Carbon Nanotube Production Relies on Mass Flow Controllers with Superior Long-term Stability for Accuracy and Control of Multiple Gases

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are nanoscale forms of carbon exhibiting exceptional physical and chemical properties. Discovered in 1991, these cylindrical structures are typically one atom thick and one dimensional. They have garnered significant scientific and technological interest due to their unique features such as impressive tensile strength and high thermal conductivity. Read more

High-Temperature Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

GF120xHT high-temperature mass flow controllers (MFCs) and meters are designed to control and measure the mass flow rate of vapor from liquid or solid sources to support the growing usage of these precursors in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The flow module on GF120xHT can withstand operating environments of up to 150°C. To support this temperature range, the…

Accurate Data for Mass-balance Calculations in Pilot Plants

A pilot plant in the chemical/petrochemical industry is a small-scale simulation of manufacturing operations where results determine the most suitable process and the best equipment for scale up. A pilot plant reduces the technical and commercial risk associated with large process plants by providing valuable preliminary scientific data about reactions, material properties, process yields and more….

On-Site Field Calibration

Removing instruments from your process can often be difficult and impractical. Instead, let our technicians come to your facility and calibrate or service your Brooks Instrument flow devices on-site at a time that’s convenient for you. Read more