Frezen op de grenzen van het maakbare

CNC-frezen bij PM is een uitdagende baan met complexe werkstukken. Je werkt met de modernste machine- en robottechnologie. Kwaliteit kan je leveren door de producten te controleren met moderne coördinatenmeetmachines. Wij zorgen voor de juiste middelen en opleiding zodat je…

Linear slide type RTNG is designed to work in dirty environments

The slide consists of table parts of different lengths. The small distance between the upper and base parts protects the inside, the linear bearing, from contamination.The linear bearing consists of the anti-friction cross roller guide RSD. The guide is pre-loaded, allowing the slide to…

What is a cross-roller linear guide?

The cross-roller linear guide consists of 2 pairs of two rails with a roller cage in between. The rollers in the cage are used to transport the load while minimizing wear and friction. You can see a brief explanation in the

Large machining excellence

We offer large machining services to produce large-sized and complex parts at tight tolerances for the semiconductor, aerospace and defence industry. Many years of experience in precision positioning stages and the high-tech motion industry has enabled us to supply other complex products as well.

RNG linear guideway set with anti-cage creep technology

Our cross-roller linear guideway set RNG with anti-cage creep technology (ACC) prevent cage creeping for highly dynamic or vertical applications. They offer high load capacity and stiffness in all directions within a very compact, reduced mass design. The cage control mechanism is a strong…

Piezo stages

Piezo stages are part of the direct drive family of linear motion stages. This includes linear motors, shaft motor and stages with voice coil motors. The drive mechanism in each of these motors is free of mechanical rolling or sliding elements, offering long life…


PM products make the difference in many high-tech applications. They are reliable, compact, precise and offer a long service life. One example is the semiconductor industry where microchips are used in smartphones, electric cars, aerospace, medical devices and unmanned systems….