How modular cleanroom design boosts adaptability and reliability

Modularization is a design approach that fosters agility and adaptability while providing a foundation for future scalability that is both fast and cost-effective. This approach is increasingly being embraced by manufacturing companies in many different cleanroom industries. As companies strive to accelerate their business plans across a global manufacturing landscape,…

Predictive maintenance: The holy grail in a pre-engineered cleanroom environment

Cleanroom sensor technology, the Internet of Things and big data: these developments are the enablers for modern-day predictive maintenance in pre-engineered cleanroom design. Industries have been exposed to digital disruption during the whole industry 4.0 decade, even though they have different levels of innovation. Maintenance has…

Enkel door AI in te zetten, kunnen we onze straffe serviceclaim hard maken

Hoeveel bedrijven maken hard dat hun product of dienst 99,9% van de tijd werkt? ABN Cleanroom Technology garandeert zijn klanten sinds kort dat zijn cleanrooms maximaal 52 minuten per jaar zouden kunnen uitvallen. Van bij het uitdenken van deze straffe serviceclaim beseften ze dat ze dit enkel met AI konden realiseren. Lees verder [Bron:]

Cleanroom-as-a-Service concept

Throughout the years, our cleanroom design has evolved from pure design and installation to deploying a cleanroom as a whole, enabling circular business models through data extraction, resulting in ultimate lifecycle extension. This makes us a pioneer in introducing the Cleanroom-as-a-Service concept…

autonomous mobile robot (amr)

Mooi artikel van onze collega César López in Mechatronica&Machinebouw over het ontwikkelen van een ‘autonomous mobile robot (amr)’, die geschikt is voor logistieke operaties in ziekenhuizen. Lees verder