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Think of coil technology, quality & customer specific and you think Wijdeven. At Wijdeven, this craft has been passed on from generation to generation since 1939. Over the years, Wijdeven has expanded to become market leader in The Netherlands in the transformer and low-voltage coil sectors. As a result of their customers’ technological developments, power supplies and electromagnetic assemblies have now also been added to the product range.

A total of around 50 employees work in the ISO9001-2015 certified branches in Oirschot (NB) and Ter Apel (GR) and around 60 employees in their production facilities in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Wijdeven focuses on knowledge and innovation and has, partly for this reason, an excellent reputation and market position, both nationally and internationally. Customers are particularly in sectors such as climate control, power electronics, semiconductor, machine & equipment, healthcare, transport & traffic.

You can call upon their specialists throughout the entire project, from the initial design sketches to the supply of the series. On the basis of their extensive experience, Wijdeven will work with you and provide advice in order to create a technically and economically optimum product.


Wijdeven is a company that focuses on results, growth and continuity. Knowledge and ability, however, must go hand-in-hand with sustainable business and enjoying one’s work. Within the commercial sphere of inductive technology, Wijdeven would like to be regarded as a professional supplier of products and systems. Wijdeven supports their customer over the complete life-cycle of the products.

Core values

• Mutual trust and respect
• Improvement-oriented
• An agreement is an agreement
• Taking responsibility
• Honesty and reliability
• Team spirit

Transformers & Coils | Power Supplies


Are you looking for a coil that you can’t find in any standard range?

January 20, 2024

KUK will manufacture your inductive components exactly as requested. To do so, we need to know these specifications from you, among others:

– Installation space
– Electrical values
– Material wire, coil former, tape, magnetic core etc.

Once the initial situation has been clarified, we will work together with you to determine what is feasible. [Picture source: KUK Group on linkedin.com]

What material can coils be wound from?

December 2, 2023

In coil production, the wire used plays a central role. While copper is undoubtedly the most commonly used conductor material, especially for customer-specific coil projects, it is also worthwhile to test alternative coil wire, depending on the application. Read more

Metric vs. imperial: A look at AWG and mm in coil engineering

September 16, 2023

Both the AWG and metric system (mm) are used in coil design. The choice between them depends on the application, regional and personal preferences of the engineer. Both scales have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to be familiar with both and convert between them as needed. Read more

Much more than winding goods – these technologies KUK masters as well

September 2, 2023

Just winding coils is usually not enough, further production steps are necessary until an equipment manufacturer obtains a functional component. KUK Group offers the entire package from coil production to the assembly of a complete motor from a single source. High flexibility and fast turnaround times are the biggest advantages for the customer. Read more

Microspoelen: perfect voor medtech- en sensortoepassingen!

August 26, 2023

De afmetingen van microspoelen zijn vaak moeilijk te bevatten. Hier zie je een vergelijking met een vingertop. Dit zijn enkele honderden windingen met een ultradunne draad. Dit zijn echt nog niet de kleinste spoeltjes!

Automatisering op maat voor klantspecifieke spoelenproductie

August 11, 2023

Bij de KUK Group worden klantspecifieke spoelen en elektronische assemblages grotendeels geproduceerd op in-house ontwikkelde geautomatiseerde systemen. Dit betekent dat wij u een zeer aantrekkelijk spoelen-productieproces kunnen aanbieden op het gebied van kwaliteit en prijs, afgestemd op uw volume en technische specificaties. Lees verder

Ruimtegebrek, maar toch een hoge stroomdichtheid nodig?

July 13, 2023

Onze engineer Yuri Willink heeft een goede tip voor u: orthocyclische spoelen!
Bekijk de video

Edgewise wikkelen – nu ook mét kern

May 27, 2023

Bij het edgewise wikkelen wordt de wikkeling van de spoel loodrecht op de as van de spoel gewikkeld, in tegenstelling tot de meer traditionele axiale wikkelmethode waarbij de wikkeling parallel aan de as wordt geplaatst. Het kiezen voor een edgewise spoel hangt af van de specifieke vereisten en behoeften van de toepassing.

