Thermal resistance Rth – white paper

Good thermal management of applications is essential as it improves motor performance and lowers energy loss. The thermal resistance (Rth) is a key parameter in thermal management, and this white paper will focus on this parameter and how it can be optimized to reach the maximum performance of the direct drive motor.

Tecnotion expands its operations with a new factory in Vietnam

This new facility will not only improve our production capabilities but also enable us to better serve our customers worldwide. Read more

Best performance for stringent vacuum applications

Tecnotion vacuum rated ironless linear motors are optimized in various ways to perform in very strict vacuum conditions to prevent unwanted chemical reactions, contaminations or influences due to magnetic stray fields on the process. Improvements are realized in the areas of outgassing, heat extraction and force generation. Read more

Custom motors: Adapt standard motor series to meet your needs

In case the standard motor series are not sufficient for your application, it is also possible to have these motors customized in a variety of ways. Customization can range from simple modifications, like a different connector, to fully tailor-made motors designed from scratch. Read more [Bron foto: Tecnotion on]

How does a linear motor work?

Used in many industrial and (high-tech) fabrication applications, linear motors are an invaluable part of the fastest and most efficient processes. But how do linear motors work? This video explains the basic electrical principle of linear motion.

Torque motors vs Conventional servo motors

Different motor types are used to provide rotary motion within industrial applications. Each application has different requirements for speed, torque and accuracy, as well as its constraints in build-in volume and budget. This page briefly introduces different types of motors and their performance in positioning/indexing applications. Please watch our webinar recording to find out more in-depth information.

Why use a vacuum-enclosed design?

A perfect vacuum is an environment without any matter of gas in it. In industrial applications, a vacuum environment is considered to have a pressure much lower than the atmospheric pressure and is therefore formally only a partial vacuum. In the semiconductor market, vacuum systems are used at various manufacturing stages to reduce impurities and prevent…

Boost your power, boost your game! 

At Tecnotion, we specialize in pushing the boundaries of motor optimization, ensuring that your appliations not only meet but exceed expectations. We have the capability to customize iron core magnet plates by adding additional force to the existing motors, all without the need for any design modifications. This tailored approach delivers a substantial boost in motor force,…

Choosing the right motor just got easier!

Our simulation tool lets you input application data, instantly generates detailed reports and performance graphs, and even allows to save scenarios for future use, all with a single click. Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to efficiency! Read…