Volgende fase van een transitie

Teesing wijzigt bestuursstructuur met de introductie van een Executive Board. Het is de volgende fase in de transitie van Teesing naar een full service leverancier van systemen voor gassen en vloeistoffen in de hightech sector. De focus is sinds 2010 al verlegd van het leveren van componenten naar het ontwerpen en produceren van assemblages en subsystemen….

2488,4 km on only 950 grams of hydrogen

The Ecorunner team of the Technical Universy Delft set the world record of the greatest distance driven by a car on full tanks of hydrogen fuel! Contratulations on this extroadinary feat! The team, for many years sponsored by Teesing, managed to drive 2488,4 km on only 950 grams of hydrogen (in the prototype class).

Which purifier medium in which situation?

From semiconductors and electronics to clean energy and solar power, universities and industrial manufacturing, countless industries rely on high or ultra-high purity process gases to support their mission-critical work. In this second part of our e-learning, we take a closer look…

Tips for proper purification of gases, feeding tools in semicon fabs

Accurate and reliable gas supply is a critical part of semiconductor manufacturing. Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex process in which multiple gases at different flow rates are carefully delivered to process chambers to produce critical elements on silicon wafers. To support today’s extensive and…