetr Digital Factory

June 17, 2023

In de voorbije maanden is bij Tecnotion, gespecialiseerd in het produceren en customizen van hightech direct drive-motoren, de implementatie gestart van de Togetr Digital Factory-module. Directe aanleiding voor deze stap is de strategische visie binnen Tecnotion om operational excellence te bereiken, gecombineerd met de sterke quality first-ambitie binnen het Almelose bedrijf. Tecnotion zit in een groeiversnelling met een uitbreiding van zijn productiefaciliteiten en een bijpassende groei van het personeelsbestand. Het factory automation-traject dat vorig jaar is ingezet, moet invulling geven aan de wens om zowel in omvang te groeien als ook kwaliteit en efficiency een boost te geven. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

Succes Tecnotion mede bepaald door roots Philips en ASML, ‘Inmiddels zijn we technologiemarktleider, op eigen kracht’

May 13, 2023

Binnenkort beslist Tecnotion, gespecialiseerd in het produceren en customizen van hightech direct drive motoren, over een nieuwe productielocatie in Oost-Europa. Hiermee wil het bedrijf invulling geven aan zijn strategie ‘lokaal verkopen, lokaal produceren’ en tevens klaar zijn voor de verwachte groei in toonaangevende markten. Het nieuwe hoofdkantoor in Nederland, dat in Q2 2024 in gebruik wordt genomen, levert hier ook een belangrijke bijdrage aan. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

We direct drive innovation in delta robot

May 6, 2023

The new generation of delta robots have one thing in common. Direct drive torque motors replace the well-known servo motors with gearbox. Brom Mechatronics worked together with Tecnotion on their newest innovative design. They used Tecnotion torque motors for the automation line to plant bulb flowers in pots. The torque motors play an important role in increasing productivity and reducing costs, resulting in a better ROI for the customer. Watch the video

Vacuum Generation 2 Motors – Manual

April 27, 2023

Tecnotion’s vacuum ironless linear motors can be placed in a high vacuum as a whole. We created this manual, to help you with the installation of the vacuum linear motor within your high-end application. It will give insight into what aspects to consider for the design.

If you need further assistance, our support team can help you along the way with exact specifications and performance details. Download the manual here.

Temperature monitoring and protection – whitepaper

March 11, 2023

Temperature monitoring and protection – whitepaper Not all the energy put into a linear motor can be converted into movement. The excess energy is mostly dissipated through flux losses in the coil windings, in the form of heat. The more force you want the motor to produce, the more energy you need to supply, and the more heat is generated. Proper heat transfer is essential. Find out in this white paper about the three ways to protect your linear motors from overheating! Read more

White paper | How can you calculate the moment of inertia?

February 24, 2023

And how does it affect the selection of a torque motor in your application? The moment of inertia is a key concept in understanding the rotational behavior of objects. Check out our white paper with an explanation of this topic.

A short explanation of cogging in iron core direct drive motors

December 2, 2022

Cogging force is a phenomenon caused by the attraction of the iron lamination stack of the motor to the permanent magnets. The direction of this force is either the same or opposite to the moving direction. By moving the motor over the magnet track the cogging effect can be noticed, the motor has a preferred position above the track and will move towards a permanent magnet. Read more

Vacuum Generation 2 motors for powerful and precise processes

November 10, 2022

Generation 2 vacuum ironless linear motor series is designed with the unique challenges of vacuum applications in mind and based on years of collaboration with high-end semiconductor manufacturers. The portfolio is suitable for even the strictest vacuum requirements with a large force range. Read more

Calculate the expected amount of friction force for your application

October 13, 2022

When designing an application the expected amount of friction is an important specification to consider. Friction directly dictates how much force a motor must overcome to reach the desired motion parameters like acceleration. Friction is defined as the force that is opposite in direction to the speed that is generated by the motor. Knowing how much friction the motor will encounter at what stage in the movement profile is therefore paramount. Read more

We direct drive innovation in delta robots

July 9, 2022

The new generation of delta robots have one thing in common. Direct drive torque motors replace the well-known servo motors with gearbox. Brom Mechatronics worked together with Tecnotion on their newest innovative design. They used Tecnotion torque motors for the automation line to plant bulb flowers in pots. The torque motors play an important role in increasing productivity and reducing costs, resulting in a better ROI for the customer. Watch the video

Wat doet een industrial improvement engineer?

June 3, 2022

Techniek is overal en voor iedereen! In onze rubriek medewerker uitgelicht interviewen we collega’s van onze 12 hightech bedrijven. Hoe werkt het precies in de techniek en wat is er zo leuk? Deze week interviewen we Rika. Zij werkt als Industrial improvement engineer bij Tecnotion. Waarom zij voor techniek koos lees je hier [Bron: ontdekhightech.nl]

Comparison of linear motion systems

April 16, 2022

Do you know the difference between linear motors, rack and pinion, timing belts and ball screws in linear motion? It is critical to understand functionality and intelligence of drive systems in linear motion. In this video, it shows the differences between different drive systems, their pros and cons so as to choose the perfect one for your application. Watch the video

We direct drive innovation in delta robots

March 25, 2022

The new generation of delta robots have one thing in common. Direct drive torque motors replace the well-known servo motors with gearbox. Brom Mechatronics worked together with Tecnotion on their newest innovative design. They used Tecnotion torque motors for the automation line to plant bulb flowers in pots. The torque motors play an important role in increasing productivity and reducing costs, resulting in a better ROI for the customer. Watch the video

We direct drive

February 12, 2022

Our customers direct drive their motion technology with our linear and torque motors. With over 20 years of experience, we are used to design and build any movement question with unparalleled quality. Watch our video and experience what Tecnotion direct drive motors can do for your application.

