Modeling the Speed and Stealth of the Darkstar

I watched the latest Top Gun movie, Top Gun: Maverick a few weeks ago. It is a really awesome movie, and it is also cutting edge from an engineering standpoint. The movie starts with Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, working as a test pilot preparing to fly a new secretly developed airplane, the Darkstar, capable of flying Mach 10. Simultaneously, Rear Admiral Chester Cain, played by Ed Harris, makes his way to the test base to shut down the program — considering the Darkstar had not yet been able to fly Mach 10, which was a requirement for the project to continue — but Maverick takes action before Cain can do so. Just as Cain arrives to the base, Maverick takes off with the Darkstar to make a try for Mach 10. A great start! Read more

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