Nobleo Academy: Empowering Nobleans to Outsmart Tomorrow!

The Nobleo Academy provides our engineering professionals with a diverse package of training and education. By maintaining small training groups, we ensure personalized attention and a high-quality learning experience. Read more [Picture source: Nobleo Technology on]

Nobleo brings intelligent deep learning solutions to MEKOPP

Founded in 2011, Nobleo Technology has since grown to over 75 employees and offers expertise on the development of mechatronics design solutions, autonomous robotics and machine learning algorithms for high-tech applications. The latter brought them to the MEKOPP project, where they are responsible for the software that detects wafer defects on photonic wafers (PICs) with a step-and-scan microscope. The tool can process a 20-megapixel…

A mechatronics powerhouse 

You may be a start-up, SME, or a multinational leading the way in extraordinarily innovative industries (e.g. semiconductor manufacturing and printing). It doesn’t matter – we’ll develop high-precision, high-performance motion solution modules for you! Read more [Picture source:]

How we help Big Ass Battery

As an engineering house, our development team regularly comes across problems for which a solution is not obvious. Building a software platform for a battery storage system is not simply stacking standardized building blocks on top of each other. The software intervenes deeply in the entire system. In addition, battery packs must be balanced properly…

Nobleo receives award from Besi

At Nobleo Technology we always strive to go that extra mile, to go above and beyond to meet up on our customer requirements in the semiconductor industry. As we are a Designhouse+ we cover the complete process, from prototypes to establishing production at volume suppliers. Find out how this valuable collaboration turned into a success!