Promote High Tech vacancies throughout the year and exchange at any time

Vacancy Slot

For organisations with multiple High Tech vacancies, the vacancy slot is the perfect instrument to bring a high level of visibility to these vacancies.

When exchanging the vacancy in the slot, the new opening will be placed in the “spotlight position” (top of page) on the Dutch High Tech Systems jobs page as well as at the top of the High Tech vacancy overview issued by DutchHTS each week. During the following weeks, the vacancy is also listed in the vacancy overview but in a category that aligns with the position profile. 

Our social media channels are also used to promote all new vacancies. This includes the channel of Tech Influencer and DutchHTS founder Johan van Seggelen, the High Tech Systems group on LinkedIN, and DutchHTS on Facebook.

Vacancy Slot

If you reserve 1 slot, for example, and exchange the vacancy every 3 weeks, there will be 17 moments in the year that your organisation’s High Tech vacancies are promoted.

Vacancies can be exchanged simply by sending us the new job profile; we then arrange all postings.

Cost of reserving 1 vacancy slot

The cost of reserving 1 vacancy slot amounts to €995 excl. VAT for a period of 1 year.

Price vacancy slot

995 per year
  • Placement on our social media channels
  • Weekly posting in the High Tech vacancy overview
  • Exchange at any given moment

Johan van Seggelen

Please feel free to contact Johan van Seggelen with any questions concerning the vacancy slot or to receive a quote.

Johan van Seggelen
Founder of
Dutch High Tech Systems