Zuken works globally with leading companies to optimize their electrical and electronic engineering design and related manufacturing processes through the provision of leading  edge software and consulting services. Our unique combination of proven experience, technological expertise and agility creates best in class solutions. Our transparent working practices and belief in integrity in all aspects of business produces long lasting and successful customer partnerships.

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How to use MBSE for Process Optimization

October 21, 2023

In the fast-paced world of the discrete manufacturing, accelerating processes is a key to success. However, fast processes alone do not automatically ensure quality results. As the famous quote goes, “Garbage in, garbage out”. When you automate a garbage process, all you get is a fast garbage process. Read more

Zuken Unveils CR-8000 2023 with Enhanced Design Efficiency and Analysis for High-Density, High-Speed PCB Designs

September 14, 2023

“We are excited to unveil CR-8000 Release 2023, which empowers designers to address the ever-increasing demands of high-density, high-speed PCB designs,” said Kazuhiro Kariya, Sr. Managing Executive Officer and CTO of Zuken Inc. “Through the strategic enhancements made to our flagship CR-8000 tool suite, we are providing our customers with a comprehensive solution that boosts design efficiency and supports accurate analysis, ultimately enabling them to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.” Read more

The Role of GPU Design in Overtaking CPUs

August 2, 2023

In the dynamic world of technology, the computing industry continues to undergo significant changes. Specifically in the world of business computing, a new trend is developing: Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are overtaking Central Processing Units (CPUs) as the dominant form of computing. Read more

The Role of GPU Design in Overtaking CPUs

July 22, 2023

Dive into the world of GPU design and understand why these cutting-edge processors are outperforming traditional CPUs. Our latest blog post highlights the incredible power of GPUs in business applications. Discover how Zuken’s state-of-the-art CR-8000 software is revolutionizing GPU development. Watch the video

Liebherr-Mischtechnik saves time with intelligent database

June 14, 2023

Discover the ways in which Liebherr-Mischtechnik enhances E3.series by integrating comprehensive component database hosting, resulting in substantial time savings during the development process. Read more

Digital Continuity in Product Development

May 20, 2023

Today’s smart and connected products require the interaction of different components and systems. They are therefore often described as “Systems of Systems” (SoS). Engineers develop their elements in different engineering disciplines and departments. These disciplines speak different engineering languages and require unique views of the same product. As a result, many versions – tailored to the specific process needs of each role on the relevant product data – are created during a product’s lifecycle. The problem with that is: they are blurring the traceability of the engineer’s tracks along the way. The storage of the many different versions in their respective department naturally leads to disconnected silos in terms of processes and data. The good news is digital continuity as per definition is here to overcome this disconnection. Read more

How to avoid voltage errors and current issues with automated electrical schematic simulation

February 11, 2023

Changing standard components in an electrical system is a common task but it entails a number of time-consuming checks that engineers must carry out to avoid trouble. For example, replacing a windscreen wiper motor may seem like a simple task, but what if the new motor is more powerful? Read more

PCB constraints should drive your design flow. Here’s why.

February 3, 2023

We’ve all heard of PCB design constraints. They’re those little things that limit our ability to create the perfect board in very short periods of time. But what exactly are they? And why do they matter? This blog post elaborates on PCB constraints and why they should drive your design flow. Read more

R&D Collaboration provides electronics engineers with optimized tools to generate 3D models of power modules

December 8, 2022

Zuken, a global leader in the area of software and solutions for electronic and electrical engineering, and Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult are announcing an important milestone in their R&D collaboration aimed at building a development environment for state-of-the-art compound semiconductor products. Read more

Improving Safety and Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles

December 2, 2022

Autonomous vehicles are posed to increase the safety of roadways and improve mobility for millions of Americans. The Autonomous Vehicle Caucus aims to make this a reality. Zuken supports these efforts with our high-quality, proven software for system design. Watch the video

Zuken Improves the Digital Twin Creation Process for Driving Smart Manufacturing

September 1, 2022

Zuken announces the release of E3.series 2022, introducing enhancements to empower design teams to create digital twins with functional and manufacturing details captured in a single cutting-edge tool suite. The enhancements to E3.series 2022 cover all areas of electrical design through to the manufacturing process, including: wire routing, data visualization, design rule checks, change management, and much more. More info

UniLine: Universal in-line Platform

August 13, 2022

This flexible & scalable platform adjusts to your application so you can pick and choose only the test requirements you need. Let UniLine solve: Functional / Safety / ICT / Inspection / End-of-Line Test and more! Applicable to any industry, standardized test simplifies manufacturing and delivers results. Watch the video and Learn more

ECAD Data Migration vs. Data Conversion

July 30, 2022

Electrical and electronic design data represent a valuable investment, which should be used and reused as much as possible. In today’s rapidly changing business environment with mergers and takeovers, changing business relations, and technological progress, you may frequently become confronted with changing tools and formats. Read more

E3.ConnectivityBrowser – Interactive Demonstration

April 12, 2022

E3.Connectivity-Browser is the only application able to read a pure digital connectivity data model and generate automatically high-quality schematic diagrams on the fly. Read more

Measuring the Earth

February 5, 2022

EREMS, a French enterprise specializing in the design and realization of high-tech electronic equipment and of associated software for Space, Defense, and Aeronautics uses CR-8000 and DS-CR from Zuken for the design and lifecycle management of flight electronics, ground electronic equipment, and test benches. Read more

eCADSTAR Expands Library Content with SnapEDA

December 15, 2021

Zuken and SnapEDA, a leading provider of verified online electronic components, are announcing a new capability that provides users of Zuken’s eCADSTAR PCB Design Tool Suite with direct access to SnapEDA’s comprehensive online library. Read more

