Accurate Data for Mass-balance Calculations in Pilot Plants

A pilot plant in the chemical/petrochemical industry is a small-scale simulation of manufacturing operations where results determine the most suitable process and the best equipment for scale up. A pilot plant reduces the technical and commercial risk associated with large process plants by providing valuable preliminary scientific data about reactions, material properties, process yields and more….

On-Site Field Calibration

Removing instruments from your process can often be difficult and impractical. Instead, let our technicians come to your facility and calibrate or service your Brooks Instrument flow devices on-site at a time that’s convenient for you. Read more

Widest temperature, pressure and process range. One proven flow meter

Engineered to work where you need it: Choose the MT3809 variable area (VA) flowmeter for all the high-pressure, high-temperature VA flow measurement and control requirements on your next project. Proven to deliver reliable, repeatable gas and liquid flow measurement and control in thousands…

The workhorse of high-volume manufacturing across all process segments

Manufactured in our Class 100 cleanroom, GF100 mass flow controllers are widely considered the workhorse of high-volume manufacturing across all process segments. With over 1 million devices shipped, our latest innovation features the high-speed EtherCAT interface for rapid reaction times delivering…