The best tech talents and the most ambitious companies connect at TMC. We are a unique high tech consultancy company. It’s people who drive technology. They bring knowledge to execution and can spark or accelerate innovation. Because we are in the heart of the international high tech industry we know the needs of companies that want to stay ahead. We create the best possible conditions for tech talents so they can add value to ambitious and innovative companies.


We combine the security of a permanent contract with the passion of entrepreneurship. We are convinced that this puts us in the unique position to focus on continuous development of ourselves, the companies we work for and our industry in general. And our unique model – Employeneurship – offers everything to support that.


To realize your ambitions as a company in the high tech industry access to knowledge and expertise is essential. It ensures continuity and innovation strength. We meet this need by providing the tech talent you need whenever you need it. But our Employeneurs offer more. Because of their entrepreneurial spirit they see across borders and provide creative solutions to your challenges.


• Application Lifecycle management
• Data Science
• Chemical
• Civil engineering
• Electronics
• Field service & International site management
• Industrial automation
• Life sciences
• Manufacturing support
• Mechanical
• Mechatronics
• Nanotechnology
• New product introduction
• Physics
• Software
• Technology executives
• Test & Integration


These five AI trends will change our lives in the years to come

March 16, 2023

Texts that are written automatically and unique images that are generated in seconds… In recent months, artificial intelligence (AI) has shown just how much it is capable of. If developments continue moving this rapidly, a lot could change in the years to come. We have listed five AI trends to look out for. Read more

Het voelt alsof ik een eigen onderneming heb, alleen dan binnen een bedrijf met 2.000 medewerkers

March 3, 2023

Na zijn studie chemische technologie succesvol te hebben afgerond en een eigen startup te hebben opgezet, startte Guido Lensen als business manager bij TMC. De afgelopen vijf jaar zette hij verschillende stappen om zijn ambitie – een goede en invloedrijke werkgever voor zoveel mogelijk mensen zijn – waar te maken: “Samen geven we invulling aan een carrière.” Lees verder [Photography: Bram Becks]

Employeneurship with a touch of humor

January 14, 2023

Lamers High Tech Systems specializes in the development, engineering, construction, qualification and implementation of installations, modules and machine parts for the transport and control of ultra-pure gases and liquids. These installations and products are manufactured under cleanroom conditions. TMC’s Geert van Lin has the honor of temporarily filling the role of production manager of assembly in this rapidly growing production organization. Richard Wortelboer is operations manager at Lamers HTS. He gave Geert free rein. Read more

Discovering species with AI

December 2, 2022

The robot will use sensors, cameras and other technology to create images that must be converted into usable data. Dorin: “We have to train the AI system in such a way that it classifies the data from the sensors and the images extremely accurately.” That is important to identify existing species, but also to find species that we don’t even know exist yet. Read more

The ultimate employeneurship: danny launched his own start-up within TMC

October 29, 2022

30-year old Danny Hameeteman is the perfect example of a true employeneur. He is fascinated with robotics and has been operating under the banner of TMC for about six years now. In the meantime, he has already put his stamp on several great projects. When the born employeneur got wind that the government was looking for a special reconnaissance robot, he wasted no time. Danny gathered his TMC troops and presented ‘Throwabot’ to the Ministry of Defense roughly a year later. Clients regularly approach him with an offer of employment. Yet every time he chooses to stay with TMC. Why do you ask? This brilliant mind explains it all to you in detail. Read more

Iedereen verdient een goede werkgever

October 1, 2022

Guido Lensen droomt niet van Nobelprijzen of een dikke bankrekening, maar van een rol als goede en invloedrijke werkgever. ‘Het helpt als je mensen vertelt waar je naar streeft.’ Lees verder [Bron: sciencelink.net]

Fasten your seatbelts for TMC & Oerlikon Eldim

September 6, 2022

Oerlikon Eldim manufactures and processes parts for aircraft engines. They resell these parts to parties which themselves supply engines to large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. As there was a lack of capacity and appropriate competences in the analytical field, Eldim called in TMC. Michel Werts, Senior Process Engineer at TMC stepped on board to help improve the efficiency of Eldim’s production processes. Together with his manager Sylvain Mégard, he tells us about their cooperation that went sky high in no time. Read more

A manufacturing engineer is the connecting link between factory and designers

September 2, 2022

Employeneurs at NPI (New Product Introduction) end up in very different places: in the process industry, the automotive industry or in healthcare, for example. As a Manufacturing Engineer, Egbert-Jan Holleman is a bridge builder to good process design for production. The goal is to get the process design so good that you go into production first time right. Read more

TMC employeneurs quickly up to speed at Thermofisher

July 30, 2022

Thermofisher’s biggest site in The Netherlands is in Eindhoven, TMC’s hometown. An excellent environment for TMC employeneurs to thrive. Especially within the R&D department, where Miriam Sandberg has made a soft landing, thanks to the long term relationship between Thermofisher and TMC. Paul Nollen, Development Support Manager: ‘We collaborate closely with TMC, because we want the best engineers, and we need them to be up to speed as quickly as possible.’ Read more

TMC contributes to certification of Elekta’s state-of-the-art solution for cancer treatment

July 9, 2022

Swedish company Elekta provides radiation therapy, radiosurgery, related equipment and clinical management for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders. Due to new medical legislation and regulations (MDR) in Europe, the company must improve or supplement existing design and production documentation where necessary. They get help from six TMC employeneurs. Read more

TMC opent een vestiging op de Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen

June 18, 2022

Vanaf 1 juli openen we op de Brightlands Chemelot Campus een nieuwe vestiging. Om onze torenhoge ambities waar te maken, zijn we op zoek naar meerdere business managers die hier in de regio het verschil willen maken! Bekijk de video

Superhuman precision in microsurgery: TMC and Microsure are making it possible

June 4, 2022

Some operations require hand movements that are so microscopic that very few doctors are able to perform them. Microsure is currently working on developing MUSA: the world’s first surgical robot for open microsurgery. Using two joysticks, the robot converts the surgeon’s hand movements into microscopic movements, making it possible to work with extreme precision. This will make it possible to help more patients in the future. TMC was flown in to optimise the robot on a technical level, a project which is still in full swing as we speak. We asked Erik Niels Boerma (Employeneur at TMC) and Dick Dijkkamp (CTO at Microsure) all about this extraordinary ‘operation’. Read more

3 applications of 3d printing

May 27, 2022

The applications of 3D printing are expanding increasingly: we can print houses, hip implants and even hamburgers. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a technique in which a product is printed layer by layer. This technology is growing rapidly and is predicted to continue growing with 21% annually. In this article Erik Huisman, Paul Mestrom and Bart van Liere, all employeneurs at TMC, explain how 3D printing is developing within different sectors. What is possible within 3D printing already and what are the challenges? Read more

Setting up a specialized electromobility programme

May 14, 2022

The world of automotive evolves rapidly. Just ten or fifteen years ago, we could have hardly imagined what the automotive industry looks like today. Petrol and diesel vehicles are making way for electrical ones. In Sweden, there are already more full electrical cars on the roads than petrol and diesel vehicles combined. Read more

The collaboration of Team CORE and TMC

April 30, 2022

At the Entrepreneurial Lab, people can initiate their own ideas. Entrepreneurial thinking is encouraged greatly. We are happy to have met Team CORE during the TU/e Contest. We now actively collaborate and have even employed two of the team members. Watch the video