The smallest wound coil in the world

May 20, 2023

The smallest wound coil in the world has an outer diameter of 0.3 mm and this with several 100 turns!

Zelfbindende spoelen van KUK

April 29, 2023

“De door jullie verzonden spoelen … waren zeer indrukwekkend qua kwaliteit. Als onze [andere] leveranciers slechts 50% van de door u geboden kwaliteit zouden leveren, zou mijn leven wat gemakkelijker zijn. Wij beschouwen uw spoelen hier als ‘standaard’ – moeilijk te overtreffen!” Lees verder

This is why modular sourcing with your coil manufacturer makes sense

June 4, 2022

When purchasing electronic components, you can purchase individual parts from separate suppliers. Another variant is so-called Modular Sourcing, in which you hand over the assembly of complete modules to a customer-specific coil manufacturer. This reduces the complexity in your supply chain. Read more

Seven essentials for a succesful coil project in medical technology

April 5, 2022

Engineers are the specialists for the development of highly complex medical devices. Time is short, the product launch is urgent. Consequently, it is important to make rapid progress on core components of a system: Coils, sensors, and electronics. This requires an experienced partner at your side who knows the pitfalls in an open development project. Read more

Solutions for complete assemblies

January 21, 2022

KUK Group not only manufactures coils, but also offers solutions for complete assemblies. The intended application determines which components are necessary. Our expertise also includes global procurement, quality assurance or packaging, to name a few. Read more

Smooth outsourcing for handpiece for eye surgery

January 4, 2022

Sometimes it is quite human reasons that trigger a search for a supplier. At Bürki inno med AG from Widnau (Switzerland), the retirement of an employee prompted the search for a coil supplier with proven medical technology experience. Until then, the developer and manufacturer of microsurgical instruments for ophthalmology had wound its own coils by hand. Within a few months, production was then transferred to KUK Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of customised coils and electronics. “This is an enormous relief for us. The process stability could be improved and the testing effort considerably reduced,” says Martin Bürki, founder and partner of Bürki inno med. KUK produces a wound coil for the medical technology manufacturer, which is cast in the housing. It is used to drive a handpiece for eye surgery. Read more

What innovations are emerging in medical technology thanks to new micro coils?

November 13, 2021

Innovations in medical technology are not least related to advances in coil manufacturing. The micro coils or sensors required for many medical technology applications are becoming increasingly powerful, while at the same time requiring less space. Leading manufacturers of micro coils, such as the globally active KUK Group, have succeeded in producing micro coils for mass-produced applications that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Read more

A walk through the KUK China factory – micro coil production

October 28, 2021

Experience and know-how in the production of a micro coil is one thing. What is becoming increasingly important is the ability to react to fast-changing series sizes and to produce close to the customer on several continents. We are pleased to offer you an insight into the production of micro coils in our factory in Shanghai (China). Watch the video

Micro coils as innovation driver for medical technology

October 12, 2021

In coil manufacturing for medical equipment, the trend towards miniaturisation is currently driving technological progress. Minimal dimensions open up a variety of new possibilities for engineers! Watch the video

Nieuwe ingietmachine

June 12, 2021

Recent is op de vestiging van KUK Wijdeven in Ter Apel een nieuwe Giebler ingietmachine in gebruik genomen. Een lineaire machine met drie X-, Y- en Z-assen en met meng- en doseersystemen voor het automatisch ingieten met polyurethane ingietmiddelen. Snel, nauwkeurig en seriematig ingieten is nu mogelijk met de hulp van specifieke productdragers. Naast atmosferisch- behoort ook vacuüm ingieten tot onze mogelijkheden. Wellicht ook voor uw transformatoren of spoelen?

