Using coriolis flowmeters at 1050 bar design pressure for hydrogen refueling

Obviously, when vehicles fill up with hydrogen, they must be charged according to the rules. Hydrogen flow measurement is just a lot more complicated than measuring conventional fuels because the hydrogen being refueled is a gas. While temperature and pressure can vary, you still want to settle per kilogram of hydrogen molecules. That can only be…

On-tank valve for 700 bar hydrogen tanks

For hydrogen to really break through as an energy carrier for vehicles, a number of measures are needed. In addition to available refueling stations, it is especially necessary to improve the range. Currently, hydrogen tanks and systems in vehicles are 350 bar. If that pressure can be raised to 700 bar, that would be a huge…

Teesing – Hydrogen refueling in a meadow

Do you want to correct a mismatch between supply and demand of energy? Local storage of energy in hydrogen might be an interesting solution. Our customer HyMatters developed a mobile hydrogen generator, powered by your local solarpanels or windturbine. Read more [Picture source: Teesing BV on]

Liquid hydrogen for aviation

AeroDelft has one mission: to prove that emission-free aviation is possible by pioneering electric aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen. Dreaming of a future where emission-free flying is possible: that was the dream AeroDelft started with in 2017. They formulated a very concrete goal: to fly from Amsterdam to London with zero emissions. The energy carrier in…

Understanding leakage, leak testing and solutions

There is no such thing as leakage-free, but understanding the different materials and types of leakage can greatly benefit you. We have created a comprehensive white paper on leakage to help you understand, find and prevent leakage in your application. Before you can test for leakage, you need to understand what a leak is.

Volgende fase van een transitie

Teesing wijzigt bestuursstructuur met de introductie van een Executive Board. Het is de volgende fase in de transitie van Teesing naar een full service leverancier van systemen voor gassen en vloeistoffen in de hightech sector. De focus is sinds 2010 al verlegd van het leveren van componenten naar het ontwerpen en produceren van assemblages en subsystemen….