Simulate anywhere, anytime: The Future is Cloud Simulation

Altair releases Altair SimSolid Cloud – a cloud-native structural simulation software, allowing users to access next-generation simulation technology from any web browser anywhere, anytime. SimSolid Cloud eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, it delivers results in seconds to minutes and effortlessly handles complex…

Altair Announces Altair RapidMiner: One Converged Platform for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), announced the rebrand of its entire data analytics and AI suite as Altair RapidMiner, uniting all data analytics technology into one platform. Following the acquisitions of RapidMiner and 

Altair Data to Value Symposium

At this symposium, we will discuss how to establish self-service machine learning in every organization, the importance of enabling domain experts for AI, and why the cloud is a good place to start. Read more

Altair Units

More than 20 years ago, we revolutionized how engineers and organizations accessed our leading simulation software with HyperWorks Units – a groundbreaking value-based licensing system. To further evolve our unique business model, we are introducing Altair Units, our new, unified licensing system that gives access…