TMC opens an office on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus 

April 12, 2022

High-tech consultancy firm TMC (The Member Company), will open a new office on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in July. It will be TMC’s sixth Dutch office, in addition to offices in Eindhoven, Utrecht, Delft, Enschede and Groningen. Read more

Companies must analyze their data before they run an algorithm

March 31, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more important for businesses and consumers. But this is so much more than just technology. According to Natasja van de L’Isle, data science consultant at TMC, the outcome of AI systems can contain bias due to multiple causes. Read more

Three alternatives to gasoline

March 25, 2022

You probably read it in the news or noticed it when you were at the gas station: gasoline prices have risen sharply. A few weeks ago, the Dutch recommended retail price for Euro95 even reached a new record of €2.50 per liter. Meanwhile, the recommended retail price has dropped slightly to €2.43. Article

IoTH wordt TMC Roemenië

March 18, 2022

TMC groeit door. Voor het eerst gaan we samen met een bestaand buitenlands bedrijf: IoTH wordt TMC Roemenië, met het hoofdkantoor in Boekarest. IoTH past uitstekend bij TMC. De cultuur en waarden van IoTH sluiten perfect aan bij ons werkondernemerschapsmodel. En Roemenië biedt veel kansen om Oost-Europese opdrachtgevers binnen te halen en vooral nieuw talent aan te trekken. ‘Roemenië kent goede universiteiten en veel topingenieurs die we graag aan TMC willen binden.’ Lees verder

TMC groeit ook weer in Brainport: meer werk van ASML, Philips en DAF voor Eindhovense detacheerder

February 15, 2022

Uitbreiding in Zweden en Italië, maar ook meer werk voor ASML, Philips en DAF. Detacheerder van hightech specialisten TMC weet ook in de eigen Brainport-regio weer te groeien. Lees verder [Bron: ed.nl]

Entrepreneurial Lab projects

February 5, 2022

As TMC we are very proud of our Entrepreneurial Lab projects. We provide room to experiment and an opportunity to play. It’s a space where our employeneurs can cooperate in multi-disciplinairy teams across the boundaries of their day-to-day restrictions to make their innovative dreams come true. The 3Beam team is the perfect example of how you make dreams become reality! Watch the video

3D food printing: how and why?

November 19, 2021

It may sound like science fiction, but experts say that by 2050 we’ll be able to print almost all foods. 3D printing is all about the three-dimensional printing of products. In engineering many polymer or metal products are already produced by 3D printing. Several years ago 3D food printing was added to the list. But how does 3D food printing work and what opportunities does it offer? Read more

TMC mouth masks machine for Uganda

November 11, 2021

At the Entrepreneurial Lab, a project was initiated to help with the problems around Covid-19. In this successful project, a machine was invented that recycles locally collected plastics into mouth masks. This contributes to three great topics: fighting Covid-19, creating local jobs and supporting environmental challenges. Watch the video

What is daily performance management and how to apply it?

October 14, 2021

Every (manufacturing) company wants to visualize its operational information as simply and clearly as possible. Daily Performance Management (DPM) is a visual method to measure the performance of a team and enables teams to make improvements themselves. By using a digital platform, everyone in the team, regardless of location, can see how the team is doing and where improvements are needed. Read more

Hoe je processen en producten verbetert met design of experiments (doe)

September 10, 2021

Als je een product of proces wilt verbeteren, kun je natuurlijk afgaan op je onderbuikgevoel. Dat is meestal geen goed idee, want al heb je nog zo veel ervaring, de praktijk is vaak weerbarstiger. Met Design of Experiments (DoE) zet je een experiment op om heel systematisch te bepalen welke factoren invloed hebben op het proces. Marc Schrijvers en Michel Werts van TMC laten je in een workshop kennismaken met de basisprincipes van DoE. Ze lichten alvast een tip van de sluier op. Lees verder

New machine recycles plastic for mouth masks in Uganda

August 7, 2021

TMC has developed a machine over the past year that recycles plastic collected in Uganda to make reusable and affordable mouth masks. The machine is now being shipped to its destination, the capital Kampala. In addition to helping to fight Covid-19, this project is also contributing to climate goals and creating around 2,500 jobs locally. Read more 

TMC’s YOUniversity

July 3, 2021

We highly value the capabilities of our workforce, which is why we developed an infrastructure to support all of our employeneurs in their personal and professional growth: the YOUrney. Our YOUniversity is a vital part of that, with training sessions and programs that will support you at every stage of your career – from the Onboarding Program to your personal improvement plan. Watch the video 

4 trends for an effective supply chain strategy

May 12, 2021

Supply chains are an essential area of concern for companies today. By setting up all parts of the supply chain in the best possible way, a company ensures that it can deliver products and services on time. In addition, customers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to delivery times. Inevitably, the field of supply chain is changing rapidly and radically to deliver even faster. We list the four major themes that are behind those changes. Read more

The inspiring story of Throwabot

May 1, 2021

Danny, Bart and Toine developed Throwabot, a robot that can explore potentially dangerous situations. It is a robust, lightweight robot that can be remotely controlled. It is equipped with a camera and microphone so the controller can hear and see what the robot observes. Watch the video

The Racing Stable

April 14, 2021

‘The Racing Stable’ van Marcel Metze beschrijft openhartig de geschiedenis van High Tech consultancy The Member Company (TMC). Lees verder

Smart Industry kan wel wat ‘human factor’ gebruiken

April 7, 2021

Bij Smart Industry ligt de nadruk vaak op technologie. Begrijpelijk, maar de menselijke factor is niet te onderschatten. Hoe kun je iedereen in de organisatie ondersteunen om zo effectief mogelijk om te gaan met een steeds sneller veranderende omgeving? Lees verder

The Smart Industry taskforce

March 27, 2021

Smart Industry, or Industry 4.0, stands for the total development into the future of the world of manufacturing. Within this trend, the combination of data, systems, automation, human factors, innovation, and organizational structures play a big role. Read more

De manufacturing engineer is de verbindende schakel tussen fabriek en ontwerpers

March 24, 2021

Employeneurs bij NPI (New Product Introduction) komen op heel verschillende plekken terecht: in de procesindustrie, de automotive-industrie of in de healthcare bijvoorbeeld. Als Manufacturing Engineer is Egbert-Jan Holleman een bruggenbouwer naar een goede procesinrichting voor productie. Lees verder

Hightech detacheerder uit Eindhoven gaat voor verdubbeling: TMC hervindt groeipad na stabiel coronajaar

March 12, 2021

Ook in de hightech is op afstand werken goed mogelijk, heeft detacheerder van hoogopgeleide specialisten TMC gemerkt. In coronajaar 2020 wist het Eindhovense bedrijf de omzet te stabiliseren. In de eerste maanden van dit jaar is het pad naar verdere groei hervonden. Een verdubbeling naar 2500 specialisten in 2025 staat als stip op de horizon. Lees verder [Bron: ad.nl]

TMC met ’employeneurshipmodel’ nu actief in elf landen

March 5, 2021

Hightech consultancyfirma TMC opent een nieuwe vestiging in Luxemburg (stad). Met dit nieuwe kantoor is TMC nu vertegenwoordigd in elf landen wereldwijd. Het van oorsprong Eindhovense bedrijf heeft een internationale groeiambitie en daarmee is de uitbreiding naar Luxemburg een logische volgende stap. Lees verder [Bron: linkmagazine.nl]

