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TOP-electronics is a technology-provider, specialized distributor and representative in electronic components, modules and solutions. TOP-electronics has been providing electronic and electromechanical components for the OEM market since 2005.

TOP loves to be your partner to find the best solutions for our existing and new customers. Because of our diversity in product groups, the technically driven experts and manufacturers who provide the latest electronic solutions the TOP team can help you to create your innovation, from design to prototyping and from prototyping that will go in to production.

Product groups

Our product groups are:

* Wireless and IoT
* Motion Control
* Precision Analog
* Power Conversion
* Displays and Embedded Computing
* Sensors
* Test and Measurement
* Thermal Management
* Connectors and Cables
* Components

TOP is committed to you and we will provide a high level of assistance by providing good technical and logistic services. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

TOP supports customers around the world. We can deliver the best products with the requested requirements at a good price level and with the right logistic services, like the e-store, buffer stock, etc.

Because of TOP’s large product portfolio and the fact that the product lines are complementary to each other, TOP can supply many solutions that can be used in one design.

Global local partner

With offices in The Netherlands and Israel to support EMEA market, the USA to support North and South America and an office in Hong Kong to support the market in Asia, TOP-electronics is able to support on technical and logistic level at local markets.


Stability and continuity are of vital importance for TOP, that applies for both business relations and employees. It is important to have an excellent team of employees, who can each contribute towards the business and its customers with their own technical expertise.

Every day the TOP-team create a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere which connect and support customers at the right level.


Sensors of the same type don’t necessarily measure the same “things”

February 25, 2023

When evaluating different motion sensors, consider the number of axes your device needs to measure for your application. Then, consider the possibilities that could be unlocked by measuring additional–or different–axes. Choosing the right sensor capability early in your development process will lead to the best cost/performance fit, quick time to market and low development and product costs. Read more

Smart Technology for Diabetes Diagnostics

February 22, 2023

Improved accuracy in blood sugar measurement is helping healthcare providers make more accurate diagnoses of diabetes. Through real-time test results, healthcare providers can determine whether a person has diabetes and which type. From here, correct diagnostic tools can help healthcare providers monitor the effectiveness of treatment for diabetes, and providers can measure whether a person’s treatment plan works and adjust accordingly. Read more

Modular and expandable motion controller, suitable for stepper position applications

February 11, 2023

The new RTA A-series PLC system is a modular and expandable motion controller, suitable for stepper position applications. The A-series PLC perfectly integrates RTA drives and stepper motors, forming a complete, scalable and easy to program motion architecture.

Smart Toys and Accessories for Pets – Ambiq

November 14, 2022

Smart pet toys and accessories may look like regular pet items, but some are, in fact, Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi® connected IoT devices that the animal’s owner can operate through a smartphone app. These battery-powered devices can help keep pets mentally stimulated, reduce boredom, and help with weight management. For pet owners, these always-on devices can help ensure their pets are fed and have access to water when they aren’t home, and even do dirty jobs like cleaning litter boxes. Here are some of the most popular smart toys and accessories for pets. Read more

Driving piezo actuators with linear amplifier

November 23, 2021

Piezo actuators are widely used in today’s applications. They are available in all kinds of shapes and relatively cheap. Large forces can be produced at precise and small movements. However, the capacitive character, the required high voltages and currents make the control of piezo actuators difficult. The solution to this problem is the use of power-operational amplifiers. In this TOP Tech Talk we explain how to use them. Read more