QR Code Navigation by Nobleo

Demonstration of navigation by an autonomous robot based on localisation with QR codes. The QR codes on the robot and the wall are captured by an external camera, on the left of the image. Our software can localise the QR code with…

Mobile Robot Navigation in ROS2 [WHITEPAPER]

Nobleo Technology’s ROS experts, together with Eindhoven University of Technology have investigated a number of AMR and AGV navigation schemes. In this whitepaper a comprehensive overview of four methods/algorithms is presented and assessed with respect to performance, robustness, accuracy and computational burden….

Whitepaper: Towards automatic skin cancer detection

For dermatology start-up View Derma we developed a mole inspection camera (multispectral imaging solution). This camera takes multispectral images of skin lesions (10 different wavelengths) that are then classified as malignant or benign. Read more

Dispensing solution for cosmetic products

Nobleo developed a dispensing solution for the manufacturing of on-demand cosmetic products. The main challenge was to develop a machine that can do dispensing with an accuracy of <5 mg without using high-tech dispensing technology (for example ink-jetting). Read more

autonomous mobile robot (amr)

Mooi artikel van onze collega César López in Mechatronica&Machinebouw over het ontwikkelen van een ‘autonomous mobile robot (amr)’, die geschikt is voor logistieke operaties in ziekenhuizen. Lees verder

Reducing time-to-field

Nobleo Technology was selected by AgXeed to develop the autonomy software for AgBot, a fully autonomous tractor for sustainable agriculture. Besides developing the software, we had to make sure the Agbots are able to successfully complete the tasks that they receive from a cloud…