TMC’S new supply chain management business cell helps companies to digitise and automate their supply chains

January 13, 2021

Twenty Employeneurs at TMC Netherlands’ new business cell Supply Chain are itching to help companies to structure and digitize their supply chains, a goal that has received an additional push by the corona pandemic. Cell director Noortje van Boxtel and business manager Pepijn Rinzema tell us more. Read more

Groningen office gives TMC Netherlands national coverage

January 6, 2021

With a new office in the city of Groningen, the north of the Netherlands now has a new ambitious, fast-growing, and unique company. With our employeneurship model, engineers can decide for which client they will work and share in the profits on their own project. The new office opened on January 4th. Next to Eindhoven, Delft, Utrecht and Enschede this is the fifth Dutch office. With this first office in the north, we can now realize full national coverage. Read more

Ten throwabots delivered to the ministry of defence: turning dreams into reality

December 17, 2020

About four years ago, Danny Hameeteman started the Throwabot project in the Entrepreneurial Lab of TMC. At that time it was just an idea and it was being researched whether this could become an actual product. It is now a genuine product and ten robots have been handed over to the Ministry of Defence. Read more

Enabling children in a wheelchair to enjoy sports with a soccer robot

December 10, 2020

For children with a disability it can be very difficult to play and exercise like other children of the same age. How great would it be if it becomes possible for them to be able to exercise and even play sports together with a team? With the Soccer Robot the dream of many of these children might become reality. Read more

Eight notable changes in the new scrum guide update

December 3, 2020

The Scrum Guide has been updated in November 2020. What has changed? What lies behind the changes? And what does that mean for your Scrum Team today? Read more

Starting a job in another continent during COVID-19

November 14, 2020

This year has certainly brought many changes in working cultures. Everyone had to adapt and get used to a new way of working. When you work close by, a home office is usually set up relatively easy. But what if you are just starting a job in another country, or continent even? Read more

The IOT trends of the past year

October 17, 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in its golden age, but what were the trends in IoT this year? We have listed 3 trends that have been identified by our experts this year. Read more

Starting a study at mit next to working at several clients

October 2, 2020

Ignacio Vazquez Rodarte, Consultant at TMC Data Science, must be one of TMC’s most occupied Employeneurs. Next to his projects at several clients, hybrid teaching at the local university and being part of the Expat Community, Ignacio is now also starting as a MSc Fellow in System Design and Management at one of the world’s most precious universities, MIT. Let’s dive into his story. Read more

The successful application of tmc’s quickscan at vbr turbine partners

August 19, 2020

A lot is happening in the field of data science. There is a growing enthusiasm and interest in the wide range of possibilities that data science can offer to companies. From smart diagnostics using machine learning algorithms to sales forecasting and building recommender systems, the number of possibilities keeps on expanding. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to navigate through this vast field and choose the right applications for your company.  Read more

An introduction into Agile

July 30, 2020

We often get questions about how Agile works, what the main techniques are, how it can help an organization, and what a team structure could look like. In this article we will give an answer to all of these questions! Read more

Fifth anniversary of tmc international!

July 16, 2020

TMC was founded in 2000 in Eindhoven, focusing on software engineers in the beginning. Later, this was expanded to more technical specializations. By making sure to only hire the best qualified Employeneurs, TMC has developed itself to an important knowledge partner for the biggest high-tech companies in the world. Read more

combining your job with teaching: fun, enriching, and challenging

July 8, 2020

The ‘Hybrid Teaching’ pilot started early 2020. It was initiated by several collaborating partners, including secondary schools in Brainport Eindhoven, Summa, ROC ter AA, Fontys, TU/e, TMC, ASML, and Brainport Development. This pilot is aimed at letting technicians fulfill a role as a part-time teacher at various regional secondary schools, secondary vocational education and universities, in addition to their current work. Read more

hoe nieuwe technologie de tv-industrie verandert

July 4, 2020

De wereld van televisie en video streaming zit al jaren in een stroomversnelling, en dit zal de komende jaren ook zo blijven. De kijkers verwachten te kunnen kijken wat ze leuk vinden, op elk moment, waar ze ook zijn. De technologie om dit mogelijk te maken is nu betaalbaar. In dit artikel gaan we in op de veranderingen en de onderliggende technologische trends. Lees verder

TMC brings swedish digital lean solution tot the Netherlands

June 23, 2020

As of this month, TMC offers the Swedish platform MEVISIO to Dutch companies. MEVISIO is a cloud solution with which (production)companies can visualize their operational information on interactive screens. The need for digital Lean solutions is increasing because of international teams and the current situation with a lot of home working. Read more

‘Progressieve web-apps’ hebben de toekomst

June 18, 2020

Webtechnologie verandert in een razend tempo. Het aanbod van programmeertalen, raamwerken, tools en platformen biedt een rijke omgeving voor snelle innovatie en groei. Bijblijven met deze veranderingen is nagenoeg een fulltime-bezigheid, mede vanwege het uiteenlopende spectrum, variërend van formele programmeertalen tot abstracte cloud architecturen. Als gevolg van deze grote hoeveelheid innovatie is door Google het concept van progressive web app (pwa) geïntroduceerd, een hybride variant van website en app. Lees verder [Bron: computable]

TMC voegt hightechindustrie kennis toe aan 5G hub

June 12, 2020

TMC heeft zich sinds deze maand aangesloten bij de 5G HUB. Dit hebben TMC en 5G HUB consortium partners Brainport Development, High Tech Campus, Ericsson en VodafoneZiggo vastgelegd in een samenwerkingsovereenkomst. De samenwerkende partijen onderzoeken en testen de mogelijkheden van de nieuwe 5G technologie. Ook stimuleren zij de innovatieve mogelijkheden van het netwerk. Lees verder

Break the stereotype: my journey as a women in nanotechnology

June 5, 2020

I studied Materials Engineering in Iran. I chose this study due to the fact that it is an interdisciplinary program and could pave the way to different specialties in the Engineering field. It was during my Master studies that I realized most of the cutting-edge technology and advances in research happened thanks to developments in nano science. I therefore chose Nanotechnology as the focus of my Master project and later on in my career. Read more

Cyrille Lecroq invents a connected stethoscope for remote consultations

May 28, 2020

René Laennec invented the stethoscope in 1816 by observing children playing on an oak beam with a needle. Engineer Cyrille Lecroq took part in the battle against Covid-19 to modernize it in his spare time. Read more

TMC´S buddy project: een warm welkom in Nederland

May 20, 2020

TMC is niet alleen actief in verschillende landen, maar verwelkomt ook getalenteerde Employeneurs van over de hele wereld. Bijna 20% van de in Nederland werkende Employeneurs is uit een ander land afkomstig, en daar is TMC trots op. Het bedrijf werkt hard om de gehele expat community zo goed mogelijk te helpen. Het Buddy project is daar een krachtig bewijs van. Het heeft al veel internationale Employeneurs een warm welkom geboden. Lees verder

Private Ear and TMC are working on a natural hearing system for musicians

May 1, 2020

Gerrit Eijkelboom has two major hobbies, and they both involve a lot of loud sounds: (rock)music and racing cars. A few years ago, the always being surrounded by loud music caused him to suffer Tinnitus, a type of hearing damage. This made Eijkelboom decide to do something about this problem. “I really had the need for a new kind of hearing protection. One that allows you to experience the intensity of music without the number of decibels causing problems. Read more


