Laser system configuration: material requirements as a guideline

How do you determine the optimal laser system configuration? The type of laser, the desired wavelength and the right intensity determine the optimal laser system for your organization or institution. But you often don’t know that at all when purchasing. Fortunately, you can do…

Universal’s ULTRA laser systems: key features and support

What distinguishes Universal’s ULTRA series laser systems? It’s not just about laser system technology, the company’s support and development might be even more impressive. In this article, we discuss two remarkable innovations and how Universal supports its customers after purchase, installation, and training.

Intro to Universal’s ULTRA series of laser processing systems

Why are we so excited about Universal’s ULTRA series of laser processing systems? Because it allows our customers to meet market challenges head on. It is that good. In this article, we discuss the ULTRA series, market challenges and laser system selection with Universal’s Global Vice President of Sales, Service and Business Development….

Gevaarlijke stoffen kast kopen: welke eigenschappen zoek je

Een gevaarlijke stoffen kast kopen is soms een hele opgave, het is lastig om door de bomen het bos te zien. Veel kasten die als gevaarlijke stoffen kast verkocht worden voldoen niet aan alle eisen – zoals de NEN- (of NBN-) EN-14470-1 norm voorschrijft – of…

Nanosecond OPO laser at 100Hz pulse frequency

Are you looking for a high energy, nanosecond OPO laser source at 100Hz puls frequency, to speed up your experiments? Our solution is the Primoscan. This laser is based on the popular GWU Primoscan OPO, pumped by a 100Hz Quantel Merion-C series pump laser.