Rotary transformator

March 12, 2021

De Rotary transformator wordt gebruikt om elektrische signalen te koppelen tussen twee delen die ten opzichte van elkaar roteren. Een beter alternatief dan sleepringen die onderhevig zijn aan slijtage. Er zijn twee vormen van constructie mogelijk “cylindrical” of “pancake” bouwvorm. Bij de “Cylindrical” liggen de kernen en windingen in elkaar en bij de “Pancake” op elkaar. Dit is de rotorspoel. Het stator gedeelte ligt op een ander werkblad klaar om ingebouwd te worden. Cylindrical voor deze klant.

Eén en driefasen transformatoren (10va – 5mva)

February 20, 2021

Wijdeven is in Nederland één van de toonaangevende producenten van 50 Hz transformatoren in het laagspanningsgebied. Al sinds 1939 wordt dit vakmanschap van generatie op generatie overgedragen. De aanvankelijk ambachtelijke wikkeltechnieken zijn inmiddels vervangen door semi- en volautomatische productielijnen, maar in de kern gaat het nog steeds over de vraag: ‘Hoe bouwen we een veilige transformator?’. Dit vormt de basis van ons dagelijks denken en doen. Lees verder

Calculator tools for the electrical engineer

February 5, 2021

A large variety of KUK-Wijdeven calculator tools are at your disposal. If you are still missing something, please inform us. Read more

Magnetic sensing for laparoscopy (MagLap)

January 9, 2021

Our coil and transformer are used in a test setup for a magnificent project at the University of Twente department “Magnetic Detection & Imaging”. Project number 14322 ‘magnetic sensing for laparoscopy (MagLap)’, financed by NWO-TTW.

Detection of the sentinel lymph node (SLN) in cancer patients can overrule the requirement for resection of all regional lymph nodes, which leads to decreased morbidity. The use of magnetic nanoparticles has many advantages over nuclear tracers, which are the current standard to detect SLNs. The principle used to achieve SLN detection is differential magnetometry (DiffMag). Read more [Source: utwente.nl]

Medische Transformatoren

November 27, 2020

De 2250VA transformator, is jaren geleden speciaal ontworpen voor dialyse apparatuur. Door de introductie van nieuwe dialyse apparatuur met zwaardere vermogens is gebleken dat de standaard 2250VA transformator vaak niet meer toereikend is, en de 3150VA of 3300VA in principe over-gedimensioneerd is.

Deze trend heeft Wijdeven aangegrepen om een medische beschermingstransformator te ontwikkelen, met een tussenliggend vermogen van 2600VA. Lees verder

Nieuwe ‘Voltech AT5600’ meetmachine

October 9, 2020

Voor het elektrisch meten van spoelen en transformatoren is onze Quality Department uitgerust met deze nieuwe ‘Voltech AT5600’ meetmachine. Het stelt ons in staat om nog sneller dan het vorige model uitgebreide testen uit te voeren en op te slaan.

Soldering Robot

September 11, 2020

Up and running in our production in Ter Apel. Designed by KUK Electronic AG.

Medische trafokast/ -rack

August 14, 2020

Veiligheid en continuïteit van elektrische installaties in medische ruimten zoals operatie- en behandelkamers zijn van levensbelang. Daarvoor worden medische transformatorkasten ingezet. Deze installaties dienen aan de veiligheidseisen conform NEN1010-7 te voldoen, waardoor patiënten en artsen optimaal worden beschermd in het medische IT stelsel (bijv. tegen te hoge lekstromen of netuitval). Door het toepassen van DEKRA geaccrediteerde beschermingstransformatoren van Wijdeven creëert u een veilige situatie in uw medische ruimte. Lees verder

Spoelen op een spoeldrager

May 28, 2020

De meest eenvoudige wijze van het wikkelen van spoelen is op een kunststof of metalen spoeldrager. Al naar gelang de specificaties, toleranties en kostentarget kunnen spoelen ‘wild’ gewikkeld worden of ‘in spoed’. Lees verder

Orthocyclic coils

March 13, 2020

Orthocyclic coils are characterised by a high copper fill factor (often approx. 70%), so that a comparatively high magnetic field is realised in the smallest possible space. Read more