April 24, 2020

It all started 3 years ago as a small project at TMC. Today it is an impressive project in which 9 people from different technical disciplines participate. Danny Hameeteman, co-founder of Sita Robotics and one of the initiators of the TEL project Throwabot, has been working on the project since 2016. Read more

The three categories of algorithms within machine learning explained

April 17, 2020

Machine Learning is becoming an increasingly important topic within artificial intelligence. There are many ways to implement machine learning, but first you will have to choose an algorithm which is suitable for what you will develop. Within machine learning, there are many kinds of algorithms. These can be divided into three main categories: supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. Romain Huet, Senior Data Scientist at TMC, explains these different categories and when they can be used. Read more

6 ways to beat the work-from-home-blues

April 10, 2020

It might have sounded good at first, working from home for a while. Decide on your own working schedule, no traffic on the way to work, less distraction from your colleagues… But after working remotely for a while, with no end date in sight yet, the work-from-home-blues are kicking in. We give you some tips and tricks to stay happy and motivated. This is not just good for your own mental health, but also for your relationships with your loved ones and colleagues. Read more

A new way of working in 2020

March 21, 2020

The coronavirus has the world in its grip. Who would have thought a virus could turn the world upside down like that in only a few weeks? The government is taking extreme measures to control the virus. This has far-reaching consequences for businesses, and employees must work from home (where possible). For many companies, this brings new challenges. As a high-tech consultancy company, TMC is fortunately well prepared for working remotely. Our colleague Lotte shared her new way of working 
with RTL Nieuws. How do you make sure you can work productively at home? And how do you maintain social contacts with your colleagues? Read more

Machine learning in de praktijk

March 12, 2020

Artificial intelligence, machine learning en deep learning. Deze begrippen zijn booming en er is dan ook veel over te lezen. Het gaat voornamelijk over hoe deze nieuwe toepassingen technologie en de wereld op zijn kop zetten. Wat voor velen niet duidelijk is, is hoe deze nieuwe ontwikkelingen nu daadwerkelijk toegepast worden. Er zijn immers al veel bedrijven die diverse projecten met AI hebben afgerond. Lees verder

TMC uit Eindhoven haalt groei uit buitenland

February 3, 2020

Per saldo toont hij zich niet ontevreden met de resultaten van vorig jaar van de vestigingen in Eindhoven, Delft, Utrecht en Enschede waar TMC net is gestart. ,,We moesten de teruggang van ASML managen”, geeft Manders aan. Lees verder [Bron: ed]

Jaap van der Heijden: TMC Employeneur, and owner of Superdoos.nl

February 1, 2020

The fact that TMC attributes great value to its Employeneurs, and in particular to their personal development, is demonstrated by the story of Jaap van der Heijden. Jaap is TMC Employeneur and works as Project Leader at Bosch Transmission Technology. He’s also part-time involved in his own company Superdoos.nl. Read more

EYRISE®: a startup where technical challenges are tackled

January 31, 2020

Imagine a window that could switch from milky white to clear, or from clear to tinted with the push of a button… It seems magical, but the start-up eyrise® is already putting up the first switchable windows on buildings! Read more

Normalized systems theory: the next phase in the evolution of software development?

January 15, 2020

Software systems are often large and inflexible. Adaptations in the code are like stones thrown into a pond: one change leads to countless others, that all have to be manually programmed. The Normalized Systems theory addresses that problem. Lees verder

3D food printen, wat en waarom?

December 14, 2019

Het klinkt misschien nog als science-fiction, maar experts zeggen dat we in 2050 bijna alle soorten voeding kunnen printen. 3D Printen staat voor het driedimensionaal printen van verschillende producten. In de techniek worden al meerdere producten van bijvoorbeeld polymeren of metaal geproduceerd door middel van 3D printen. Maar sinds een aantal jaar is er iets nieuws; 3D food printen. Maar hoe werkt 3D food printen en wat kunnen we er precies mee? Lees verder

De TMC Expat Community helpt expats zich aanpassen aan een nieuwe cultuur

December 9, 2019

Sinds 2017 organiseert de TMC Expat Community in Nederland evenementen, uitjes en discussies om nieuw gearriveerde expats bij TMC zich welkom te laten voelen in hun nieuwe land. Voorzitster Maria Frias Goyenechea, zelf een expat, praat ons bij over de activiteiten van de community en de voors en tegens van het culturele aanpassingsproces. Lees verder

Employeneur Lefranc Loupias ontwikkelt smoothiemaker-robot

November 25, 2019

Aanleiding voor het idee van de smoothiemaker-robot was Lefrancs wens om andere Employeneurs te laten kennismaken met de combinatie robotica en het programmeren van een PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). “Er heerst een behoorlijke terughoudendheid richting het inzetten van robots. Ze worden vaak gezien als ingewikkelde en enge installaties. En dat is jammer. Met deze robot wil ik Employeneurs uit mijn eigen cel en daarbuiten laten zien hoe leuk de combinatie van een robot met een PLC kan zijn.” Lees verder

3Beam inspiring and motivating people

November 15, 2019

For the second time 3Beam – a light art project born in the TMC Entrepreneurial Lab – is part of GLOW International Light Art Festival Eindhoven. This unique project is not only a marriage between technology and art. It motivates and inspires people. Technicians because they can challenge themselves on a technical, as well as a personal level. And other people by showing what beautiful things you can create with mathematics, software and equations. Technology is not only practical, it is definitely also a lot of fun! Read more

De stage van je leven bij het TMC entrepreneurial lab

November 6, 2019

Het TMC Entrepreneurial Lab (TEL) is een speciale werkplaats waar ondernemende Employeneurs in een start-up vorm aan eigen projecten kunnen werken. Inmiddels zijn er zeven projecten gestart, van een surveillancerobot tot een bijenobservatiesysteem. Nog eens twaalf projecten bevinden zich in de opstartfase. Voor studenten is TEL de perfecte omgeving om stage te lopen. Lees verder

TMC: Altijd alert op nieuwe methoden

November 2, 2019

‘Het begon allemaal in het TMC Entrepreneurial Lab,’ zegt Employeneur en Process Development Engineer Patrick Verhoeven. ‘Via mijn software collega in het team maakte ik kennis met Scrum – een flexibele, toegankelijke manier om projecten te managen en producten te ontwikkelen. Ik zag er meteen de voordelen van in, vooral als je in multidisciplinaire teams werkt en je maar een keer per week contact hebt.’ Lees verder

Employeneurs voor de klas in de quality challenge

October 22, 2019

Sinds 2017 geven Employeneurs van TMC twee keer per jaar praktijkcollege aan studenten van de Fontys Hogeschool om ze de fijne kneepjes van het vak bij te brengen. Het blijkt een win-win voor zowel het onderwijs als de ontwikkeling van Employeneurs. Eric Gielen van Manufacturing Support is één van de docenten. Lees verder


August 22, 2019

Employeneurship consists in thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, while at the same time benefiting from the security of an employment contract. This is a model that has shown itself to be particularly well adapted to the activity of TMC, a technology consultancy company that employs consultants who are also engineers. Read more

