The world’s first revolutionary high-power blue laser

NUBURU, The Blue Laser Company™, has invented and is manufacturing the world’s first revolutionary high-power blue laser: NUBURU AO®.

Physics dictates the efficiency of energy absorption during the laser-to-metal interaction process. Compared to industry-standard IR wavelength lasers, blue laser absorption is 3 – 20x better and enable process speed gains of 2-10x, giving superior work-efficiency.

The NUBURU AO® Laser features:
– Power levels up to 500 Watts CW (1,5kW in development)
– Wavelength 450nm
– Laser beam BBP < 30 mm-mrad
– 5m Fiber length with QBH connector
– A conduction welding mode currently not possible with infra-red lasers
– Thin and mid-size thickness up to 25m/min
– Keyhole welding at powers up to 500W
– Both conduction and keyhole welding operate SPATTER-FREE TM.

Laser 2000 Benelux is proud to distribute Nuburu. Check out the Nuburu overview page on our website for more information.

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