How S&Q Europe can support product development

Product development means hard work. It is a tough job to develop a creative idea in a working product that fulfils all the wishes of the user. Those wishes include flawless functionality, long lifetime and many more. As a product developer you are challenged to realize this. In case hardware electronics is part of the product, circuitry development is needed, and parts need to be selected. The circuitry needs to be transformed in a PCB design that not only assures the functionality of the circuitry but also assures the manufacturability of the PCB and the assembly of the PCB. Crucial to get a high quality and reliable product.

The development includes the build of prototypes and 0-series to test and release the product. These prototypes should be as close to the final product as possible. This is the moment you should be in contact with a company like S&Q Europe. Read more [Source: Edward Snelleman on LinkedIN]

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