Ergon Capital Partners investeert in TMC Group

June 21, 2019

Ergon investeert in TMC, een toonaangevende dienstverlener van technische en R&D-expertise met sterke internationale groeiambitie

Vandaag kondigt Ergon Capital Partners IV SCSP (“Ergon”) de overname aan van een meerderheidsbelang in TMC, de toonaangevende Nederlandse dienstverlener van technische en R&D-expertise, van fondsen geadviseerd door Gilde Buy Out Partners (“Gilde”). TMC’s oprichters Thijs Manders en Jan van Rijt en CEO Emmanuel Mottrie zullen, samen met andere leden van het management, met Ergon in de transactie herinvesteren. Lees verder [Bron: tmi.investments]


June 13, 2019

‘Het gebeurde tijdens een reguliere meeting met mijn Account Manager’, herinnert TMC Employeneur Asterios Pliatskas zich. ‘Ik was er totaal niet op voorbereid. We hadden het net over mijn huidige project bij DAF, toen mijn Account Manager opeens zei: “wacht even, ik heb iets voor je”, en hij deed zijn tas open en haalde er een bronzen Employeneur Award uit.’ Lees verder

TMC Enschede antwoord op toenemende vraag naar technische professionals

March 30, 2019

Op 1 april 2019 opent TMC een nieuw kantoor in Enschede. TMC is al in andere steden met een technische universiteit te vinden. Enschede is daarmee een logische aanvulling op Eindhoven en Delft. Bovendien bedient TMC al klanten in deze regio. “Met de opening van dit kantoor kunnen we de relatie met onze klanten en de technische professionals van de toekomst in deze regio versterken”, licht Ronald van Gerwen, CEO TMC Nederland toe. Lees verder


March 8, 2019

Fontys Lerarenopleiding Technisch Beroepsonderwijs, Kennispact MBO Brabant en TMC slaan de handen in één om met hybride docenten een oplossing te bieden voor het tekort aan goede technische docenten. De drie partijen zijn bezig om wensen en behoeften te concretiseren zodat TMC-Employeneurs als zelfverzekerde docenten de volgende generatie technische professionals te inspireren en op te leiden. Een constructie die past bij de behoefte in het onderwijs én perfect past binnen het arbeidsmodel van TMC. Lees verder

Rob | Employeneur TMC Mechanical x MI Partners

December 14, 2018

TMC: ‘Technology can make our world better, but it’s people that drive that technology.’

December 6, 2018

One year ago TMC, the Dutch high-tech consultancy firm, moved its Eindhoven office to the High Tech Campus. We asked Ronald van Gerwen, CEO of TMC The Netherlands, about his experiences so far and why TMC’s model of ‘Employeneurship’ is becoming so popular. Read more [source: blog.hightechcampus.com]


December 1, 2018

Sometimes, you have to leave the laboratory or the meeting room to find inspiration. At least, that’s how TMC’s Masterclass Team came up with the winning idea for their project. ‘The six of us came together for pizzas and drinks,’ says Employeneur Jeroen Maas. ‘It was all very informal. We talked about our domestic lives and our clients, and before we knew it, we were exchanging ideas for our brand new project.’ Less than a year later, the Masterclass Team is making great progress on new functionalities of bionic hands. Read more

Pizza als secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarde

November 17, 2018

Zo’n drie keer in de week brandt er ’s avonds nog licht in een van de vestigingen van TMC Nederland. Grote kans dat op dat moment collega’s van het bedrijf bij elkaar zijn voor een pizzasessie. Want deze kennissessies zijn populair bij het bedrijf. Vorig jaar werden al 150 van deze sessies gehouden. Lees verder [Bron: technischweekblad.nl]

TMC project 3Beam on International Light Art Festival GLOW 2018

November 10, 2018


October 30, 2018

high tech bedrijven tmc 181030

3BEAM, een lichtproject van een groep TMC Employeneurs is te zien op het Internationale Lichtkunst Festival GLOW 2018 in Eindhoven. 3BEAM is een artistiek en interactief concept waarin lichtkunst en technologie samengebracht zijn in een unieke ervaring. Aan de hand van de projecties van de drie basiskleuren van licht kan het publiek zelf een eigen projectie creëren van kleuren en vormen. GLOW vindt plaats van 10 tot en met 17 november 2018 en is gratis toegankelijk. Lees verder


July 3, 2018

“I feel at my best when I’m working outside of my comfort zone,” says TMC’s Physics Employeneur Viktor Baukh. “Right now, I’m working on a project called ‘3Beam’. It has involved learning a lot of new skills – especially as I’m the project leader, architect and software developer – but I love to develop myself.” Read more

Saving lives with technology: The Throwabot

June 26, 2018

A lucky chance inspired Employeneur Danny Hameeteman to design a life-saving robot.

“In 2016, after I had gained my degree in Systems and Control, I started working for TMC Mechatronics. Although I did not have an assignment yet, TMC was confident that I would find one,” Danny Hameeteman says. While looking for an assignment that suited him, Danny saw something that inspired his creative curiosity. Read more 


June 19, 2018

“I think it is important to feel free to speak fearlessly in front of a group”, TMC’s Employeneur Mark Robinson says. “During one of my first presentation skill training sessions, a woman broke down crying while giving her presentation. By the end of the day she was confidently speaking in front of the group. This was a breakthrough moment which highlighted exactly why I’m doing this: to empower people to get their ideas across clearly to groups and, in so doing, to fill them with self-confidence.” Although Mark has just started his company ‘Mark Robinson Training’, his talent of making people more confident in their presentation skills has been gathering a lot of attention.

Emmanuel Mottrie CEO of TMC to Students at Fontys | EmbraceTEC

June 13, 2018


April 24, 2018

As from today CEO and founder Thijs Manders will be Executive President of TMC. Emmanuel Mottrie, CEO TMC International until now, will take over the role of CEO of TMC Group. No changes have been made in the Non-Executive Board with Chairman Nikolai Pronk.  With this executive change TMC enforces the strategy they started four years ago to transform TMC from a Dutch leading high-tech consulting company into a leading international consulting group.

TMC building own office at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

February 22, 2018

TMC Life Sciences: a new business cell filled with experience, ambition and idealism

January 17, 2018

January 1st 2018 doesn’t just mark the beginning of the new year, but the birth of TMC’s newest Business Cell as well: TMC Life Sciences. ‘As of January 1st, 20 of our Employeneurs will officially be working under the wings of Life Sciences,’ announces Marjolein Berkers, Director Incubators. ‘We’ve brought together a wonderful, enthusiastic team – a great mix of ambition and experience. Over the last few months, we’ve put a lot of energy into building up the new cell – now it’s just a matter of a few finishing touches. We can’t wait for our hard work to pay off.’


December 13, 2017

‘It’s impossible to predict how the world of programming will change in the next five-to-ten years,’ says TMC Employeneur Lefranc Loupias – ‘but there’s one thing I’m absolutely certain of: we’ll have to find alternatives to the methods we’re currently using. There are better and more efficient ways of programming, more suited to the way a younger generation of professionals thinks. I’m convinced modelbased engineering can be the answer to many of the problems that companies face these days.’