What PDN Target Impedance Means for PCB Designers

September 25, 2021

High-speed circuits are used more or less everywhere in electronic applications today. As a result, the importance and the mechanisms of impedance (here in the meaning of PCB trace impedance – typically referred to as “characteristic impedance”) for signal integrity have been widely discussed and seem to be generally well understood by PCB designers. Read more

Digital Continuity in Product Development

September 18, 2021

Today’s smart and connected products require the interaction of different components and systems. They are therefore often described as “Systems of Systems” (SoS). Engineers develop their elements in different engineering disciplines and departments. These disciplines speak different engineering languages and require unique views of the same product. Read more

Zuken’s CR-8000 2021 Advances Early Design Analysis and Reuse Functionality

August 5, 2021

Zuken is releasing the latest edition of CR-8000, focusing on analysis and reuse. The CR-8000 2021 release features more than 150 enhancements across the tool suite ranging from architectural planning, system-level schematic design and verification, 3D multi-board and advanced packing layout, through to manufacturing outputs generation. The release puts specific emphasis on facilitating improved design efficiency through the benefits of early analysis. Read more

The role of MBSE in the Digital Transformation of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

February 13, 2021

Digital Transformation is a trend that has seen growing momentum over the last decade. Today, it is adapted more and more in all areas of economy, state, society, and everyday life, and due to the current Covid-19 situation, it is experiencing a massive boost. It is therefore worthwhile to take a deeper look to understand its potential impact on the methods and processes in electrical and electronic engineering. Read more

Zuken announces E3.series with flexible time limited licensing options

December 11, 2020

E3.series 365 provides time-based licensing models for time-critical engineering projects in a locally distributed work environment. Read more

How to create customised circuit diagrams

November 28, 2020

In the light of recent digitisation initiatives, circuit documentation has also come up for discussion. Specifically, the question arose as to whether or not a separation between circuit definition and visualization would make sense. In other words: wouldn’t it be a great idea to store electrical data as a digital model, and to display it in a way that is suitable for each target group? Read more

Making Systems Engineering Work for Your Company

October 9, 2020

Your systems engineers are experts in their domain. They provide a unique skill set that is hard to find in the industry. It often takes years of experience to refine and hone their capabilities. Doing systems work is not easy. And systems practices can make a tangible difference. Read more

ONTEC uses CR-8000 to develop a next-generation product in less time despite rigorous design constraints

August 14, 2020

ONTEC faced a difficult challenge: develop a multimedia broadcasting product while complying with a customer’s electromagnetic interference requirements, all within a tight development schedule. ONTEC used Zuken’s CR-8000 with Keysight’s ADS (including SiPro) to meet the requirements of the challenge. Read more

Using Simulation-Driven Design to Power Digital Engineering

July 25, 2020

Customer demands and marketplace competition are placing engineers under mounting time pressures. An organization’s development schedules must shorten to keep pace with the industry and the wider market. Many established digital tools are now available to accelerate development lifecycles. Simulation is one of them. Engineers use digital simulation-driven design to expedite innovation and move product development forward. Read more

Key Development Themes of advanced 3D multi-board EDA environment

July 11, 2020

Zuken reveals details of release 2020 of its advanced 3D multi-board EDA environment CR-8000. Key development themes for CR-8000 2020 are shown via this link

Zuken unveils details of its latest advanced 3D multi-board electronic design environment

July 2, 2020

Zuken announces the CR-8000 2020 release of its advanced 3D multi-board EDA environment. The latest release was developed in close collaboration with Zuken’s global customers in business sectors, including electronics, high tech, automation, automotive, aerospace, and defense. Read more

Will my E3.series library work with my PDM?

June 16, 2020

Zuken has available adapters to work with PDM/PLM software applications like SAP, Teamcenter, and Windchill. This creates a connection for both E3.series project and library data to the third-party PDM applications. Read more

Digital Transformation for Product Development

June 10, 2020

Manufacturing wants to leap into the world of the Jetsons. But there is one small problem: every time leadership consults a compass, it shows a different way forward. At first, there was digital automation, which was soon replaced by digitization. Then—to the horror of spell checkers everywhere—digitization transformed into digitalization. Now the compass is pointing toward digital transformation for product development. Read more

Free PCB Design Software – CADSTAR Express

May 29, 2020

Zuken’s free PCB Design Software, CADSTAR Express, provides a quick and easy way for you to experience the basic features of our standard single-board PCB design software solution, CADSTAR. It includes all the core functionality of CADSTAR 2019, limited to 300 pins and 50 components, plus the opportunity to experience Zuken’s place and route editor tool P.R.Editor XR 2000. Read more

Electrical Design Validation Using E3.eCheck

March 12, 2020

One of the fundamental requirements of an effective design process is its ability to produce high-quality products with the least input and overhead. A process without a robust in-design error and functional analysis will inevitably face quality and reliability challenges. The most successful product design teams in electrical or any other design stream all have a rigorous design validation process. Read more

3D Multi-Board PCB Design Software

January 28, 2020

Design Force combines traditional 2D design with native 3D design and the latest human interface techniques, accelerated graphics and almost instantaneous rendering and refreshing. It is the fastest, most effective PCB design solution available today. Read more