We were the first investor in Nearfield Instruments together with Samsung

We were the first investor in Nearfield Instruments together with Samsung, and the company is now well on its way to become a large & global player in the semiconductor industry. Nearfield delivers breakthrough metrology solutions that can measure 3D nanostructures during microchip manufacturing. This technology works non-destructively, and is key to improve yield in the manufacturing process of semiconductor chips….

With great pride, we announce the closing of our third Innovation Industries fund at €500M!

With this fund, we aim to finance 15-20 deep tech companies in Western Europe. Our goal is to actively contribute to the European deeptech ecosystem, ensuring a harmonious balance between impact and returns. We extend an invitation to all entrepreneurs, companies, financiers, and knowledge institutions engaged in deeptech to collaborate with us in supporting exceptional ventures together.

Innovation Industries is ranked no 1 in the first edition of the Sustainable Development 400 (SD400) for the category ‘Private Equity and Development Funds’

The SD400 has been published this year for the first time by MT/Sprout. The research was conducted by Dr. Niels van der Weerdt and Prof. Dr. Henk Volberda of the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation (University of Amsterdam). The rankings were compiled based on the responses of 1,553 verified respondents. Together, they provided 3,145 evaluations for 1,628 companies and institutions. 

A €100 million fund dedicated to supporting deeptech scale-up companies

We are pleased to announce that we’ve successfully raised a €100 million fund dedicated to supporting deeptech scale-up companies! This fund comes in addition to our third deeptech venture capital fund, which is on track to close at €500 million before this summer. Read more [Picture source: Innovation Industries on linkedin.com]

Als start-up doorgroeien vergt miljoenen, het kip-of-eiprobleem met de financiering van scale-ups

Genoeg investeerders zijn bereid om geld op tafel te leggen als je ze kunt overtuigen van een goed idee en je businessplan. Als zo’n geinige start-up begint te groeien, zijn er echter heel veel meer investeringen nodig. Want de stap van start-up naar scale-up kost tientallen miljoenen. In het Nederlandse investeringslandschap zit daar een flink gat dat niet eenvoudig te dichten is….

Long-term value creation through deep tech

We invest in emerging technologies that we believe have growth potential, create economic value and deliver societal benefits. We can invest up to €50 million per company over multiple funding rounds. We invest in all stages, from early to growth, to create great future companies. For early stage investments we can start at €2M tickets. Our geographic focus is Europe….