December 7, 2017

On 27-29 October the first TMC DRONE HACKATHON took place. A group of 28 people, divided in 5 teams had 2 challenges: Recognize a marker, and calculate the distance to the marker 1), and perform obstacle avoidance 2). Basic and advance knowledged people from KU Leuven, TU/e and TMC Drone team attended, which created a nice synergy! Read more [Source: linkedin.com]


December 5, 2017

Hoewel ogenschijnlijk extravert, heb ik mij professioneel gezien lange tijd in de veilige warmte van een cocon ondergedompeld. Een decenium lang was mijn voornaamste doel om, door keihard te werken, zo snel mogelijk een “vast contract” binnen te slepen. Ik heb in die tijd weinig buitensporige keuzes durven maken die het door mij gewenste carrièrepad zouden kunnen beïnvloeden.

Making waves: a breakthrough in lung diagnosis

November 21, 2017

Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool for doctors, but there has always been a blind spot for this imaging technology: the lungs. Now, TMC Employeneur Libertario Demi has made a breakthrough that could change that, and his research paper has been published in Scientific Reports, prestigious journal of the Nature publishing group.


October 31, 2017

Over thousands of years mankind has grown from primitive beings to what we are today through our use of tools. Some other species show rudimentary tool use, but we have embraced it to the level that we make tools to make tools to make tools… I have been involved in making a tool to calibrate a calibration tool that in the end allows a big machine to make part of a product. But there is a concerning anti-movement happening as well. In just a few decades, engineering has changed from a physical + mental skill towards a digital skill. 


September 20, 2017

Data Science Hackatons are a great way to learn and improve your skills while having lots of fun. During a hackaton you join a team to compete with others to solve a data related puzzle in a limited time span. Recently, three TMC’ers independently joined the Data Science Hackaton organized by Itility in the Eindhoven area. Two of them ended up joining the winning team!


September 5, 2017

Vooruit kijken, anticiperen op de toekomst en de kansen op innovatie volop benutten: dat is precies waar TMC voor staat. De Eindhovense detacheerder voor hoogopgeleide, technische specialisten speelt al jaren in op nieuwe niches, in binnen- en buitenland. De oprichting van TMC’s jongste businesscel is daar het meest recente bewijs van. Op 1 september is TMC Data Science een feit. De nieuwe businesscel richt zich op de inzichten die verborgen liggen in grote en complexe datasets. Met de nieuwe informatie helpt Data Science opdrachtgevers hun producten en/of dienstverlening te verbeteren.


August 30, 2017

Is it possible to create a bionic hand that is available to disabled people in the world, no matter what their socio-economic circumstances are? On 11 July, 25 TMC Employeneurs gathered to find the answer to this question, by sharing their opinions and expertises during an inspiring pizza session.


August 17, 2017

“Like a great leadership guru once said: ‘People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards’. This is exactly what the Employeneurs Awards stand for: stimulating Employeneurs to follow their entrepreneurial spirit, to reward them for their exceptional accomplishments, and to make them feel valued and proud of what they have achieved.”


August 8, 2017

‘The recent Nanovations session was a great positive surprise to me,’ says FutureChemistry’s Dr. Kaspar Koch. ‘I was particularly amazed by the drive that the TMC Employeneurs showed. The plan was to have an informal brainstorm session, but within minutes, they’d jumped onto the project like it was their own. You could feel their motivation and energy, their can-do mentality. It’s a breath of fresh air if people are willing to help you like that.’


August 1, 2017

“Roger has made a very useful contribution to our project. He built, maintained and improved an excellent interface with our suppliers. Because of his teamwork and ownership, he is recognized as a valued project member and has grown into the role of the main interface.” With these words, client ASML expressed their appreciation for the good work of Employeneur Roger Raemaekers. ASML’s testimonial was so convincing that the jury of the Employeneurs Awards decided to reward Roger with the Bronze Employeneurs Award.


July 26, 2017

TMC Employeneurship model with all our offices around the world.



July 19, 2017

Two times wonderful weather, two delicious barbecues and two times fantastic people during our annually Summer BBQ in Nieuwegein and Eersel. In Eersel we were also honored with a visit of colleagues from TMC France and TMC Italy.

TMC’s Employeneurs Awards: a great reward for quality

June 20, 2017

Quantity is important, but quality comes first. That has always been one of TMC’s guiding principles. Examples of it can be seen throughout the company – for instance in TMC’s Employeneur Awards, which are handed out twice a year to people who have been nominated for their exceptional work.

TMC zet groei door in Nederland

May 17, 2017

De opening van de nieuwe vestiging in Delft is voor het technische consultancybureau TMC het startschot om verder Nederland in te trekken. Dichterbij de klant is het adagium.

Op dit moment loopt de schilder nog rond in het Delftse pand van TMC, maar in de loop van deze maand gaat de locatie, gevestigd op het kantorenpark Whitepark, open. Lees meer [Bron: https://www.technischweekblad.nl]

TMC: ‘Een deel van de winst is voor ons’

May 4, 2017


De Eindhovense technisch detacheerder TMC omarmde het idee van ondernemerschap en gaat met het ‘employeneurship model’ nog een stapje verder. De ingenieurs en andere gedetacheerden die echt ondernemer willen worden, krijgen niets in de weg gelegd. Sterker, daarvoor heeft TMC het Entrepreneurial Lab ingericht. Lees meer [bron: linkmagazine.nl]

TMC CEO Nederland Ronald van Gerwen treedt toe tot Raad van Bestuur

April 25, 2017

TMC, de Eindhovense Technology Consulting Company voor hoogopgeleide technische specialisten, is al enige jaren bezig aan een grootschalige internationale uitbreiding. TMC’s Werkondernemerschapsmodel, dat de zekerheid van een vast contract combineert met het avontuur van het ondernemerschap, heeft België, Frankrijk, Spanje en Italië inmiddels al veroverd. In de coulissen wordt er ondertussen hard gewerkt om vestigingen op te zetten in andere landen.


April 20, 2017

high tech bedrijven tmc 170420


The YGP is a highly selective recruitment process dedicated to students about to finish their studies. It is divided in 3 main phases:


April 11, 2017

high tech bedrijven tmc 170411

How do you completely rebuild a company’s infrastructure, compliant with today’s standards for the medical industry, while keeping the production running? This was the challenge faced by Rudy Krebbekx, TMC Employeneur and Senior Project Manager at Philips Healthcare. Over the last twenty months, Rudy was responsible for merging the two separate factories of Philips MR in Best into one building. ‘It has been a highly complicated, very challenging puzzle,’ Rudy says, ‘but we managed to stick to our plan. Everything turned out really well.’

TMC Employeneurship

April 8, 2017


February 7, 2017

high tech bedrijven tmc 170207

Ingenieurs worden almaar schaarser en de technologie almaar complexer. Dat geeft verhuurders van ingenieurs de wind in de zeilen.

The importance of IP | E3

January 18, 2017


December 23, 2016

TMC Masterclass: Succesfully meeting market needs

December 15, 2016

Sometimes, inspiration can be drawn from surprising sources. From a colleague’s Romanian father-in-law who works as a bee-keeper in his spare time, for example. That’s what happened at the most recent TMC Masterclass. A simple remark led to the bRemote project, which is now close to realizing an innovative system in bee-keeping. Pieter Jansen, TMC Employeneur: ‘The Masterclass really expands your view in lots of ways – creating new systems is just one part of it.’


December 1, 2016

We proudly present E3 | Entrepreneurial Experience Event aftermovie! 
A very successful first edition. See you next year!