Linear motors in digital cutting applications

February 4, 2022

Linear motors are the best fit in digital cutting applications with a high force density and more accurate control. The high force density provides best-in-class acceleration and top speed to increase throughput and the accuracy improves cutting quality. Read more

The TL48 – Best suited for printing

December 24, 2021

The TL48Q is a coil unit especially suited for applications with a high force demand and long strokes. The high force generation allows it to accelerate very quickly to the desired velocity. Read more

Tech-gigant Tecnotion uit Almelo koopt 20.000 vierkante meter op XL Businesspark; ruimtegebrek verleden tijd

December 17, 2021

Hightechbedrijf Tecnotion verhuist naar het XL Businesspark. De onderneming stampt daar komend jaar een kolos van 20.000 vierkante meter uit de grond. Het bedrijventerrein tussen Bornerbroek en Almelo zit nu zo goed als vol. Lees verder [Bron: tubantia.nl]

Complete tutorial to select the right motor in our simulation tool

December 11, 2021

Finding the best motor is paramount to your application but it can be a daunting task. In this tutorial, we will show you how correct motor sizing can enhance your development process by singling out the most suitable motor for your need. Also, it will demonstrate the basics of how to do proper motor sizing, based on your application, with Tecnotion’s simulation tool, and which parameters influence the sizing. The simulation tool can make very accurate calculations on the fly, which results in a variety of parameters. Watch the video

WHITEPAPER – calculating the moment of inertia

July 31, 2021

The most difficult mechanical parameter in torque motor sizing tends to be the moment of inertia. It is the rotative equivalent of moving mass. Its value is determined by the value of the moving mass and the distance of the mass to the axis of rotation. Calculating the moment of inertia correctly can even be difficult with a straightforward system. Read more

Direct drive in motion

July 3, 2021

Watch the video

Tecnotion opens new sales office in China

June 1, 2021

The new office is the sixth sales office and is an important step towards continuous international expansion. With their local sales offices and a worldwide network of distributors, Tecnotion can deliver fast and customized service and support. Read more

What is commutation?

March 19, 2021

In order to generate motion in a three-phase linear motor there must be switching between the phases to energize appropriate windings. The process of switching between the phases is called commutation. Read more

The QLT torque family keeps growing!

November 14, 2020

in 2019 a new design of torque motors was released at the sps smart production solutions fair. called the qtl-a series, it is a motor that accommodates applications where high continuous torque in combination with a compact design is paramount. now tecnotion expanded upon the same design with two new series with even higher torque generation. the qtl-a 385 and qtl-a 485. Read more

Advantages of coupling of linear motors

October 14, 2020

Coupling two linear motors is an easy and effective way of increasing the available force. Herewith you are not just limited to using identical motors. Various combinations can be made, as long as the motor force constant is the same. This note discusses some details of a ‘coupled application’. Read more


August 27, 2020

Machine throughput and production rate is a key factor for efficient manufacturing. It is well known that building machines that move back and forth result in lower efficiency than unidirectional movements. Read more

Vacuum motors

July 18, 2020

Apart from the features carried over from our regular ironless motors: light weight and ultra precision, this series is also capable of incredibly smooth motion and achieves the lowest amount of outgassing possible for a series product of this type. Read more

Grensverleggend met direct drive motoren voor de hightech industrie

May 28, 2020

Wat hebben (3d) printers, robots, drones, lasersnijders en productiemachines van tv-schermen gemeen? In het hart tref je vaak een motor aan van Tecnotion! Direct aangedreven motoren zoals torque- en lineaire motoren – al dan niet in vacuüm omgeving- spelen een steeds prominentere rol in allerlei hightech-ontwikkelingen. Lees verder over de stage van Jordy Holland bij Tecnotion.

Ben je net als Jordy op zoek naar een leuke stageplaats met interessante technische vraagstukken? Of net afgestudeerd en op zoek naar een uitdagende baan? Aarzel niet en mail naar hrm@tecnotion.com of kijk eerst op www.tecnotion.com voor meer informatie.

Moving Magnet Systems

May 22, 2020

In the case of clean room and vacuum applications, any particle-generating components must be positioned outside of the controlled environment to avoid degrading the environment. For applications that involve the presence of hazardous chemicals, safety requirements demand that electrical components be located outside of the work area. The moving magnet system, jointly developed by Tecnotion and a motion control partner, provides the perfect solution to these requirements. Read more

Large format printers

March 28, 2020

One of the most critical quality measures of large format printers is the spacing of pixels, since the human eye can detect pixels that are not evenly spaced. This means that the motion of the printer should be extremely smooth and the velocity of the print head very stable. To achieve this, a majority of large format printer manufacturers use linear motors, which can increase the accuracy of the ink jetting. Read more

Waterjet – Laser Cutters

February 24, 2020

Hardened steel racks are often required in order to withstand the forces resulting from this high acceleration rate. This can add significant cost to the machine. To avoid this extra cost, machine builders are replacing rack and pinion systems with linear motors. While the cutting speed is determined by the cutting source, the time it takes to reach this speed – the acceleration rate – and the movement time between different parts have a significant effect on machine throughput. Read more