Meet The Service Manager

November 15, 2016

De wereld van Field Service is verre van eenvoudig. Vakkennis is vanzelfsprekend, wat zouden we zonder moeten? Machines en productielijnen moeten tenslotte altijd hun werk doen, stilstand is verlies. Maar dat moet in deze zeer internationale omgeving ook nog eens gebeuren in gebieden waar niet alles voorhanden is, onder omstandigheden die bij lange na niet altijd ideaal zijn.

CSi Industries en TMC New Product Introduction versterken samenwerking

November 10, 2016

CSi Industries BV is een bedrijf dat volledig geïntegreerde material handlingsystemen levert en hiermee high tech oplossingen biedt voor grote producenten in de Fast Moving Consumer Goods- en de verpakkingsmiddelenindustrie. “Het bedrijf is de afgelopen jaren enorm gegroeid. We waren dringend op zoek naar kandidaten voor de functie van System Integration Engineer, met als doel om onze klanten over de hele wereld te faciliteren”, aldus Chris Snijders. “Als manager ervaar ik hoe lastig het kan zijn om de juiste professional voor een dergelijke functie te vinden. TMC heeft op creatieve wijze hierop ingespeeld.”

Experiencing culture and hard work in Las Vegas

October 13, 2016

“I was just three days into my first assignment, when I traveled to Las Vegas,” Kevin Reynders says enthusiastically. Since the beginning of September Kevin has been an Employeneur at TMC Field Service detached to the company SPGPrints in Boxmeer as a Field Service Engineer. “I have always wanted to travel to the United States. That my dream came true due to my assignment at TMC is very special.”

Working at TMC: independence, excitement and stability!

August 31, 2016

The biggest advantage of working at TMC versus working as a freelancer? TMC Employeneur John van Rooy doesn’t need much time to think of an answer: ‘At TMC, you still have a lot of independence, but there’s a whole team of inspiring colleagues behind you, a lot of knowledge and experience you can benefit from. It’s so much easier to improve yourself, to find solutions you couldn’t have thought of just by yourself – and you can help your colleagues in the same way, too.’

Finding solutions while expanding networks

August 10, 2016

‘The most brilliant solutions are often the simplest ones’, says TMC Employeneur Cameron Riley, ‘but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to come up with. Sometimes it really helps to have an outsider’s perspective, preferably from someone who works within your own field.’ And that’s why TMC’s New Product Introduction (NPI) Cell recently held an inspiring meeting at Objexlab in Eindhoven. ‘It’s a great and easy-going way of expanding our network and helping each other succeed in our projects.’

Laten we het hebben over je plan als ZZP-er

July 15, 2016

TMC uit Eindhoven levert hoogopgeleide technici met social skills, Ronald Timmermans vertelt hoe …

June 10, 2016

De jacht op sociale technici is geopend. Uit onderzoek van de High Tech Campus blijkt dat meer dan de helft van de bedrijven op zoek zijn naar sociaal vaardige professionals. Ronald Timmermans van TMC komt uitleggen hoe hij ervoor zorgt dat zijn technici ook social skills hebben.

Better Performance, Higher Pay

May 4, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160504

Employeneur and software designer Vincent Berendhuysen has worked for various technology companies over the past fifteen years. ‘Philips, Océ, ASML, to name a few. Each time a new challenge, that’s the beauty of being a Employeneur at TMC. Companies hire your specific knowledge and expect at the same time that you think along and come up with solutions. It’s never the same and always interesting.’

3D printing: investing in the future

April 27, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160427

After having studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design in his hometown of Valencia, Josep Garces Pellicer moved to The Netherlands. ‘I was looking forward to working abroad in Research and Development. Two years ago, TMC gave me the opportunity to do so.’

The Members Cradle – Together we innovate

April 19, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160419

The Member’s Cradle:

TMC Employeneurs stand at the cradle of many (technological) innovations. Our customers, co-workers and competitors know that TMC Employeneurs are the people who make a difference in the creation of many cool and useful innovations.


April 12, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160412

What do Jeroen Karregat, Jeroen Maas and Wouter Koningsberger have in common? They are all ambitious TMC Employeneurs and work closely together on the multidisciplinary project ‘EcoTwin’, “a consortium of DAF Trucks, TNO, NXP and Ricardo, in which each party brings in its own specific knowledge and experience”, TMC’s Mechatronics engineer Jeroen Karregat explains.

The Orbserve: a unique graduate research project

April 7, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160407

Since the beginning of the invention in the 20st century, unmanned aerial vehicles – also known as UAV’s or drones – have become very popular in the field of aerospace.

Mark Kroon winner of the Gold Employeneurs Award

March 21, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160321

‘I’m very honoured to win the award and proud of this achievement. It shows that with my work I actually add value to both the client and TMC and that I successfully display my employeneurial spirit to the world.’

Conquering the world while expanding at home

March 15, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160315

‘Sometimes people ask me if TMC International isn’t growing too quickly. If we are still able to manage it. I strongly believe we are. We very consciously aimed for start-ups with a manageable, autonomous growth, instead of acquiring larger existing companies. And we always start with finding a local CEO who knows the market and the right people.’

Simuleren moet je leren

March 11, 2016

high tech bedrijven tic 160311

Op de TU Eindhoven heb ik projecten gedaan waarbij de nadruk de ene keer op experimenten lag en de andere keer op het modelleren van materiaalgedrag. Tijdens mijn afstuderen en de laatste tweeënhalf jaar bij TMC heb ik me vooral gericht op het modelleren en numerieke analyses, omdat ik het leuk vind om de vertaalslag te maken van tests/experimenten naar goede computermodellen.

High-tech sector is flex

February 15, 2016


In de hightech bewegen flexondernemers zich ergens op het grote grijze vlak tussen
consultancy, projectmanagement en detachering. In het landschap van open innovatie,
waar onderzoek en bedrijfsleven samenwerken, liggen volop kansen voor flexondernemers.

TMC Masterclass: Educating the system architects of the future

January 22, 2016

high tech bedrijven tmc 160122

“System architects, or system engineers, are scarce in today’s labour market in the Netherlands. It’s a discipline that has emerged in companies over the last five years, ” says Richard van Lieshout, system architect and co-creator of the TMC Masterclass.


January 18, 2016

high tech bedrijven tic 160118

After the successful launch of TMC in Belgium and France, TMC is again expanding its horizons with the launch of TMC Italy. In January, TMC Italy will start with three offices in the cities of Milan, Turin and Rome. We talked with Emmanuel Mottrie, the CEO of TMC International, and with Antonio Abadessa, the new CEO of TMC Italy, about the introduction of the Employeneurship model to Italy.

TMC: Investing energy in original thinkers

January 13, 2016


‘Ten years ago, there were five or six people working in the office, and 100 Employeneurs at customer sites. Right now, we have circa 900 people working at TMC. The scale of the company has increased dramatically, but the intimate atmosphere hasn’t changed. We still learn from each other. How? By constantly keeping the conversation open, constantly sharpening each others’ talents. And just by doing really cool stuff.’

Successful “Renewable Fuels” workshop

December 18, 2015

hightechbedrijven tbc 151218

Renewable electricity is a hot topic in the world of sustainable technology. More and more industrial parties as well as universities and research institutes are looking for methods to convert (excess) renewable electricity into fuels.

Masterclass: Seeing a technical project from all sides

December 4, 2015

high tech bedrijven TMC 151204

The TMC High Tech Systems Creation Masterclass of 2015 is already well underway. Fifteen Employeneurs come together for two days every month to broaden their horizons and gain better insights into other disciplines. Carolien Lamers was a participant of the first class of 2012. She was an Employeneur from 2007 until 2014 and is now working for the startup company SeeCubic: “I immediately joined the first Masterclass because I’m not only interested in the technical side of projects but also in the whole business that surrounds it.

TMC Employeneurs help develop breakthrough Philips Minicare Acute system

November 14, 2015

high tech bedrijven TMC 151114

Philips Handheld Diagnostics is developing the breakthrough Minicare Acute system, which will deliver lab-comparable blood test results within minutes at the ‘point-of-care’, right besides the patient’s bed. Recently we talked to Michel Werts, who is one of the seven TMC Employeneurs working on the project. Four of them are working in the Process Development group at Handheld Diagnostics, which is run by Team Leader Femke de Theije. We asked Femke about the set-up and development of the project, and her experience with TMC.

Agile: the iceberg versus the tree

November 9, 2015

high tech bedrijven tmc 151109

More and more organisations are changing their method of working in order to apply an Agile methodology. Yet success can not be taken for granted. Companies regularly become disillusioned and slip back into their old way of working. Unnecessary and a shame, according to Jos de Bel and Arnold Houwing of TMC.

Solar Team Twente finishes second in the World Solar Challenge 2015

October 27, 2015

high tech bedrijven tmc 151027

After a 3,000-kilometre race, the TMC-sponsored Solar Team Twente finished second in the World Solar Challenge 2015, only 3 minutes and 35 seconds behind the winners of the challenge, Solar Team of Delft. The ‘Red One’, as the car was called, was 4 hours faster than the Twente team at the last World Solar Challenge in 2013.

TMC Group changes organizational structure

October 13, 2015

With the future in mind TMC has made a number of significant changes to its organizational structure. By doing so, the next big step has been taken with regard to the international expansion of TMC.

You’ve got to listen to the people to change the company

September 22, 2015


“The key to improving is to make problems smaller, and I mean that literally. When, for example a customer has a complaint, the human tendency is to try and solve the whole problem at once. But most often, that’s not the fastest way to help a customer. When you split the big problem into little problems, then maybe some of those small problems are easy to fix, and thus you can help the customer very quickly. And more often than not, when all the little problems are solved, the big problem isn’t so big anymore. It sounds really simplistic, but it works, and your customer satisfaction rises.”

The High Tech Systems Centre and the engineers of the future

September 6, 2015


“We need to design the next generation of high tech systems to stay competitive in the Netherlands. The machines of the future. Machines that are intelligent, precise, adaptive and ground-breaking. In order to make that happen we need highly skilled engineers who can excel in multidisciplinary settings,” says Katja Pahnke, Managing Director of the High Tech Systems Centre at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e HTSC).

Intellectual Property: a hidden treasure in many companies

August 31, 2015


TMC recently partnered up with Intellectual Property (IP) law firm Pronovem to offer companies a new IP management service. “We help companies to identify their IP and show them how they can maximise its potential,” says Rekha Raveendran, technical IP-facilitator at TMC.

A great first year for TMC Belgium

August 11, 2015


“We are well on track,” says Nassim Daoudi, Director of TMC Belgium. “Our goal for this first year was to use our employeneurship model to quickly establish a position at the top of the innovations and technology market in Belgium. After one year, we have experienced a growth in every aspect of our organisation.

On the way to become the World Solar Champion 2015!

August 6, 2015


149 kilograms heavy, 4,5 metres long, 1,8 metres wide and 1,1 metres in height… meet the “Red One”, the solar electric car, designed and build by the Solar Team Twente. For almost one and a half year 19 students have worked dedicatedly on the realization of their own solar electric car at the Technical University of Twente. Their mission? Competing ánd winning the World Solar Challenge 2015, a prestigious 3.000 kilometres long solar race held in the Australian Outback. As one of the partners, TMC is sponsoring the Solar Team Twente in their ambitious dream to build the world’s fastest solar car and becoming the champion of the World Solar Challenge 2015!

Creating interactions between machines

July 27, 2015


“The beauty of this job is that I take a dead piece of metal and then I do my thing and slowly all the parts of the machine start to move, all the components working together exactly the way I want them to.”

Thijs Nijpjes (37) has been with TMC and LAN Handling Systems since February. He studied Mechanical Engineering and later specialized in Industrial Automation.

TMC frontrunner in Agile and Scrum software development

July 15, 2015

“Companies often struggle with managing software development projects. It’s simply not as visual as, say, building a house. As a result, they don’t know what timeframes to expect, and where current or potential problems are. Developing software using an Agile method like Scrum or Kanban addresses these issues, making the process more visual and effective, and increasing customer satisfaction,” says Jos de Bel, consultant at TMC software.

Emmanuel Mottrie: “Engineers are underpaid”

June 25, 2015


“Engineers are underpaid”, the title of an interview in Trends magazine in which Emmanuel Mottrie (CEO TMC International) explains the success of the TMC business model in Belgium. To read the full interview (in dutch), please follow the link: Trends – Emmanuel Mottrie; Engineers are underpaid

TMC introduces employeneurship model to France

June 4, 2015

Fifteen years after the launch of TMC in the Netherlands, and the birth of the employeneurship model, TMC is now introducing its pioneering philosophy to France. The first TMC France office opened its doors on 1 June 2015 in the city of Rennes, adding to TMC’s existing offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Vortex Project wins TMC Employeneur Award

May 6, 2015


Twice a year TMC awards the Employeneur Award to several people or projects that display the employeneurial spirit of TMC. Last week, the Vortex Project, an initiative of eight Employeneurs from the Entrepreneurial Lab, won the Employeneur Award 2014. This award rewards the proactive attitude of the group over 2014 and the invention of a Vortex Cannon for entertainment purposes. The group won €1.000,-, which can be spend on the further development of the product.

Axxicon & TMC

April 30, 2015


Axxicon has a background in producing injection moulding moulds for the optical media industry and is nowadays focussing on injection moulding optical and micro structured plastic products. An important project is to enable the large scale production of the Point Of Care microfluidic disposable for the Portuguese Biosurfit. The micro- and nano structured polymer lab disc substrates are produced by Axxicon. The final cartridge is bio-functionalized and assembled by Biosurfit.

Programmable Logic Control specialism for CSi Packaging industry

April 20, 2015


‘Creating installations for industrial automation in the field of mechatronics is becoming more dependent on increasingly advanced software. This is the part where I come in. With experience not only in industrial automation, but also in higher level software development, I am keen on creating solutions for motion control, machine safety and vision with great success!’

Guustaaf Savenije CTO at VDL-ETG

April 7, 2015

For Guustaaf Savenije CTO it is absolutely clear: “Innovations in the high-tech industry result from in-depth cooperation.” To him the application of a systems’ approach is key to create new types of customer value.

More import of knowledge workers due to shortage of technologists

March 26, 2015

For years now, The Netherlands have faced a lack of technical personnel, especially real technical specialists. Dutch technical companies have seen an increasing number of expats over the years. According to most experts, this is a positive development, but mainly if one is able to bind both technical expats and students to our country. ‘The international knowledge worker leaves hearth and home, so we must offer something as well.’